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  1. TacticalNatty

    Crashing when I go to Inventory

    Same with NA PVE PTR. using a controller, trying to pull up inventory causes the crash.
  2. TacticalNatty

    pve WTB\WTT for Mythos NA-PVE

    I have Mythical BP's (not ship BP's) for guns, bows, melee, all armors. Also have gold. WIlling to trade or buy some Mythos.
  3. TacticalNatty

    Captain's Log 21: Hull-up On The Horizon

    I am all for the cost upkeep. IF there is a limit on flags, it will likely be a lot higher than most of you suggest. Making it small (3-5) basically negates the purpose of a taxation bank and the whole tax system.
  4. TacticalNatty

    Basic Atlas Tutorial

    The waterskin fills up automatically when in the barrel, so you have to click e on it to fill the barrel and empty the waterskin. Then you can craft
  5. SOO what you're saying is leaderboards should be dependent on who has the most Rum? I can get down with that.
  6. Great... Now I want a mod to play this game from a dragon\drake POV..
  7. Isn't this exactly what being a pirate is about though.
  8. IMO the best way would be how much hold you have in your banks.
  9. TacticalNatty

    The only thing that needs to change is GOLD

    That would be a company play style mechanic and style. While all the points made are valid, consider how land and gold are currently used (abused) and how dramatic this would change it for the better. Imagine the market for goods. Gold cost priced competitively for mats to ensure sale, because at some point mega tribes will just have too much. Level 20 player does a few maps with a bow, can now afford to buy a bear. Does a few more, buys enough mats for a brig. Few more and can potentially buy (due to increased gold valuation) a spot of land with little to no resources, but its something. Or maybe this just stems from how useless gold feels in the game atm..
  10. TacticalNatty

    The only thing that needs to change is GOLD

    Ease of treasure hunts doesn't actually have much affect on the proposed system. Larger and richer companies would be better off trading for their gold. The biggest commodity in the game right now is Blueprints and mythos. It's easy for a small group to get gold, but not so easy for them to take down the hydras.
  11. TacticalNatty

    The only thing that needs to change is GOLD

    Could be measured by how much Gold you have in you bank/banks. Imagine how this would play out in PVP. Raids for tens or hundreds of thousands of gold. Gold lost at sea could help build out the diving aspect.
  12. First off, I love the vision of Atlas. In 2-6 months, the churn of players will make this a completely different style game. With that said, the only changes needed are to make the Leaders the Top 10 Richest (Pirates do love their gold after all) and a small gold tax per land claim (similar to NPC). That will encourage land sales, commodity trades, and even a solo player can be top 10 without ruining the gameplay.
  13. TacticalNatty


    always looking for solid tames. TacticalNatty#8082 on discord
  14. TacticalNatty

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    I always love sailing in rain (without murderous cyclones). The sunset makes it better!
  15. TacticalNatty

    Controlling sails with NPC using a controller

    From the steering wheel, forward raises sails, back lowers. left and right steer the ship. I use and xbox one controller.