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  1. The devs need to understand that not everyone wants to play PvP. This is an MMO, there's room for it to be all things to all people, if the devs would just try...
  2. As they say on the Discord, "wipe hype".
  3. Other MMOs have refused to get involved in guild/company/group leadership issues, except where they violate the terms of service. With Grapeshot, it's simply apathy.
  4. Generally speaking, no company in the history of EVER has publicly mentioned or acknowledged bankruptcy plans until they, well, file for bankruptcy. Speculate all you like, but Grapeshot won't comment.
  5. They're never going to take devs FROM Ark. Ark is their bread-and-butter, Atlas is just a side project. If anything, they may take devs from Atlas, like they did before.
  6. It seems to me that irrigation systems also have unreasonably long decay timers. I've lost count of the number of times I've run across an abandoned base, and about the only things left were some pipes and water reservoirs, hanging in midair. (It's also funny how there are buildings where all that's remaining are the second story and above, supported by maybe one wall and a foundation, because the ground level was subject to random fights between wild creatures, while the upper stories only have decay.)
  7. By the way: Grapeshot, please remember to UPDATE YOUR PATCH NOTES THREAD this time. You didn't for 409.1 !
  8. Thank GOD. No more shuffling resources into my personal inventory just to craft the simplest, most common things.
  9. I've been finding Gum in the equatorial swamps, in what look like giant floating lily pads. (Sorry, don't have a picture.) Same swamps also have bushier floating plants that give sea grapes.
  10. That's just the output of the console command "CCC", which copies the player's current grid and XYZ coordinates (in Unreal Engine distance units) to the system clipboard. It's used for debugging purposes, and often requested by GMs to help them quickly get to in-game problems reported by players. It just happens to include the "cheat TP" command at the beginning, so the GMs don't have to type it themselves.
  11. I'm all for it. When do you go Early Access?
  12. From what I understand, all the official servers, NA and EU, are based in Germany. The split/distinction between the NA and EU ones was made simply in anticipation of demand which never materialized. Edit: Nevermind, I did a bit more reading and the physical servers are indeed split between USA and Germany.
  13. Maybe you guys ought to just come up with other, non-compass-related descriptions to replace "Eastern" and "Western". Those tags really only make sense in a globe-based map (like the old one, even if it was flat). Perhaps "High Temperate" and "Low Temperate", "High Tropics" and "Low Tropics", to resemble the desert zones? Speaking of global, will the map still "wrap around" left/right and top/bottom?
  14. Julysomething for the new map.
  15. Why can't you Grapeshot folks just make a combined map that's PvP in certain zones and PvE everywhere else? Supreme Atlas does it this way, and possibly others. That way, everyone can be on the same map, but no one has to get swept into PvP unless they actually want to.
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