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  1. yeah it is not easy to balance. of course one would have to place valuable boxes in buildings of reasonable size where it is very costly to remove a part or there might be a limit and parts cannot be removed once a building has reached a certain size or is considered a complete building. at least it would work on smaller obstacles that serve no real use since the fast decay system can already detects those structures. i thought about a timer as well but the issue with this is that most foundation spammers are online every day and often live on the same island as the person they try to annoy on the PVE network. if they log in every day and place new foundations there needs to be a way to remove them quicker than they can place them and at the same time it needs to be more difficult to remove something like an active player base than it takes to build said base to balance things at least a little bit. also a timer remove on PVE would mean players go on vacation and loose all their stuff to an free action for the current landlord which was a similar feature removed already earlier. but yeah they could instead allow to pay the upkeep for the flag with basic resources instead of gold to reduce the gold sinks. but as it stands everything will likely be gold based in the end for obvious reasons
  2. about the structure spam on PVE, how about giving island owners the option to remove building parts one by one for a gold cost per part instead of a nuke. Maybe increase the cost depending on the size of the building the part is attached to and decrease the cost depending on how far the inactivity timer is advanced. This way would allow island owners to remove foundation spam and pillar spam relatively easy, while not destroying other buildings in the progress and make it very costly to remove a base of an active player.
  3. thanks for the quick reaction i would suggest to keep the raze option limited to a small area big enough for a base around the new placed claimflag. this would be a good option for PVP to keep collateral damage to other players as low as possible. with more players planned and higher density one wouldnt want to see a company that can keep servers around their island void of players with this mechanic.
  4. i want to point out that we are already only talking how to defend against the obvious abuse of the raze mechanic. but i dont see it beeing used as it was intended either, neither on pvp or pve. you have to wait 48h, you need to pay a lot of gold and you loose your buildings as well. no one will use it to raze an island they intend to live on and build their first base. and definitely no one will use the raze to get rid of a foundation or pillar droppen on their doorstep. i see this mainly used by big companies that already have a main base and dont know what to do with all the gold they get to raze large areas around their island void of players or just move around the map razing island in an area and moving to the next after 48 hours. anyway this change will make more players quit but it will not bring more players to the game. the bad just outweights the good by far. maybe it would be a good idea to limit the raze option to a one time raze in a small area around the new claimflag, so you free up the space for your own base but not raze every player on the island.
  5. Your food-bar drains faster when you do heavy work and slower when you do light work or nothing. Same should apply to vitamins or they will get out of sync. Its a really easy quick-fix that would make the system work, it cannot be balanced without. Further improvements would be nice also but that fix could be released tomorrow.
  6. Non-Dedicates Multiplayer awesome! Will buy more copies for friends now :) Will players be able to go to different grids at the same time or do they have to stay with the host? It would be great if we can at least move freely on a grid and dont get teleported to the host once we are a few meters away which was really annoying in the ark local mode. Next new ships and it will sail to a bright future. Wipe island button for mmo mode, i also dont think its a good idea. Its the mmo mode dont always listen to people that dont want other people around in a mmo. It is not single player and it is not a deathmatch, to get a lively world with a place for many people, they need to live together not just in closed groups or on lawless. You should be absolutely sure before implementing a nuke all button. It does not differ between inactive and active players you dont want to get rid of active players just because people think the endgame content is to farm gold and wipe islands with it. Keep up the good work!
  7. i think if they also add local multiplayer and more ships this game has the potential to be more successful than ark. really hope for local multiplayer and mod support so i can play with friends like i did in ark. im fine with them adding skins for now, its the best way to get the models into the game without affecting the balance every time they add something. once the models are in the game it is much easier to make a large redesign of sailing or armors and the economics and make those models into separat objects with their own mechanic and stats. for example if you want to include different materials resulting into different sails or ship hulls with different stats and effects you need those objects made first. i guess no one complaining its not getting better fast enough would be content to wait months without anything until the bigger redesigns and improvements are done. i guess fixing of ships and sailing goes hand in hand with adding more ships and sails, its hard to fix something when you can only see half of it.
  8. Now this is truly awesome stuff! Huge thank you to the devs for solving all the issues and implementing all the wishes of the players quiet fast and for adding an amazing single player mode that even allows you to sail the whole map, amazing!
  9. Linea

    Cargo Racks

    it would be nice if we could drop the cargo container not only when the ship is destroyed but on purpose so we can just drop the container on a close enough dock construction, pick up another cargo container and sail on. for example when selecting "place container" from the cargo rack menu we can then place it in a small area around the cargo rack on land, water or the ship deck, when there is enough free room to place the container. it would allow the crane to function well as a crane and help with ship constructions that collide with cargo racks hanging on the outside. they can still be spottet by pirates when placed on deck.
  10. Linea

    Cargo Racks

    they can swim and follow your ship that way, so you can use them as additional containers.
  11. Linea

    speculations Mega Update 3

    at least they cant implement a cat in a way that breaks the game, oh wait... also its clear we've only seen a small teaser on the update there will be more to update 3, how big that will be we dont know, there will probably be a live stream to reveal the content.
  12. Ships are indeed long time overdue, its too important to do sometime later and should get at least as much resources as tames and islands do. We can only hope work is done on some complete overhaul of ships, with new sails, planks and ship types that will be released in a big update together as its easier than releasing changes to ships in different updates and having to fix them every time when implemented. And after that we could be seeing regular updates with new ship types and stuff. Thou i never heard any word from the devs about plans to add new ships, sails or planks to the game at all. Even just announcing the intend to add new ships would let many players keep faith after 6 months that one of the most wanted features will make progress some day. A teaser or a release would be better thou, lets hope there is something right around the corner :)
  13. Linea

    speculations Mega Update 3

    indeed it seems rats are just an object used as ammo for catapults. with a six shot revolver, where we can equip 4 and dual wield them for rapid fire and a total mag capacity of 24 shots, it seems save to asume machine guns will hit with this or the next mega update just before rocket launchers o.O
  14. Linea

    speculations Mega Update 3

    well its the new end boss - kitty cat the mighty! but indeed that pistole looks like some overpowered gated content thou. maybe we can also turn our ship into a ghost ship, having to maintain it and the crew with a magic resource that comes with the tarot skill tree. ghost ships go without wind, down to the sea bed and fly to the moon, cause space pirates
  15. oh i like the cat! would have said a two shot pistol unlocked late in the firearms skill tree and available to all players as high level weapon would have been the next step for firearms. a six shot revolver sounds like a totally overpowered weapon locked behind some endgame dungeon... or does it have reduced damage per shot or bad aim?