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  1. People acting surprised knowing that wildcard is a walking, talking April Fools joke. Admittedly their first few months it was a great company then they release their first paid DLC while still in preview got greedy and went down the dumps and have been on a free fall ever since. There’s a reason for a very popular term in the gaming world, heard of Getting Arked?
  2. They are good at lying, they did the same thing with Ark. When Ark was in beta they plainly stated that the servers would not be wiped, so they had all of us suckers out there testing their broken game and when they released the game they called all the old servers legacy servers and wiped 70% of them right off the bat and the rest soon followed. Wildcard was a good co pant once upon a time and as soon as they came out with their first DLC which was still while the game was in game preview they became greedy. Just like the rest of their projects this one will never be finished, they will close servers, sell dlc to a game that is t finished and milk it the same way they milked Ark. pathetic business practice.
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