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  1. They don't reply to those at all. Best case it gets magically set to "resolved" at some point.
  2. When they f**k up (and they do a lot) they wipe and call the next try a new "season". It makes it look like that crap was planned all along and hides the fact, that this game has zero content.
  3. It does look like they try to go by the playerbases biggest concerns according to Discord. Gold costs for ships are gone for example. Lets see, i am carefully optimistic.
  4. Dollie. It was pretty obvious, that she had no idea about the game whatsoever.
  5. As in "away from Atlas towards other games"? Its an artificial bottleneck, that ruins the servers they are located in. It reduced the once vast feeling map to an experience similar to cruising around in your bathtub. Good choice.
  6. I think the only ones were on the Central Server. Cant recall any others around.
  7. FTFY The original map fe was fine. It was part of what made Atlas. The current map with the bottlenecks makes it feel like you cruise around in your bath tub.
  8. The superlaggy, rubberbandy Servers seem to kick them off again, like they did early in the game. Back then, it was at least because of the Servers being overcrowded. Now it happens on empty Servers. I assume, they heavily downsized the Servers.
  9. It is about how they handle it. The game has gone backwards since release, the "development" (if you can even call it that) is slow and sloppy. I was here at the start when Jat said laughing they arent going to be one of those games that stay EA forever and that they aim for 2 years tops. Didn't quite turn out that way, did it. The unlimited island points or the dropping of all tames isnt a minor thing that slipped through the net when they thoroughly tested the changes. They obviously didn't even try once. Same goes for the ladder fix for Cog and Carrack. I mean.. come on. Dont tell you you actually believe, that this game is going into "release" in a playable form ever (and with an actual playerbase).
  10. I have not been around for quite some time, but didnt one of the "seasons aka wipes because we fked up again" have a mixed map?
  11. Nitrado is probably the worst Server-host around. I was wondering in the beginning, how they ever managed to land the "official Server host" gig. It makes sense tho if you think about it. They offer about the same level of support and professionalism as the Atlas Team
  12. Amazing, i can see they kept up the high quality work Looks like a half assed reskin of a Schooner and no one bothered to actually test it before release
  13. Its sad, really. They just started calling the screw ups "Seasons" and now sell it to you as a feature. So much potential. Such a waste. This game would even have had better chances as an Ark DLC.
  14. So... you are done for good? You cant really believe, that they will ever make it out of EA after all the stunts they pulled?
  15. This game is on sale pretty much all the time, its their business model after all... Some pointless tiny "update".. wipe.. fire sale.
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