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  1. Snippets taken from a few answers, all with exactly the same meaning; whoever wrote this should be applauded for their ability to find a synonym for 'we're working on it' 12 or so times. A road map for ATLAS development was laid out by then Community Manager Dollie out at the end of August 2019 - that was almost a year ago and we never left 'Phase 1'. There have been periods of total silence from 'Grapeshot' with zero indication as to how development is progressing or where the game is headed next. We've heard precious little from the new Senior Community Manager Chismebeard who was announced nearly two months ago. Once again, this Q&A has absolutely nothing concrete - no new information, no plans, no specifics, just another empty promise; we're working on it. I would caution any player against further supporting this disgraceful company until they, firstly, release a real plan for development of the game, and secondly, actually deliver on a few of the promises.
  2. Thank god for that. Yourself and Dollie were probably the two most incompetent community managers / developers I have ever witnessed in any computer game. Yes, very much looking forward to some changes / development and not just empty promises; who remembers the 'road map', I member' Best of luck to the new team.
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