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  1. I dunno. . . . . them be some weak patch notes. Still hopeful tho
  2. I'm sure that GS is happy to sacrifice one player to bring back thousands. Off to PVE Ark, or animal crossing or some shit, lol.
  3. Holy Santa Clause shit!
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas/comments/gw9h8y/tonight_was_a_painful_one_for_our_company_we/ I haven't played Atlas since early Feb. (Once I realized that you gave up officially, I moved on as well.) Tonight I was on Reddit, and came across the above story, which if you watch the youtube video they link further down in the comments, was actually amazing. Then the more I thought about it, my feelings of sadness for Dunkin and his family, turned into anger towards you sorry excuses for a development team. Your community that you built, made promises to, and let down time and time again right before you abandoned them completely to work on your dino game; DO YOU REMEMBER THAT COMMUNITY?!?!?! Well that community lost a member to a Global Pandemic. I'm sure there are others as well, but this is the one that I'm aware of, simply by reading through a community reddit. Maybe if any of your community mods were even paying attention, they could have seen the same and at least sent a shout out on Twitter or something. I can't begin to understand what is or isn't going on at GS, but you should be absolutely and undoubtedly ashamed of the way that you have treated the Atlas community. A community that used the forum that you provided, to hold a fkn memorial service for a father who loved playing YOUR GAME. A father, who's son logged into his account so that his company could build a tribute to him, and lay his character to rest. The son, who during the service mentioned that his dad used to tell him stories at the dinner table of how amazing his company mates were, or how bad they got raided that day. So while it's amazing that his father had Altas to use as an outlet, a way to have adventures and make friends, It's too bad that he never got to see where this game might eventually go. I really believe that your studio has lost sight of what's most important; Taking care of the people. If I were GS, I would take a long hard look at what kind of studio I have become.
  5. You're a PVE player, and are hence irrelevant to most discussions here. Plus anyone that uses the term "omegalul" should be kicked down a well.
  6. One of the first good ideas i've seen in awhile! It would need to be thought out a bit to limit the amount of exploiting this would give to companies like SDC, it shouldn't allow more than a few people from any company, maybe like you said, one of each basic crafting station, but less than half the storage space in those stations, and only 1 small box for storage. Disabled for any company with more than 8 members. Disabled for any company with ANY allies. Cost per 24 hour IRL timeframe should increase substantially for every 20 character levels or something. No tames storage. could become a very cool mechanic. FYI: this is coming from a member of a very large PVP company. I would just love to see a bit of a safety net for smaller companies, and new players. You HAVE to provide a gateway for new players. . . . or they just leave.
  7. gotta love when the blowhards act like the devs haven't neglected the Atlas Community. I truthfully really enjoy this game. But the continuous lack of actual content updates / improvements / and outright abandonment of the Atlas community has really driven a wedge between whether or not most people will pick this game back up. Most of the major PVP companies are merging smaller companies into themselves just to stay relevant as far as player count goes. Broken PVP mechanics, poor server performance, unbalanced defenses, limited ship build options / customization . . . just a few of the failures thus far.
  8. https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded We need Cedric to come to Atlas. This guy is legit. . . . . but instead we get the B Squad
  9. it's amazing that Peg can find the time to bash everyone on the forums and try to get them to come to PVE where the game is magically fixed and amazing. I guess his RP castle is already filled up with bears and crabs and other pointless shit that doesn't matter in PVE. Get back to painting one of the 3 types of boats you have.
  10. PVE players always come here and talk about the toxic community being cry babies. Meanwhile they sit in their RP castles raising baby bears and playing the drums. 2x weekend boosts are really running thin. This is NOT substitute for additional content, fixing BASIC gameplay mechanics, resolving performance issues, and COMMUNICATING WITH THE COMMUNITY. I mean jesus . . . even this update was half assed: we have some new things we are working on. . . kind of the same has some prior updates . . . we'll get to it next week and maybe get you a changelog once we decide what xmas changes we are going to revert and call it "retooled".
  11. so . . . you're going to make pvp even more unbalanced? a further reduction in nade damage? continue to ignore the same problems over and over?
  12. by the time they finish ark . . . . this topic will be so far down in the forums that it wont matter.
  13. lol, a company that studies the wind?!?! SIGN ME UP!! I can appreciate all of the feedback. I was only saying that having little pp wind for hours at a time . . . adds nothing to the game. just shorten the window of time before the wind changes strengths (not direction). You don't get more sea PVP when no one wants to sail for a couple hours because the wind is trash. the company that I'm in is quite large, and we end up using that time to farm. . . . . which i believe is what it says in the Atlas logo: Atlas: Farming simulator 2020 (also some sailing).
  14. and this is why you should ask your parents before getting on the internet. there are more game categories than just Battle Royal.
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