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  1. Grongash

    Disappearing structures-going to fix this decade?

    You spend more time with Atlas than they do. Wouldnt count on a fix.
  2. Grongash

    is this game officaly dead now?

    You do realise when they were supposed to launch, right? The "alpha" is 6+ years behind the planned release of the whole game... Im not defending Atlas, bu they had more playable content at the EA launch than SC has today (And that meas something). SC was a virtual hangar to watch your digital ships you bought for most of its lifetime. Yet they still manage to string idiots along, its amazing tbh.
  3. Grongash

    is this game officaly dead now?

    Google what literally means. There is NO active development in Star citizen at all. They keep melting in packages and resell skins and virtual spaceships to idiots. By the sound of it, you are one of them.
  4. Grongash

    is this game officaly dead now?

    Reporting it as fraud didnt work for games like DayZ, its not going to do anything for Atlas. Early Access itself is the problem, it needs a tighter rule-set. Not even "Star Citizen" is considered a fraud by now.
  5. They reduced the amount of actual grid Servers a long time ago, if they ever had the number nitrado claimed to use in the first place.
  6. They did kind of cancel it. They decided to let it die slowly, probably trying to squeeze out a few more bucks along the way with "content patches" and steam sales. Prolly some hat for the cat. Or another pointless skin.
  7. Grongash

    Too much negativity

    It is not the bugs, the unfinished features and the resets. It is the fact that they aren't following their own plans, sunk the Atlas ship and left it.
  8. Grongash

    Rethink the Road Map

    The roadmap was nothing but a last low budget PR attempt to string us all along a bit longer. It reminded me a lot of those "shit, i have a PP presentation tomorrow morning" burning the midnight oil situations.
  9. Why would anyone think that they will return? ARK is a success and part two in the making. Atlas is dead. A shame really, would have made an awesome ARK Expansion.
  10. Grongash

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Ships.... Its a game that is supposed to be about sailing and we have 3 Ship-types, one of them rather pointless. Rethink the whole treasure map system. It is boring and a big turn off. Add content. Follow your actual "roadmap" Communicate in a way that works for your target audience. Learn who your target audience actually is.
  11. Grongash

    Patch v404.7

    Maybe it's their way of shutting the game down anyway.
  12. Grongash

    Patch v404.7

    So now you dont get insta gibbed, but cant ever kill them before they go back into the ground. They clearly stopped playing their own game a long time ago. Its like they are trying to make Atlas one big Promo for Ark.
  13. Please tell me i got that wrong and it is just a quick fix patch before the big one? Because that patch didn't address a single topic that was an issue, nor did it move you further ahead on your "roadmap".
  14. Grongash

    Surprise, Surprise...

    They didn't meet a single deadline since the start of the game. Cant really be a surprise to anyone anymore?