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    Tutorial: Tattoo's, Flags, and You!

    I am loving making tattoos!
  2. Strider

    Tutorial: Tattoo's, Flags, and You!

    nvm user error.
  3. Strider

    Tutorial: Tattoo's, Flags, and You!

    I am having issues with Tattooing my character in Official NA Server. I have followed the guide to the T and still can't get the tat to show up. It will suck up the paint i have when uploading it but will not show on my character. I tried to do it on my buddy as well who has a normal body size and again takes the paint but no tat. I retried from scratch this morning, creating base file, converting it to png. Addming my image in Photoshop. Delete bottom layer and save as png over the file and then convert it back to arkpnt. Same result.
  4. Strider

    In regards to the new pvp system..

    I am for the new system. Offline raiding is just BS tactic. you spend countless hours building a base and setting it up to be squashed by a man riding a bear and cannon who watched the server pop before attacking.
  5. Strider

    Offline raid solutions needed!

    Offline raiding needs to be addressed ASAP. Either give the Chinese their own server or give us Protection. All of our defences were no match to single bear cart and its cannon.
  6. Strider

    Tell us your dreams for Atlas

    MY dream is to have Hackers/exploiters/cheaters cease existence.
  7. We have: Raft Sloop Schooner Brigantine Galleon Can we get more types: Corvette Frigate Ship of the Line ( This one, pretty please!!!!)
  8. Strider

    Render Distance

    Can we get increased rendering distance and speed please? I am certain this kills more ships than Offline raiders and hackers.
  9. Strider

    Why do you need to cheat?

    Getting wiped is part of the game. Doesn't bother me one bit at all. Regroup, rebuild and try and do it better. I have first hand seen cheats, hell just today we got CSTG Queen Anne's Revenge dropping foundation and beds on claimed Territory. And yes, report has been made and evidence sent.
  10. Why does a individual feel the need to cheat/Exploit/Hack the game? I know folks are very capable of doing it, but what is the point of it? Aimbotting Clipthrough Duping Shooting underwater Building on Claim Land and the list goes on. I love pvp. But i also love fighting the good fight. Win or Lose I have a blast at it. We have had our $%!% pushed in many times in this game and it has not dulled us one bit. Hell fighting 16 hour battle on lawless against a horde of Jackman was some of the best times i have had yet. Guess some folks just don't have the same love for the game to play it with out cheating.
  11. Strider

    How Ironic, Atlas Is a Sinking Ship

    NA PVP is still a blast for us. Just wish they would start squashing the Cheaters/Hackers/Exploiters. If that is not priority and for the love of the gods, please,, please fix the rending distance and speed.
  12. Strider

    Paint on ships

    I spent a bit of time painting my brig yesterday to find that the job i did was almost completly removed. I can't even repaint the ship in question. Other ships i can paint but not this one.
  13. If i have to stop to swing a melee weapon, a horse drawn swivel gun/cannon should have to stop to shoot. Damn thing should not be a mobile anti infantry tank.
  14. Strider

    Swivel Cannons

    I know the patch said that the NPCs will fall off the swivel cannon if they glitch through a wall. Nothing was said if they were mounted in a window.
  15. Sharks and Manta Rays seem to be able to attack through (clipping) Stone Walls and damage objects (Large Chests and resource boxes) NA PVP H7