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  1. The Wildcard devs left a while ago. This is a new dev team that took over Atlas and are not part of Ark.
  2. I just ran into this as well. I was able to get my boat moving again after trying everything I could think of. Even logging off/on did not work. I finally found something that did work! I was out in the middle of the sea. What I did was store all my stuff in a storage box and fast travel with my bed back to my base and travel back. Tried my Brig and it was now on the move. Phew! Now my base was in a different region so my character did have to transfer to a different server. Not sure if this made a difference or not but I think there may be a good chance so I want to point that out.
  3. The game is playing smooth again and the red walls of doom are gone. Thank you for disabling the Markets to allow the game to be playable again. Only thing I am noticing in my region is the day did not get reset during the wipe. Currently showing 3810.
  4. I personally really enjoy meeting people while playing on PVE. Grouping together to complete tasks is a lot of fun to me rather than fighting each other. For me this is much more fun then just playing single player.
  5. I agree with @AZ APOCALYPTIC on what he said about PVP vs PVE. I too will not be playing on the PVP servers. Working all day I prefer to login and have a more relaxing enjoyable play that is not just going to frustrate me. I get enough of that in the real world.
  6. I like the idea of making the grid of the map smaller but the arrangement of how the biomes is shown is so unrealistic. Putting them in each corner seems more like an ARK setup.
  7. So tonight I am collecting berries to put in the Food Larder's on my ships that have NPC's on them. Went to my Schooner that has NPC's so I board it all the time. It was next to 2 other Schooners that just sit most of the time. Tonight they are POOFED. So apparently if a ship is not boarded within a time frame it will POOF. My Galleon, Brig, 1 schooner and a sloop are all still here cuz they have NPC's which I board and feed actively. So @Ivah BlackWater mentions you need to raise/lower the anchor. Is this the case? I really don't want to lose my bigger ships. I don't sail my Galleon much cuz usually I am solo.
  8. So I just have to put in my 2 cents of my experience with the PVE PTR so far. Here is the run down... On the afternoon of the 9th is when I first spawned in N8 to start. My initial experience that day was great. I spent hours building and advancing. I ended up with a nice stone house built and had a Loom, Tannery, Resource box, Beds and Preserving bag inside. Outside I had my Smithy, Mortar and petzel, Forge, Water Barrel, Ship Yard and some Storage Boxes. I also had 3 tamed cows inside for milk. I logged in the next day after work to build my ship and what I found makes the game no fun. Most of my stuff was gone. There were some pieces left like some of my Stone floor, My Stone Gateway (barely sitting on one left stone floor), Stone Gate, Stone floor where I had my Forge, Water Barrel (Right next to where my forge was), My Smithy. and my 3 cows... I then noticed that someone who was building to one side of me was also all gone... But the person that was building to my other side still had everything and was currently building up still. I then noticed they had a flag on their base. I went over to ask them if they knew what had happened and they quickly ran away... My company log showed nothing so I could not confirm what had happened. I then found out that since they had the flag they were the "Owner" of the island and could access my stuff. Other people online said it should show in the company log if they destroyed my stuff. So after global chatting about it someone invited me to their island. I quickly built a Sloop, Loom, and gather some resources. Jumped on board and sailed to their island to start all over! Once there they greeted me and seemed like things would be good here. As a test I placed a piece of Floor and had them destroy it to see what the Company log would show. To my surprise the log showed nothing! So I built a new base there and suspect these people will be decent to my stuff. I did see one of them go over the my newly placed Resource box and Storage chest. I was actually surprised they were able to access my locked stuff. So anyway... Here is my opinion. I work my butt off all day at work doing what is asked by upper management. I come home to relax and play a fun game. I don't want to have to deal with someone being an Island owner and having say what I can and can't do. I don't want to have to worry about other people taking or destroying my stuff I build up. I personally think people should have 1 claim flag. They place that claim flag and that is their area for the game. That area would have a natural destroy time if the player does not log in after a time period. For to join up as a company when people join the company then they all share each others land claims but still just 1 per person. This would also eliminate the issue like what ARK had where people would build pillars all over the map to claim. You can only build in your claimed or shared space. To me this is a super fun game and I love to play it but if this is how it's going to work then I will not be playing on official servers... I sure hope things change cuz I like to play on the big official servers but I want to be able to enjoy the game and not feel like there are dictators who I have to follow their rules. It's PVE for a reason... I want to be able to pick who I team up with to fight against the game AI together and have a great time, not worry about some island owner that wont let me just enjoy the PVE game.
  9. Was your ship over weight or too many crew at that time?
  10. Can you help point me to where I find info on this info? I see the redis server but just by going through the directories. Is there something somewhere that mentions everything that needs to be configured/setup for the atlas server to run? Thanks!
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