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  1. one would think a sailing game that uses maps would have figured out where east and west is, but then again.....I guess not. Still waiting to hear the why we've been sold a game that has PVE for it to be now removed. Maybe that we got new community managers we can get some answers to why NA PVE is removed and what sounds like EU PVE could be gone next.
  2. Oh great, so I bought a game based on it being PVE for it only to be stripped. This whole thing smells bad.
  3. I guess the definition of a "few" is in question here, obviously more than one but how much more?
  4. Well only if your in the EU, the NA PVE is getting the shaft.
  5. We tried this once with an island which a group of 3 claimed. As soon as we started this group jump up and started going crazy throwing insults. So we jumped into our boat to sail away only for them to jump on too and another pursue us in their schooner. He sat in front of the wheel, with his but in the captains face for a whole of three server until we purposefully went through some hurricanes so he'd die and leave the ship. That was our second and last attempt at finding a slice of land to claim. Since then we've given up hope on the claim system.
  6. found this same issue. If they costed less mats then ok, but usually the commons are the stock mats. Why bother with a common blueprint for a small shipyard?
  7. Attempting to connect to the server NA-PVE server, sector D9 and it times out, been doing that all day and have yet to get on and create a character. Tried on PVP and same thing happens. Tried other sectors too and no luck. As I wait, my friends have all gone and left the sector leaving me high and dry
  8. I would love to be able to even make my character, not sure if it persists even if I've not connected to the NA-PVE server. But my time outs are on all of the servers.
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