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  1. BurgsideTiger

    Combat phase too long

    There are a variety of ways to play this game, and have fun doing it. Building on lawless . . . . on the beach . . . . may not be for you. if you've truly moved on to other games, why drag this thread on for so many days, claiming that the community is begging for these changes, when really, you are the primary one here defending that point? stop naming your boat "here for salt", stop solo farming, work at figuring out a way to play that you actually enjoy. just because people raid you, doesn't make it the equivalent of molesting, as you stated before. maybe just go back to stardew valley . . . peaceful farming
  2. BurgsideTiger

    How about removing boats that are abusing bugs?

    Team Casualty is using this bugged out schooner. Not sure why we would avoid speaking the company name. Also true that they posted the vid on reddit . . . . no need to hide from it when it's clearly being allowed. I've lost a boat to it . . . . sux, but I'm a shitty cap, otherwise i should have taken it out, lol.
  3. BurgsideTiger

    Combat phase too long

    are you really so short sighted to think that those changes would stop anything? this is why you should load up a different game. In a game like Atlas, when the rules change, it only changes the way that large companies get around the rules. Dynamic peace timer . . . really? check out pvp NA/ A8 island. hasn't been claimed since the wipe, you know why? because the island is too big, costs too much, and provides no benefit. therefore it is agreed that larger companies simply use it for maps. you tell me how that fits in your "i'd make the game better by making it easier for solo players" dynamic.
  4. BurgsideTiger

    Combat phase too long

    9 hours, and you can't defend?!?! get more diverse company members bra, and stop blaming the game. its already easy mode. If it's still rough for you, there's always the PVE servers.
  5. BurgsideTiger

    Anchored ships should not sink

    so . . . . you want a PVP game made easier yet again?!? didn't you guys win the last bitch fest?
  6. BurgsideTiger

    Reduce hp for large shipyards maybe?

    aww . . . struck a nerve did i like everyone else. you want to find my island location, sail around.
  7. BurgsideTiger

    Reduce hp for large shipyards maybe?

    seems balanced currently. they are a deterrent, nothing more. if you cant figure out a way to destroy them, there is always PVE.
  8. BurgsideTiger

    Multi Server Types - A Change For Good

    i'm too lazy to go back and look . . . but if i recall, unless you are talking about a specific date and time, there were well over 1k players on the NA PVP server . . . even just the other day. gotta love when someone claims that megas NEVER fight other megas ( complete BS btw ), and someone else counters with a made up story about how they were so smart that they were able to rob on mega and get them to fight another mega, all while profiting in the background ( again, complete bs ). lol, let me guess . . . lawless and solo??!!!?!?
  9. and here, we have a great example on why not to post in the forums whilst drunk. honestly, if you're a pvp'er . . . you don't spend time on the forums arguing how good of a pvper you are. that exercise is reserved for pve'ers who will try pvp for 2 days . . . then log back into their boring pve server and complain about structure spamming. try as you might . . . you'll never convince anyone that you belong in pvp.
  10. BurgsideTiger

    Pre wipe ship battles

    lol, tiny companies are the reason the game is dead. enjoy it while it lasts. you got what you wanted.
  11. BurgsideTiger

    Question: what does it take to actually claim an Island

    I may have mis-represented here . . . . i haven't read the new change logs, and most likely won't until the 20th. So I stand corrected on this one.
  12. You and your fancy words. I actually enjoy smaller tribes / companies .. . . 25 or so members. I didn't have this experience in Atlas, but i hated Megas in Ark. It seemed like the same 5 -10 members were online all the time, and got too vested in completing the game before anyone else. I hate feeling like every time i log out, someone else beat the game for me. So I'd rather play with a good group of 25-ish ideally . . . and survive. It does appear that this is the vision behind some of these changes, so I am excited to see what happens. We may see people that start out in a mega tribe, break away and do their own thing with a new, smaller group. This will add a totally different angle to the way people play currently, which could be very cool. however, the point i was making is only that the majority of people complaining and demanding a wipe, won't stick around in the end either way. 30 days or less for most. It gets old reading the same posts over and over, "I want to play PVP, but don't raid me unless I'm ready, also don't steal my stuff in this RP castle that I built on the shore" . . . or the ever popular "there's nowhere to build, mega's ruin everything". Enki is an example of this, he knows it . . . which is why he lashed out, expanded on certain details, and thinks that he'll succeed just because of a server wipe, and 15 hours of PVE ONLY time. 106 posts later, and he still cant figure out why he has more Forum posts than PVP kills & Land Claims combined. But I'm sure those problems come from the unconfirmed ddosing, lol.
  13. yea, i didn't read your post . . . . .or most of the reply. After speed reading and seeing that you pretty much resort to name calling, and using rude vernaculars to try and prove some sort of point, I'm guessing that you'll last a week with the new system before going back to Apex. It's cool that your tox-ing up the forums tho. good luck with all that.
  14. BurgsideTiger

    Mortars vs Ships... the problem

    dude . . . OP is the kind of player that got old age de-buffs removed from the game anyway.
  15. BurgsideTiger

    New pvp changes are trash.

    not true . . . . this only makes foundation spamming a thing of the current. you didn't play much ark, so it may not be apparent to you . . . . but if you don't want others building near you, just throw down stone foundations like there's no tomorrow. problem solved. except it will make servers run like shit, resources wont respawn, it sucks in general. but at least you wont have mega tribes holding all the land, lol. Or you could stop trying to team up with the 5 friends you have outside the game, join a larger company and have fun and a life at the same time. I'll enjoy killing you with your own weapons at some point. there's a limit to how often you can declare war on an island, so there really isn't any point of making threats if you don't bother reading the change logs. your vacation time is safe.