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  1. So... you are done for good? You cant really believe, that they will ever make it out of EA after all the stunts they pulled?
  2. This game is on sale pretty much all the time, its their business model after all... Some pointless tiny "update".. wipe.. fire sale.
  3. I still have an open ticket from the first launch.. just saying. I guess they just stopped pretending.
  4. The reason i stopped. It is just not fun enough to do it over and over again from scratch. For extra laughs search for Jat's promises about the 2 year max EA Or the several road maps. Sucks, it had potential.
  5. Haha so now they went from "last wipe, promise" to regular wipes? Amazing. What a sad excuse to cover up the crappy development and the lack of content.
  6. The only reason for the update was to make it look shiny and new for another steam sale.
  7. They threw out another one of their famous "updates" in combination with a steam sale to milk another round of idiots. By the looks of it, you are one of them. They sold you a "new" map, which is conveniently smaller (less running costs for them) and silently ditched the NA PvE community and no one cared. They just string you along from one false promise to another, squeezing out as much as possible in the process. Go check the last "roadmap" and their promises. Go check out the "This is the last wipe, promise" posts when they milked the XBox community. Go check out the patchnotes from the last year. A bunch of half assed fixes and ofc.. sorry. they added cats. Yay.
  8. In order to share a plan, you would have to have a plan.
  9. Pretty simple. The game is standing on the cliff to destruction. You PvE NA guys are one step further
  10. Sorry to break it to you... But they already have your money. I agree with all the issues, dont get me wrong. But in a game that lives of Box sales and "dlcs" your type of boycott wont even be recognised as such The whole EA idea is the problem. There are games that used it as intended (Space Engineers f.e) and actually finished the product (and then some). But for most it turned into a way to sell you a concept without any consequences for them.
  11. Like they ever made a deadline.
  12. I would not have minded paying one in the beginning to keep the development afloat. Now they lost all trust. I am not throwing more money in their direction for another "this time we wont wipe again, promise". Even if they would somehow manage to fix all the issues.. the playerbase moved on and Atlas wasn't special enough to get larger groups to come back anyway.
  13. Like this game will ever make it out of EA. And stop talking about development. A cheap powerpoint presentation about a roadmap you never followed isn't called development. Check the patchnotes of the last year.
  14. How dare you! This time they really really really mean it! Pinky promise!
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