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  1. Grongash

    Ok so we decided on official pve

    I'm really looking forward to you finally playing the game, so you see what we talked about the last 10 months, can get bored and move along to annoy another EA Community (whose game you wont buy, but ofc know everything about it).
  2. Pfft. Fun. You are a glorified alpha Tester that actually payed to do the job Fun is not part of the agreement clearly.
  3. Grongash

    Atlas and steam charts

    Yes, exactly that. If sailing just means to carry some resources half afk and tabbed out, "spiced up" with pointless Cyclones then ill pass, thanks.
  4. Grongash

    Atlas and steam charts

    They didnt fix any of the actual issues. They just decided to farm some console players on the way down. But hey... there are cats now. Its a dream come true for any pirate. We all know they were suckers for that.
  5. Same place they got the 40k a Server max player number...
  6. Grongash

    Wipe finally announced

    And that is exactly why im done with the game this time around. I don't think they will ever learn.
  7. Grongash

    wipe on 28th

    Thank god i can leave this sad excuse for a game. No way im going to start over when they didnt even fix any of the core problems. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
  8. Grongash

    Wipe finally announced

    Like you had any part in this? No offense, but you severely overestimate your importance.
  9. Grongash

    wipe is confirmed?

    How? There is hardly a sector that even has 2 players online at the same time..
  10. Grongash

    Goodbye ATLAS !!!

    Is the wipe actually confirmed or still rumor stage?
  11. Grongash

    Totally chocked about this stream

    It was generic, without any actual information and sounded more like a presentation you would give to present the idea of a game to someone like an investor to get funding. Not like the presentation of a game that is already on the market, struggled, failed and needs to be saved. After this project went down they can at least all consider political careers.
  12. Grongash


    Squeeze the last drops of milk out of the cow before you bring it to the slaughterhouse.
  13. Grongash


    Yay then i could stop maintenance without feeling bad and finally uninstall Atlas.
  14. Grongash

    New Lead Designer

    Id play that game, sounds awesome. But i wouldn't get my hopes up, it seems they have their mind set on the Ark reskin.
  15. If you take a look at the steam charts and comments you will find that "No Mans sky" is actually a pretty bad example overall. Yes, they somewhat managed a comeback (if you are that deep into the crap zone it is however not hard to get better), they are currently dumping back into that zone tho. They did not fix the core problems at all. It is great that you enjoyed it, but it is hardly an example for a success story.