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  1. Strider

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    Well, don't count your chickens yet. Last Oasis might have F'ed up. Breaching upon worst steam EA launch title that Atlas has held. They might come back this way if LO can't get their act together. Me on the other hand, i have quit weeks ago. I would love to say i am coming back to Atlas since i have enjoyed it greatly, but i can't trust the Devs. Let alone to act in a time fashion to deal with a cancer before he destroyed my company. Nothing wrong with getting foundation wiped by an enemy that either out skilled you or out numbered you. But to lose all your hard earned "stuff" to a bunch of hackers that paid for aimbot and knowing full well that it was the aimbotters that carried them to victory. Yeah, that ended it for me here. 3 months of reporting it took to get some bans, way too long and the damage already done.
  2. Strider

    is this game officaly dead now?

    actually we do have a lot of power/sway in the Future of gaming as customers. Our reviews and social media influences greatly impact the wallets of these companies. And when the bottom line begins to hurt, thats when they know they have not been listening to their customers. I am not a streamer, but i have contacts with over a hundred other gamers in my online community. And so do hundreds of others.
  3. Strider

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    Guess the dev's finally banned a chunk of the company we been reporting for the last few months and confirmed by the Global ban list. Guess better late than never, but this company said they don't care. They are going to Last Oasis.
  4. Strider

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    I can tell you first hand you do get in trouble for such. The Forum mods work harder and faster to deal with Code of Conduct violations than the GS Dev's in dealing with in game CoC problems.
  5. Strider

    Too much negativity

    Lots of the negativity comes from the fact the Dev's are cleary not doing a damn thing about cheaters/ aimbotters. I love the game, got close to 3k hrs into it. But i can't bring myself to put another minute till hte dev's start dealing with the very players that are ruining the experience with their cowardly hacks.
  6. Strider

    How to fight Aimbotters?

    All great advice. But, i am done with the game. Dev's don't care that cheaters are ripping their game apart. I won't be wasting anymore time on it. Had some great potential but can't be achieved the way Grapeshot is going about it.
  7. I need some tips and guides on how to fight them aimbotters. Since Dev's are not doing anything about them. We have a war coming up in the next 24hrs and there will be at the very least 4 aimbotters that we know of on the opposing side.
  8. Freeport squatting is the meta. Then next is Aimbotting.
  9. Strider

    How is this still a thing.

    know what else is still a thing? Aimbotting and it is game breaking. Dev's are not doing a thing about it either.
  10. Strider

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    Not allowed to name them. Get in trouble for that. Not allowed to encourage cheating yourself, you get in trouble for that as well. I honestly wish the forum moderators are the ones dealing with the cheaters. Things get done quick. But yes it is extremely fustrating. Dealing with it right now again. We even have the pudding and ale going and still getting wiped off our tames and hte ledges. We as a crew are at our wits end and i do have some guys that want to use the aimbot just to survive against the cheaters in question. I have deterred them so far, but i can't honestly think why i should. If the Dev's are not going to do fuck all about it.............. My guys are tired of making reports. They are not getting feedback if anything is being done so its discouraging further reports. We know nothing is getting done because the very same individuals are still at it. So its meh. I love this game. But, i am not gonna sacrifice my sanity over it anymore. So maybe the only way The dev's will listen is if people start making reviews and encouraging other's not to get the game till they fix this issue.
  11. Strider

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    Anyone that was fighting in i10 knows exactly which tribe and who is using the aimbots. I know the dev's got many reports over the last 24hrs from multiple tribes about these guys. Anyone that was there can legit say this isn't a case of lucky shots. The excuse that Aimbotting is hard to catch is running thin. This hack is ruining the game and for me personally i am getting burnt out by it. I love PvP. Win or lose matters not to me. Getting cheated on the other hand, continuously is driving me closer to quitting.
  12. Its become a joke now. We have placed a few reports in now about a certain company and their continued use of aimbotting. Why are the Dev/s not cracking down on these people? Or any cheaters in that fact.
  13. Strider

    Tutorial: Tattoo's, Flags, and You!

    I am loving making tattoos!
  14. Strider

    Tutorial: Tattoo's, Flags, and You!

    nvm user error.
  15. Strider

    Tutorial: Tattoo's, Flags, and You!

    I am having issues with Tattooing my character in Official NA Server. I have followed the guide to the T and still can't get the tat to show up. It will suck up the paint i have when uploading it but will not show on my character. I tried to do it on my buddy as well who has a normal body size and again takes the paint but no tat. I retried from scratch this morning, creating base file, converting it to png. Addming my image in Photoshop. Delete bottom layer and save as png over the file and then convert it back to arkpnt. Same result.