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  1. Linea

    ships Suggestions For Ship Changes

    We should also be able to place a crew member in the crow's nest instead of having to stand there ourselves. As a captain you should be able to command the ship from the wheel and not whistle command it from the crows nest all the time. Climbing those ladders gets old pretty fast.
  2. Linea

    Anchored ships should not sink

    Well see it that way, if less ships are wasted pointlessly they can be harder to build again. Id prefer more sea battles, boarding parties and the like over sinking anchored ships by damaging one plank when no one is around. Why shouldnt the game be hard for the attacker as well? After all the devs soften the game because it is so easy to cause a lot of damage and they have to do something to keep players playing, best would be if they tend to the cause.
  3. Linea

    Server performance

    Hey thanks for all the answers. For a few days its working now smoothly on most grids, could even join the FOY train without any lag. Thou i dont know what fixed it, maybe the ISP, the server or anything in between was causing a specific problem as it did only happen with the EU server to that extend. Resetting the router regularly seems to be a smart move thou Ping is now between 40 and 80 depending on player numbers on the grid. What i did notice on servers with only a few players is that the ping can improve or drop drastically when 1 player connects or leaves. It could be individual lag that stalls some servers.
  4. Linea

    Anchored ships should not sink

    I think its 15 minutes than your ship will be "safely" anchored, when the white anchor symbol turns green. That would be the time for the no sinking rule to kick in or extremely slow sinking 24hours minimum so people can save their ship. A proper solution thou would be if we can re-dock to shipyards or build a docking bay to protect ships over night. Together with slower sinking while anchored so you can explore islands and stuff without the need to stay close to your ship all the time. If ship planks can no longer be removed by damage but will sit at 0hp leaking and waiting to be repaired the normal way, the npc crew could finally repair a sinking ship and not just pretend everything is fine. Also a damaged plank skin would look better than ships with missing planks. Additional if we give a bucket to npc crew they could remove a bit of water from a sinking ship and counter smaller leakage. If someone really wants your ship they can still kill the crew and steal it, but ships are not wasted so much because no one is there to replace a plank.
  5. Linea

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    Maybe for balance it would be a good thing to give large cannons a small firing arc and slow turning speed compared to normal cannons. Its quiet hard to align your ship for an extend period of time. And still i wish cannons would have a spread and not hit exactly where you aim its not sniper rifles ;) Well maybe the devs are working on weigh allocation for ships so you have to place your cannons and freight evenly around your ship if you dont want to stall or turn over. Could come together with ships having a draft depending on weight and water inside the ship so they dont act like a sponge which seems rather like a temporary system, i hope. Than they could remove such limitations again.
  6. Linea

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    In reality, broadside battles and boarding battles happened because ships where not made out of paper or rather glass if it comes to atlas balance. A ship could easily take hundreds of cannonballs without sinking as most of them hit above the waterline turning the ship into a floating wreckage rather than sinking it. Boarding parties where sent usually after the enemy ship had lost most of its sails, guns and crew. Thats why there are different ammo types for cannons. But battles didnt happen that often in reality because ships where very expensive and no one had interest in sinking or loosing a ship so they rather boarded or yielded and stole the cargo or ship or crew. The goal was to catch a ship not sink it. Main purpose of front and aft guns where to take down fleeing/chasing ship sails as sinking a ship while chasing it would take too long and not benefit anyone. Not to forget the accuracy at these times you hardly hit anything in the distant it was futile to shot at ships at the max range of cannons. In atlas a broadside with many guns can easily remove half of the hull from a ship and you either have half of a ship hull in your inventory to replace it or you sink. Thats not encouraging broadside battles and boarding or stealing cargo and ships. With the new harpoon anchor it seems like boarding parties can be a thing in the future but only if ships dont sink so easily, you cant board it if everything sinks right away. Either planks need way more hp or sinking needs to be a lot slower so you can stop repairing for a while to fight. Oh and invincible crew on stations is also not helping to get boarding into the game. Very important would also be to have shots spread out more on distance to encourage close quarter battles. But with torpedoes on the horizon i have a feeling that you will soon be able to oneshot SotD fleets from a save distance again not to think of player planks with a lot less hp.
  7. Linea

    Captain's Log 28: Man The Harpoons!

    Please give ship planks way more initial HP especially with more and more weapons that are solely for destroying planks. (of course with more HP the repair speed needs to be lower and the repair costs higher to keep the repair/dmg balance during combat) With the torpedoes that are predestined to sink anchored ship from a safe distance the use of ships will be limited even more. In reality it took some serious effort in the pirate age to sink a ship and you could cause heavy damage while it would still not sink thus the repair could cost as much as building a new ship. But if ships dont need the current absurd protection it also would allow for exploring and trading away from your base, lively ports and seas which can hardly happen when your ship sinks to a single shot. Of course its also a preference if you like super fast sinking of ships or more gameplay options, but i think there are many possibilities this game could offer for a lot of players. We could see a lot more of what one would expect to see in a pirate/seafaring game happening. Maybe you could try it with one server to see the long time influence this has on how the world develops if ships are some serious thing, would be perfect for a pvp roleplay server. Also a multiplicator for plank hp and repair speed in the .ini would be welcome so we can adjust it on our servers. -------------------------------- It would be nice if we could move the cargo containers onto the ship deck or the deck side of the cargo bay as it looks quiet outrageous when they hang on the outside in front of the gun ports. Thank you and keep up the good work with the regular updates that expand the game with a lot of great new stuff.
  8. Linea

    Petition to not have Torpedoes added to the game

    even from a gameplay perspective the torpedo as shown has only one purpose, to easily sink anchored ships from a long distance. not quiet sure if this is what the game needs or will drive players away. guess in the future we will be traveling the seas inside a land-whale we can store inside a land base as only option as ships just dont float. i wonder how they would manage to balance those torps when they are simply not effective against moving targets and easier offline raiding is not needed. my first thought was that Torpedos are meant as an under water weapon that cause little damage to ships, but well another way to sink ships left and right.
  9. Linea

    Peace Time for everyone

    i would prefer a server setting that does only allow base raiding with a war declaration and a time to prepare. that would be a real server for smaller companies to play together with the larger ones. no offline raiding as you know when you need to be wary and more pvp with players being online. the 24/7 or time window guarding of all your stuff and especially those vulnerable ships is the main reason that is turning solo and small groups from the game. ships are quiet a rare sight in this game while everything is build over with giant walls... its more like an island simulator with ships being used as rarely as possible and quickly put away again. even if sometime someone breaks a wall of your base and spills the resources from your smithy on the ground so they decay thats something people can live with as they do in ark but its quiet easy to put a hole into a ship and make it sink being completely lost (ships being also way more expensive than a functional base). if it would take a lot more effort to sink a ship (plus making it harder to repair to keep the balance) people would bring them out more often and go exploring, trading, pirating and stuff instead of sitting in bases behind walls if playing at all. Sticking to a land base being mandatory is taking a lot from the game that could be. if ships are protected while save anchored there could be an option for island owners to tow them in the anchor able area around an island. of course there needs to be a mechanic that allows to tow ships for this but it would be a reasonable solution to exploiting of any protection mechanic.
  10. Some questions maybe you can already answer/teaser some during the live stream. Have you thought about letting us rig up small ships like the sloop in a cheap wooden makeshift construction that immediately decays after the ship is released? That would help to clear the beaches a lot. Will ship planks get more hp one way or another so they are not so inferior to cheap walls? Or is it planned that ships remain so extremely fragile that people sink all ships they come across because its so easy but not bother to break a door from a ship/building to get to the resources? Re-docking into shipyards or docks for schooner and up where the ship is protected from sinking like it is during construction? Would help to get a lot more people onto the sea and out of those walls Will we see new sails, bigger and additional sails (foresails, aft sails, …) like on real ships? Will we see something like a traditional figurehead to craft rather than purchase? So every ship can have one by standard when being build which allows for a snap point to additional sails. New surface ship models and plank parts in the pipes? Like a frigate and planks with windows and balconies for the stern. New decorations for outside or inside of ships and buildings in the work? Like a comfy tier two bed or a smaller chest model etc. Don’t know if you want to reveal the airships and floating islands yet but seems like an open secret Rework and expansion of the skill tree planned? Maybe some more optional skills beyond the basics that make us better at doing various stuff and set characters apart from differently skilled ones, like cheaper crafting or repair, ship handling and speed, crew damage buff and so on… Are new hairstyles and clothing skins coming to allow for a bit more rp besides armors?
  11. Linea

    Captain's Log 27: May Mega-Update

    Sounds like some nice additions. A torpedo to destroy underwater structures would mean we also should be able to build the first underwater structures. I like to see how the underwater playfield and the surface ships are "separated" so both have their own balance and dont interfere too much with the others to make them obsolete. Maybe we soon also see the first airship so the technical work on the flight mechanic and handling of floating island can begin. Thou i hope we get low tech variants of the subs and any future additions to craft and unlock with skill points, so we can move into these new areas if we learn the corresponding skills. Also it would be great if we could at least craft the traditional figurehead from wood to make the ships that dont use the gold purchases look better.
  12. Trading To improve trading a lot there should be two new Items Freight Box When you access a player shop or trade hub you will have access and can select all inventories of your freight boxes in the vicinity of the shop to trade the wares or buy them. For example your ship needs to be in the harbor and every trade will take a while to commence (unloading). Trade Hub/Port The trade hub/port is a central coastal building that will show all offers of player shops in the vicinity and will also allow players to put their wares up for sale without upkeep but paying a tax when it is sold. The sales tax can be set by the owner and is limited to 30%. Every day the offer is not sold the tax will increase by 5% when it reaches 100% the offer is taken down and the wares belong to the owner of the trade hub. The trade hub has a reasonable upkeep for the owner. While the player shops/shacks will have far less upkeep, preferable they should decay and need to be repaired with resources not gold. Skilltree As a long time goal a rework of the xp system would be preferable. There will be different XP for the different skill trees. For example building a ship gives you seamanship xp and sailing a ship gives captaineering xp or hitting with a meele weapon gives meele weaponry xp… -> If you build ships you become a better ship builder, if you fight a lot you become a better fighter and so on. This comes along with a rework of xp amounts so you make some worthy progress with each action, where building a ship for 8 hours gives you as much progress with seamanship as killing creatures for 8 hours gives weapon xp. Also the skill-trees are expanded to give more passive bonuses and active skills with every tree for a more in depth specialization above the basics.
  13. Linea

    Server performance

    alright thx, than ill move a few grids seems i had bad luck with my choice ;)
  14. Linea

    Server performance

    So hows the server performance for everyone at the moment? I just wonder since i dont see anyone talking about any issues. I get constant disconnects every few minutes since the 1.5 patch and the ship positions update only every 3 seconds. Ping at 255 all the time of course. Maybe its just the grid server im on or does only affect players from certain regions like Europe, as i get a fine connection to the US pvp server but not the EU pvp server from the EU. Maybe i should play on the US server or other map regions or is it the same there?
  15. Linea

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    Love the new islands. But i also hope to see more ships and ship parts soon, you know pirate game and so ;)