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  1. TargetOne

    I just hit tthe jackpot!

    All that loot (and gold coin) from a single map??????
  2. Dollie won't even respond to messages on Twitter, and she's STILL listed as Atlas' Community Manager in her account page. Frankly, I'm surprised the devs haven't removed all references to Atlas from their descriptions yet.
  3. Haven't watched it yet, but how many survived?
  4. You could try disabling "Light Bloom" in the graphics settings.
  5. TargetOne

    PVE V's PVP Should be differnt Patches

    Bugs are bugs, period. Some just happen to affect the PvE game mechanics more then PvE, or vice-versa. Same goes for some of the devs design decisions. I have trouble with ladders on ships all the time. Even with wood ladders, it seems that if I hang one off the side of a ship and make it too long (e.g. extending below the level of the ship's keel), I have a devil of a time trying to grab onto it when the ship is anchored near shore. If I try to grab the lowest section, it instantly pops me off. I find i have to jump up and grab the next-higher section mid-air. The radial menu for tames has the option "Move onto ship" when near an owned ship, yet half the time the command is ghosted out and can't be used. There's room on the ship, as I can whistle the tames to follow and they manage to board after I do, so I don't know why the radial menu command is so inconsistent. (Then again, I tend to carry tames packed in like sardines on my ships, so maybe the game expects to maintain social distancing or something, LOL.)
  6. TargetOne

    All the one non lawless lands are horded

    I was sailing around on NA PVE Gorgon's Gaze, and came across an island (I forget which grid, but it was southern tundra region) where it seemed like half the island was covered in fence supports (apparently the equivalent of pillar spam in ARK). Besides making it impossible to build anywhere (not that I was going to), it slowed my framerate to a crawl. I'm just glad more islands aren't like that one.
  7. TargetOne

    What TF does a Gum node look like?

    Screen shots would be helpful (F12 key when running from Steam, usually).