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  1. idk who was asking for this. but i just hope it doesnt ruin the game.
  2. its been about a week since server wipe, and its been quite from the dev team.. unless i missed something.... witch is a huge red flag. showing they aren't concerned at all about any feedback.. might i just add, i really don't think it's a smart idea to spend time, money and other resources into essentially remaking the game when the current game is so buggy and laggy that people on xbox have a really hard time even playing when it come's to certain zone's.
  3. thats the point, the people are being forced to do something they dont want to do, and if they do this with every map then its just a loose loose situation for pve players
  4. i do not want to partake in any pvp whatsoever, nothing but griefing and toxicity, forcing people who literally dont want any part in pvp is just going to kill the game for them and then you loose a really big chunk of your player base that you wont get in return, learn from the mistakes like blizzard have made... deciding for the players how they should be playing the game is only going to lead to more backlash, and more people leaving. maybe take a dedicated PVP server since they are already doing both pve and pvp.. pvp players would be more open to a change like this, i get that this is "early access" but the way this is being handled right now seems like constructive criticism isnt welcomed, and devs dont actually care about how any of the pve players feel about this change because "it's not what they want to see players doing" when taming/breeding/building etc is EXACTLY what players want.. dont punish the players for playing your game the way they want to play..
  5. well thats gonna make alot of people quit since eu servers bouy off all the islands and make it to where you cant build there.. why not just add a 5th server, i dont play this game for the pvp... and alot of other people dont either.. pvp in this game is garbage and stressful.. time to find a new game i guess
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