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  1. What a relief to see some progress being made and new ideas being worked on. This game has so much potential, even more than ark! ^^ I hope there will be a new PvPvE map system where (almost) pure PvE could be an option, but with PvP on the other hand being way more rewarding. (to make the PvE players try it out aswell) It would be awesome to have a thriving economy, with blueprints, rare items, cosmetics and so on. Fun achievements, rare ship parts and equipment to get as a reward for sinking ships, keeping control of certain outposts in the PvP areas and so on. And all that while still having a safezone to hang out in, aka your main base. Add more complete, usable structures and houses to replace the hundreds of floors, walls and ceilings to reduce lag and bring more immersion to the game as a whole. Reduce the powercreep of blueprints and weapons/armor, make 150% damage blueprints really rare or give them out as rewards for certain tasks. Make gold more valuable (so we dont pay 10s of thousands of gold for one tame or ship anymore, because everyone has so much). These are just some suggestions that I came up with. Im sure all of you have even better ideas and also a way to implement them. Dont be scared to try out new features, listen to the community, see what they are asking for, ignore all the hate and insults from these idiots and prove them wrong. I've been playing since day 1 and I had lots of fun ever since. (yes, we exist) :D We will stick along so hopefully you guys will too! ^^ We all want the game to succeed Hopes are high, Good luck :D
  2. Ahoi! We are a small company located in C10 on the EU PvE server and selling all kinds of tropical animals. We always welcome settlers. We have lots of space available and all the ressources you'll need right at our doorstep. For more info and if you want to get to know us better, feel free to visit our discord: https://discord.gg/bbpFW6
  3. Not everyone has a massive island and lots of space to play around with, we're not gonna build a shitty barn on the water when we got a nice flat plateau right next to our base, far away from predator spawns. There are HUNDREDS of islands on the atlas and if 1 unaccessible map drives you nuts and makes you want to grief the island owner you're just a retard in my eyes. It's happened to us countless times on powerstone islands and even regular ones that the map spots were just way out of reach and all the effort to get there wouldnt be worth it. And its just a thing we have to deal with, people wont build disney castles on shtty, uneven ground because that would only make it harder. They'd rather choose a nice area for their buildings and sometimes it happens to be on a ressource, animal or a treasure map spawn. It sucks that you're getting annoyed by other people's beautiful buildings, I would be too if i was living in a giant wooden cube filled with anger and sadness. greetings
  4. If people are trying to be complete assholes and jerks, they should wander off either to PvP or just play different games. PvE is all about friendly interactions and chill conversations. If you own an island its your choice what to do with it, what to build on it and wether to block spawns, wall off areas or not. Why? Because YOU are the owner, you PAY for it. This is literal common sense and shouldn't be up for discussion at all. Also, about you trying to justify your antisocial behavior. Nobody cares what other people say about you. Nobody cares that you run a company, you can keep pushing your giant ego all you want. But please, please do it somewhere else. Have a nice day
  5. Hey, we have lots of razors for sale right now, we're located in J13, message me for more details ^^ Our prices are 420g/WL (+100/150g dependant on rare colors black/green/blue/purple )
  6. Is there any particular reason why Razortooths are completely useless and weak, shouldn't they have at least a decent health pool and not be a wolf with less stamina and a bigger hitbox?
  7. yea, i keep the roofs unpainted, it's quite easy to see which ones are damaged and which arent by their color, also there's no way an unarmored brig can take on 2 lv 25+ damneds in a row without loosing tons of planks, (not using the boring dragging method ofc) an armed brig can cuz the damage gets spread out nicely accross the roofs and the back parts holding it.
  8. So me and my mate built an armored brig with a couple 125% cannons from scratch in around 7 hours with tames. Figuring out the design also took some time ^^ Its at around 45-50% weight at level 38, we put 18 points into crew, rest into weight. As it turns out, the lower part of the armor completely blocks all damage coming towards the lower planks, I'd recommend this design and I'd also love to hear some improvement suggestions from you guys As I'm sure some people have been working on ship designs since a couple days after release
  9. yea, but its still broken with all the claim stealing and stuff
  10. So, considering that the claiming system is broken now, and i dont think they can fix it without wiping everything since theres so many claimed islands with bases on them. Could this possibly cause a wipe in the near future ? if yes, please tell us like a week or at least 3 days beforehand or people wont be able to prepare and theres just gonna be a giant wave of hatred again.
  11. Check twitter https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas?lang=de
  12. had the same bug a couple times, restart the game a couple times, fixed it for me twice
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