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  1. As a PVE player, this wipes all of the countless hours I have put into getting tames with good stats, breeding/imprints, etc. I have basically built my own Freeport at this point, and have regular travelers that stop by to check out my marketplace. Not to mention my fleet of painted boats. Ugh! It will be difficult for me to start over, and I am honestly unsure that I am willing to put in the time to recreate my own little place a third time. I value my time, have a consuming career, and while I understand that it is EA, this makes my stomach turn. You continue to make rash decisions catering to the fly-by players that stop by for a month to play, cry/whine/complain, and then quit. It is upsetting that you generally make all decisions based around PVP, and give little to no consideration to the PVE community. The game mechanics take days/weeks out of our lives. It is a commitment. I’ve been here since day 1, and I’ve rolled with the punches. What incentive do I have to continue supporting your product?