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  1. So, as the title says, my ship won't move. My friends and I built a Brigantine yesterday and it was working just fine. Earlier today when I logged back in, the anchor wouldn't drop or raise but I thought maybe it was a bug. We sailed to a different region to find supplies and stopped at a nearby island. While on the island, there was a hurricane with waterspouts that may have hit the boat, not entirely sure since we weren't on it. After a little bit of difficulty getting off the island, we got back to our boat and tried to take off. Sails down, pointed them towards the wind, and tried to steer the ship. It didn't budge. Tried to lower anchor and then raise it, as I said earlier, didn't do anything. We have claimed "land" on the water our boat is on, so we're definitely not on enemy territory if that makes a difference. I was hoping someone might have had the same problem and know a fix? TL;DR: Ship won't move no matter what we do. Advice?
  2. Not entirely sure if this is on purpose, but when I sprint onto my raft that is on shallow water; I get launched into the air and fall to my death.
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