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  1. Grongash

    Latest Patch & Happy Holidays!

    As someone who decided to give this game another shot (after i quit shortly before the last reset) im quite concerned actually. The lag seems to be worse than ever (with less players than ever), so they seem to have reduced the hardware/Server part. Even twitter went kind of dark. Last time i played, it at least looked like they tried. Now it feels like they just completely gave up. All the problems, annoyances and bugs the game had before i left are still there. But hey. We have cats.
  2. Grongash

    After 1 000 h of gameplay

    Currently testing if i give it another shot myself, but i have seen that there are still so many things not working... Logging out on a ship that moves while you are offline still drops you off in the same sector next to the waterborder swimming.. Still tons of ghost resources you cant harvest... But we got annoying cats running around in Freeports. That's what every Pirate game really needs.
  3. Grongash

    ark Genenis = less folk on atlas

    Now add the Atlas map + ships to Ark.. That would be amazing. Almost like it was meant to be
  4. Grongash

    Ships sunk in own port

    You dont need to reanchor, just jump to it once a week or so and you are fine.
  5. Grongash

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    Check reddit and youtube, it even had the full-blown ark menus there in place, they were only hidden in earlier builds. It started out as a DLC for sure and at some point they probably thought it could make it as a standalone. It also fits the amount of content, the way it was delivered and the issues they had to fix and change things. The Developers with a clue about the engine/system clearly stayed with ARK. It is a shame really, in addition to ARK this could have rocked as DLC.
  6. Grongash

    Why can't you fix your game... PLEASE!

    Sadly that part is about as much fun as an actual sandbox after a bit.
  7. Grongash

    Being Tame blocked by tame limit

    Because the engine was never meant to handle what it has to, they went the cheap way of "fixing" it. Same with the reduced building count after the last "relaunch".
  8. Grongash

    25k Reviews negative in Steam is unjust !

    It fits the current state of the game as well.
  9. Grongash

    Ok so we decided on official pve

    I'm really looking forward to you finally playing the game, so you see what we talked about the last 10 months, can get bored and move along to annoy another EA Community (whose game you wont buy, but ofc know everything about it).
  10. Pfft. Fun. You are a glorified alpha Tester that actually payed to do the job Fun is not part of the agreement clearly.
  11. Grongash

    Atlas and steam charts

    Yes, exactly that. If sailing just means to carry some resources half afk and tabbed out, "spiced up" with pointless Cyclones then ill pass, thanks.
  12. Grongash

    Atlas and steam charts

    They didnt fix any of the actual issues. They just decided to farm some console players on the way down. But hey... there are cats now. Its a dream come true for any pirate. We all know they were suckers for that.
  13. Same place they got the 40k a Server max player number...
  14. Grongash

    Wipe finally announced

    And that is exactly why im done with the game this time around. I don't think they will ever learn.
  15. Grongash

    wipe on 28th

    Thank god i can leave this sad excuse for a game. No way im going to start over when they didnt even fix any of the core problems. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.