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  1. First of all, thank you for introducing yourselves to all of us hopefully in the future we will have The opportunity to give our input and get a response from this new team. The main reason I’m writing this is to ask you in all seriousness why are you reinventing the wheel? The way the map was set up worked perfect it encouraged players to explore the entire map it laid out the environment in a familiar layout for each individual to understand easily. If you want to add a PVP aspect to a PVE sir oh that really needs to be done is to make the lawless regions able to have PVP and counters rather than reworking everything and making it more confusing than it needs to be. From what I’ve seen from the information provided so far I foresee one of two things happening one players are going to stay in one area more often except for the occasional run to the center of the map for events, two Players will abandon the game due to the lack of input and reciprocation from the previous team and reworking the entire system that was already working well other than issues that were reported.
  2. So much for NA PVE having till the middle of NEXT month, Y'all give your players one day notice that they are going to lose everything that have worked for. Great way to show that you care about your customer base.
  3. Y'all know the Dev's are not going to read these post, or rather if they do they are not taking them into consideration. If they were there would be a way for the players that have put the time and effort into building not just their company but their players would have a way to at least keep some of the work that they have done.
  4. Here is a question for the Dev's what are they going to do for the players that have spent months working on tame stats, gathering mats to build the higher tier ship and gear, as well as those who have worked to level their pathfinders up to do the end game quests? Why remove a server and have all those players lose everything that they have worked for is not how you build customer loyalty in fact in to how you lose customers.
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