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  1. Ankhwearer

    Is there any in game support?

    My advice is to use a grapple hook. Vital tool when travelling about. That and climbing picks. But yes, your only option is to issue a support request and get the GMs to handle it if my advice does not work. Here is a post where Jat told a player to do this and the player reported that the GMs fixed the problem. So this does work for some issues.
  2. Ankhwearer

    Abandoned ships......please not again

    For PVE, Jat says to just write a support ticket. What you describe was the complaint in this post, Jat responded, and the OP says "problem solved" after GMs took care of it.
  3. Ankhwearer

    L6 Onocastle

    Yes, the islands assigned to many zones have changed. Onacastle is no longer a Temperate island in a tropical zone. I guess they decided to stop mixing biomes in their zones.
  4. Eve is a total failure?
  5. Ankhwearer

    Cannot rejoin or start new game

    I have waited an hour on the game loading screen. That Primal_GameData_BP takes 10-15 minutes to fill up and then once full it just hangs, never starting the game. Both for joining a new region and for trying to restart my game. Attempted several times (usually quitting after 20 minutes). I used Steam to verify my game files, but it reports no problems. I have only played four hours, starting a new character last night now that the game has reset. But before that haven't played in 6 weeks. Disappointing to return, but not to be able to play.
  6. Ankhwearer

    Kicked from EU PvE Server

    I'm getting this too. Haven't played in a month, but after my first session playing through, cannot re-log back in.
  7. Ankhwearer

    Macro-Alliance against chemB and [??] EU PvP

    Shouldn't this be posted on PVP?
  8. Ankhwearer

    Once again, this is NOT fun.

    As a solo player, I estimated that taming would NEVER be worth it. The time to find the good tame, tame it, level it, and then be very careful to keep it alive. I could probably just better use that time gathering resources. Especially so when your tame eventually dies. As they all do. If you don't like taming, don't do it. Or, if you have a bug report about the hit box for the elephant, then report a bug.
  9. Ankhwearer

    This meta is aids.....

    Why isn't this posted in PVP? Your concern isn't really a General Discussion that affects PVE players.
  10. Ankhwearer

    Breeding needs a drastic look at.

    Why is this in PVE and not General Discussions?
  11. Ankhwearer

    Ship Anchored 300% resistance suggestion

    This should be posted in PVP, not General Discussion.
  12. Ankhwearer

    PVE Ship Spam - Excessive

    This should be posted in the PVE forum, not General Discussions.
  13. If their model is companies from Eve, then the problem you cite is also a problem for Eve. One that they just accept as a limit of that design.
  14. Ankhwearer

    Things that should NOT work like that.

    The saddle-torch is an artifact from ARK. A light that travels with you, on your mount, leaving hands free. Sure, it's not well rendered in Atlas. Is that your point?
  15. The complain is that it is hard to get to the FOY because of aimbots and OP trash. Are you talking about players, because that's what it looks like. Thus this LOOKS like a PVP complaint. But I was inviting you to make it not look like that by explaining more clearly. Anyway, doesn't matter now. The debuff was removed.