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  1. Almost certainly there is an island that is duplicate of the one you are standing on, found within the same zone.
  2. This website has been keeping up-to-date on what resources and animals are found in each zone. https://exploreatlas.co.uk/explore/
  3. Yes, ships have a decay timer. They will slowly degrade hp off of their planks. It takes about 3-4 weeks before they sink though.
  4. They added more islands, so this is less of an issue. That said, some specific lawless zones are very crowded. Or some islands within specific zones. But on average there is room for everyone to have a fairly large footprint using just lawless territories.
  5. Just checking that you didn't make a mistake. Which gun groups are "active" in your hotbar? It's pretty easy to accidentally disable one (like "left") and then not be able to tell why those cannons won't fire.
  6. It's unclear why grenades and explosive barrels no longer hurt AoD because the change notes don't explain why this change was made. This has an impact on solo play of PVE--and doubly so for single player where you can't get other players to help you with MW spawns of AoD. There is a thread about this here:
  7. It's 24 for a bear. 36 for a tiger. If a style of play was working, one that you call "crippled", and then a change to the game makes it utterly impossible, that is a consequence that the game designers should be aware of. As a conscientious player (and former employee for both Nintendo and Xbox) I am doing my part to make them aware of the consequences of that change. Please re-read my post. It was not about blame or anger or "you're doing it wrong!" I just explained what my game experience was like before the change and what it is now after the change. You know, feedback. Be aware, you call this crippled even after I listed four advantages you get from not taming. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i have animals. Found them abandoned for long enough I could claim them. They're heavy, noisy, and boxed up to keep them safe from mobs. That's why I know how much I can harvest in comparison. (Tied, except for bears) And that it is easier to solo green maps with a tiger or bear than to do it with grenades and walls. But I spec'd out of those skills so I could actually run my base and ships solo, build what I need to build, and equip what I need to equip as a solo. (As for explosive barrels, I built 40 over a 2x weekend and then spec'd out of that too. Unlike bears, you can still use explosive barrels and grenades when you are no longer spec'd in the skill.) Spec'ing is a pain in the ass once you are at the level cap. I don't want to switch back and forth by sailing to the Freeport every other day. There is this ONE thing now, the only place that I am required to have animals. That's pretty narrow to be calling it "crippled".
  8. It is really unclear how making AOD immune to grenades is a PVP issue. Any insight?
  9. I actually was using the NPC crew before I leveled up to explosive barrels. A couple of grenades into the fresh mob and then command the crew to attack. Plate armor, swords/shield or with pikes, and leveled in melee only gets you so far. Once you start reaching level 45+ AOD, I was losing too many crew per fight and had to change tactics. That's when I pushed up to explosive barrels and just building a wall around the spawn site. Where I can't build at all and have to use grenades and campfires, my odds of winning really go down drastically. But now grenades don't work at all. I have a MW boosted map to D12. No way I can solo that, even with a strong mount. That frustrates me. Please don't thread jack.
  10. "AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle), melee damage and tame damage." My technique for fighting the Army of the Dead for treasure hunting was building walls and grenades after they spawn. Guns don't do enough damage to be able to effectively take out a squad of Warriors of the Damned (although they will handle the other mobs, like archers--if you don't miss!) and trying to solo three or more level 25+ Warriors with melee weapons leads to pain and misery. I have been playing Atlas without taming, instead depending on the gear and my skills and tenacity. The harvest bonus and good (journeyman+) tools mostly makes up for the advantage that tames give for harvesting. Only bears out perform me on fiber-over-time; the rest of the animals move so slowly I can about match for bulk collection them if my weight and stamina are high and boosted with gear. And considering that I no longer have to hunt high level animals, spend time taming, worry about the animals being killed, and save the weight of carrying animals around on my ships, I feel that this is about an even trade in game play. Plus I have about 24 skill points I don't have to lock up in the Taming tree, thus I can be more versatile in the other skills needed for the game. But you just can't solo a journeyman map without animals following the immunity to grenades and explosive kegs that was instituted in the changes this week. What exactly was the purpose of this change to AOD? What were the devs trying to fix that was exploitative? And now that there is a Single Player mode in the works, is locking out this style of play really a smart direction to go? I feel it is not.
  11. In PVE you can't remove a "structure" from a cargo saddles. Can't damage it, can't demolish it. Nothing. This makes abandoned animals of middling use, if you don't get full ownership of the animal and its cargo. I would have expected the cargo box transfers upon cleaning. But that isn't the case.
  12. I have been totally soloing this game. AND not taming. I solo maps with grenades and my pike to finish off the last one or two (learning how to dodge is important). And on lawless islands I use explosive barrels (can't used those on claimed islands). Sure, it took some clever tactics and multiple attempts--using a total of 40 grenades--before I beat the quality 13.8 map I had. But it was filled with mythic blueprints. Everything lower than that is doable and buildable. I have a brig that I built on a x2 weekend. Took half a day. Just got the "level 50+ galleon" objective with that brig last night, fighting SOTD fleets in a Golden Ages zone. Part of resolving the grind is finding places with dense resources. Having the right location for your base matters. The valley I am in has so-so wood, lots of sugar cane, plenty of rocks. Further up the valley is lots of metal. Further up from there, at the top of the valley, gems and hidden coal. I have a cabin up there for making cannon balls, grenades, and explosive barrels. Fiber is a little thin where I live, but another island in the same zone has double-thick fiber plants. I just go there and harvest with a MW sickle, get 30K in about 10-15 minutes. Crystal is found on another island in this zone. Salt is the only thing I am missing and I have to travel three zones to get to a place with salt, but that's typical for most zones as I understand it. I understand you can solo the hydra. And the cyclops. But as a solo I find the Golden Age islands just a little too tough for the gear I have right now. Will try again after I finish my current circuit of green and blue maps and then build the MW and Legendary gear that they give me access to. I play about two hours around lunch time, two four evening hours stints. But only rarely get a weekend day to focus on the game, since as a freelancer IRL I often work weekends. And my wife likes to get out of the house on weekends.
  13. How is the current aging mechanic unfair? There are no negative effects from being old. They eliminated those back in February. I have been 100 years old for about three weeks now. Not a big deal. I suspect you don't mean the current mechanics, but your guess at what the eventual aging mechanics will become. Is it really meaningful to criticize your own guess at what they will institute?
  14. The most recent bug fixes included the line: "Crafting Bonus on items is now capped at 60% on Official Servers" What is this crafting bonus they speak of? How do you get it? What does it do?
  15. This should have been posted on PVP, I feel. Not "General Discussion".
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