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    Patch V519.5

    I'm glad you are holding back on Wiping seeing as the last season wipe was based upon the Marketplace which is totally messed up. I'm hopeful that your working on the game. the past patch ruined my experience thou I lost my character and now i'm 100 levels behind everyone. I'm not about to do the PVE all over again if there is another wipe in a month. You should just make everyone lvl 100 since you won't replace deleted characters.
  2. I've been playing all weekend and I'm having a fucking blast. Tons of PVP, tons of PVE. Lots of fun I'm on NA Kraken in a big ass company maxed out pop. Every server map has 50+ in golden ruins area if not more. I'm enjoying it. They hot patched bugs . I believe they need to trust the people and do more Public Test Realms with big stuff like this. Listen to the constructive criticism, but not the haters! This is a great update! Well done developers. Good job!
  3. Ok i just played for 15 mins. Ark resources are in the game on lawless instead of ATLAS resources- we can't build anything. RIP -- this is why you need to do public test realms devs. its like common thing to listen to your players and work with them on upgrades, not keep them in the dark and mess up a re-launch.
  4. Good job ! I'm giving you guys benefit of the doubt. Let the haters hate! Thanks for doing a good job.
  5. I think you've been misinformed. The Blueprints in Atlas have never been that great. In ARK if you stacked Crafting Skill you could get insane bonuses, but in Atlas its not that great. Maybe at most you might get lucky with a 10% bonus with max int. But its Random.
  6. I don't think your reading their posts. Because it clearly says they are putting 1 global PVE server out. Both the EU and NA PVE servers were dying off in population. PVP servers had way more population then PVE servers. It makes sense this is a Pirate game and people wanna fight others in ship battles which you can't do on a PVE server.
  7. with the new wipe start a new character on steam
  8. every single day i have been on there has been massive fleet battles of 10 gally vs 10 gally. People are fighting and not worrying about losing ships right now.
  9. i think they are smart to not come out on the forums unless they have specific things to say. hopefully they will answer questions they read. Lets give them benefit of the doubt. With it being 2020 and everyone being crazy I'd limit my communication too! Don't know who you might offend!
  10. I own 2 copies of the game. One for me, one for my crafter account.
  11. We are still talking about Atlas right? Is your mission to break atlas by promoting and organizing a boycott? I am the opposition to your mission. I wan't Atlas to prosper and grow, develop into a released game and make lots of money. ARK constantly has 30k people on all the time, would be nice to see Atlas get that many. Easily could be done.
  12. Give it a few weeks and see what the devs say about the upcoming season. I bet something more is to be said about it.
  13. I love this game. Like many of you I've been disappointed by poor leadership/management in the past . I have had this game since it first release having to quit early because my computer couldn't handle it. But over time the game has been updated lots of things fixed, many remain to be fixed. We now have a fresh wipe, fresh new developers, and a new start to grow the game and make it better then it is today. I implore you to take the time to reach out to your friends , old players you played with, get new people to try the game out. Lets make Season 4 awesome by promoting the game and giving the new developers the benefit of the doubt. This game has so much potential and if we support it can be the game we are looking for it to become. Rather then doing something Negative like boycotting the game which only reinforces conflict. Lets instead promote the game and get a whole new population to fill the smaller map and have fun times pirating against one another. Lets encourage the new developers, remember they aren't he old developers. Support them by getting new people to purchase the game and make sure they have the resources to make this game outstanding. We can adapt, grow, evolve this game to be fantastic.
  14. Well i would say that would limit the game. Have you played WOW lately? Entire servers go dead because of imbalance of factions. I would be against that concept- the Company/alliance system creates multiple factions as it is. You can play politics in this game fluidly , whereas factions would force people to choose a side and people will overwhelmingly join the bigger faction that is winning.
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