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  1. well pve will be a sea of pillars this coming wipe
  2. 3k people playing on PC hope the crowd is large on console because your killing your game on PC there were more people playing before you did your "Trade update" which i will refer to as the solo player killer update (cost of the ships put them out the of range of a solo player) so good job i will use your game as a reference on how to kill a game to its player base and to never do early access for any game and to avoid any game from wild card and grapeshot games
  3. Everyone they will push this content on us more and more because they think we will come back to there game. Even though a major part of the player base has left the game and will not return as long as they are pushing the new trade system. The only way for us to make a statement would be to not play the game anymore tell they listen to us. I have read some vary good suggestion's for other players that have been logged on the forum, but still they don't care. The new dev team has done little other then disappoint the player base with the map shrink and the trade system, that no one wanted. I have lost faith that this game will ever be the game that Jat and Grapeshot games (Wild Card) sold to me at this point and say we should show them what happens when you don't listen to your player base. But they have already let one of there games die a slow and painful death.
  4. were up the creek with out a paddle so if its all on one map then the mega company's will take over the maps with foundation spam and small groups will not be able to build anything to try and get a foot hold any were. then when you have to go explore to get more levels you will just get sunk when you leave the safe server by people who just want to ruin your day no matter what level you are or what you have on the boat.
  5. I really hope this is not as stupid as it looks and sounds on paper
  6. the island that my company has and the other 2 new islands in a8 are vary sparse for anything . and i can not find any pure metal nodes on any of the 3 island
  7. yea they broke the game the island i am on isnt even claimed and now i cant work on my dock anymore
  8. Looking for a Couple of groups to claim an Island. The island is the large island in B7 with lots of room and resources looking to build a island with a low tax to bring in other groups for trading. Hit me up in B7 or on here
  9. One idea i have is that they make it beneficial for the land owner to let people build on his land by lowering pay out for the 24 hr time frame by the amount of different company's he has living on his island this would cause people to think and lower there taxes on the island.
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