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  1. Ankhwearer

    Ship Anchored 300% resistance suggestion

    This should be posted in PVP, not General Discussion.
  2. Ankhwearer

    PVE Ship Spam - Excessive

    This should be posted in the PVE forum, not General Discussions.
  3. If their model is companies from Eve, then the problem you cite is also a problem for Eve. One that they just accept as a limit of that design.
  4. Ankhwearer

    Things that should NOT work like that.

    The saddle-torch is an artifact from ARK. A light that travels with you, on your mount, leaving hands free. Sure, it's not well rendered in Atlas. Is that your point?
  5. The complain is that it is hard to get to the FOY because of aimbots and OP trash. Are you talking about players, because that's what it looks like. Thus this LOOKS like a PVP complaint. But I was inviting you to make it not look like that by explaining more clearly. Anyway, doesn't matter now. The debuff was removed.
  6. Ankhwearer

    insta kill climbing picks

    Same problem. While using climbing picks on a slope, I was suddenly told my character died. Returning to that spot, there was no dead body, no death cache, no death marker in the sky. Will try to race to center of zone to see if my body is there. cheat TP I6 270752 -237012 6185 for location. UPDATE Went to the center of zone. No body there either. Well within the death cache delay timer.
  7. Ankhwearer

    Structure spam on islands

    There is absolutely space for a new player to build a base on the PVE lawless servers I have visited. Are they on the coast, generally no. But there is definitely room for new players. Not everyone spams foundations. And when they do, it's really their neighbors that complain, not the newcomers. And, for that matter, north of row 4 there aren't even enough residents to make spamming needed. Not even for the most land-selfish players. Never have been.
  8. Ankhwearer

    Gold Weight

    Two grams is ridiculously wrong for any coin weight. No coin could possibly weight two grams. Probably meant to say "two hundred".
  9. This looks like a PVP complaint. But it was posted in General.
  10. Again, this is NOT listed in the patch notes.
  11. No, never noticed it. I started on day one in a lawless territory. No one there talked about it. In 348 hours pf play, according to Steam. Sounds like apologetics. Even if I had read it, the game still needs to display the information IN THE GAME.
  12. Or an icon, like they do for conditions and weather. And I just did a word search in the patch notes for "freeport". Nothing about increased decay. But yes, I have been reading the patch notes. That's not really where you should be explaining how features work. That should be in-game documentation. But again, a few word searches for terms in my post are not popping this condition for ships in Freeports. Nor is this information in the Wiki. Add to my frustration that the Ramshackle Sloop didn't make it home either. So this will be my third time deep sea diving in three days. With the last schooner left in my fleet. But that's just going to have to wait until tomorrow. That's enough bullpucks for now. Finger's crossed.
  13. I learned, after filing an unnecessary bug report, that you will lose a ship if you anchor in a Freeport overnight. Freeports have increased ship decay and full planks will all fail after about eight hours. Unacceptable to have no icon or message or anything that tells you this in the game. After a long night of salvaging my first wreck I stopped off in a Freeport, too late in the real world to continue the five sectors to my home. If the game never tells you that you can't dock there overnight, that's a big penalty by which to learn. Especially for a solo player with no company. Two ships lost in two days. Level 52, playing since day one. How was I supposed to learn this?
  14. Of course PVE doesn't really need that encouragement. And seriously, since that will kill your ship that there is no in-game info about. That's pretty cruel.
  15. Even while anchored? Disappointing that there is no way to be told this in-game.