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  1. Cant blame them, the gold rent system is crap. At least for PvE they could have gone for a solution that doesn't force a map grind.
  2. Grongash

    9 ships Parked at my island Vanished

    You do not have to raise the anchor. Just jump to it, all you need to do.
  3. This game is in dire need of additional ship types, a rework of the "endgame content", use of NPCs (resource gathering, etc) and bug fixing. Not cats, more skins, more islands and tames.
  4. Grongash

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    They have Seagrapes...
  5. Grongash

    Use real Time on Company Logs

    If you use the log to discord hook you get real times for events (on discord only ofc). Made life a lot easier
  6. For PvE it doesnt. The char does the sleep animation, yawns and the second it hits the ground it vanishes. If they would fix the bug that you cant spawn on ships after it moved this would be a valid concern. The logged out char also counts against the crew counter.
  7. I lost quite a few tames, so i looked around a bit and found some leftovers. Big switcheroo. The next wipe is prolly not that far off, so i wouldn't stress too much. Gratz to the lucky guy who managed to find my unlocked (by accident) Resource chest and hauled away a lot of gold
  8. Grongash

    Autodestruct of Structures is sad.

    So far i only know that it didn't go down the first hour or so, even tho it may work in ticks. Ill check the place that ran out yesterday when i get home and post it.
  9. Grongash

    Autodestruct of Structures is sad.

    It doesnt autodestruct instantly. Plenty of time to loot.
  10. After watching someone jump off with my Rhino right in front of me i tested it. Easy to check, temp remove someone from your company so he can see the timers, then test it. It probably is somehow related to the tries to protect ships on PvE in the first place, but im sure the devs will figure that one out. For now dont leave anything on the ship. Your crew can even be stolen while they sit on your sails.
  11. Grongash

    Game Breaking bug` base dissapearing

    We had this problem for quite some time already, long before the auto decay, at least on PvE.
  12. Grongash

    Carrots - Where are you?

    Keep in mind that you cant harvest them with a bear.
  13. Had that before the wipe when placing a flag switched all stuff to yours. Even then the carts didnt.... Go to a taming pit filled with meanies, reverse the cart into the pit (it clips through walls etc), park another bear in there to tank and wait... takes forever, but it works. Cobras work best.
  14. This problem only concerns the tames on ships. The ones on land are reset fine when rendered. Just take them off your ships (at least every 7 days) until its fixed. They are aware and looking into it.