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  1. BurgsideTiger

    lame game mechaniks.

    You're a PVE player, and are hence irrelevant to most discussions here. Plus anyone that uses the term "omegalul" should be kicked down a well.
  2. BurgsideTiger

    Freeport lodging

    One of the first good ideas i've seen in awhile! It would need to be thought out a bit to limit the amount of exploiting this would give to companies like SDC, it shouldn't allow more than a few people from any company, maybe like you said, one of each basic crafting station, but less than half the storage space in those stations, and only 1 small box for storage. Disabled for any company with more than 8 members. Disabled for any company with ANY allies. Cost per 24 hour IRL timeframe should increase substantially for every 20 character levels or something. No tames storage. could become a very cool mechanic. FYI: this is coming from a member of a very large PVP company. I would just love to see a bit of a safety net for smaller companies, and new players. You HAVE to provide a gateway for new players. . . . or they just leave.
  3. BurgsideTiger

    Update .. what happened

    gotta love when the blowhards act like the devs haven't neglected the Atlas Community. I truthfully really enjoy this game. But the continuous lack of actual content updates / improvements / and outright abandonment of the Atlas community has really driven a wedge between whether or not most people will pick this game back up. Most of the major PVP companies are merging smaller companies into themselves just to stay relevant as far as player count goes. Broken PVP mechanics, poor server performance, unbalanced defenses, limited ship build options / customization . . . just a few of the failures thus far.
  4. BurgsideTiger


    https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded We need Cedric to come to Atlas. This guy is legit. . . . . but instead we get the B Squad
  5. BurgsideTiger

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    it's amazing that Peg can find the time to bash everyone on the forums and try to get them to come to PVE where the game is magically fixed and amazing. I guess his RP castle is already filled up with bears and crabs and other pointless shit that doesn't matter in PVE. Get back to painting one of the 3 types of boats you have.
  6. BurgsideTiger

    Upcoming Patch and Happy Lunar New Year.

    PVE players always come here and talk about the toxic community being cry babies. Meanwhile they sit in their RP castles raising baby bears and playing the drums. 2x weekend boosts are really running thin. This is NOT substitute for additional content, fixing BASIC gameplay mechanics, resolving performance issues, and COMMUNICATING WITH THE COMMUNITY. I mean jesus . . . even this update was half assed: we have some new things we are working on. . . kind of the same has some prior updates . . . we'll get to it next week and maybe get you a changelog once we decide what xmas changes we are going to revert and call it "retooled".
  7. BurgsideTiger

    Upcoming Patch and Happy Lunar New Year.

    so . . . you're going to make pvp even more unbalanced? a further reduction in nade damage? continue to ignore the same problems over and over?
  8. BurgsideTiger


    by the time they finish ark . . . . this topic will be so far down in the forums that it wont matter.
  9. BurgsideTiger

    Let's talk about this wind

    lol, a company that studies the wind?!?! SIGN ME UP!! I can appreciate all of the feedback. I was only saying that having little pp wind for hours at a time . . . adds nothing to the game. just shorten the window of time before the wind changes strengths (not direction). You don't get more sea PVP when no one wants to sail for a couple hours because the wind is trash. the company that I'm in is quite large, and we end up using that time to farm. . . . . which i believe is what it says in the Atlas logo: Atlas: Farming simulator 2020 (also some sailing).
  10. BurgsideTiger

    Save Atlas with a battle royale

    and this is why you should ask your parents before getting on the internet. there are more game categories than just Battle Royal.
  11. BurgsideTiger

    Offline protection

    single player brah. if you can't hack it in PVP, don't come and whine on the forums. I've had the same brig for weeks now. No issues. I haven't logged in for almost 2 days. I'm sure it's still fine.
  12. BurgsideTiger

    Let's talk about this wind

    I want to preface by saying: I am not looking for some kind of unlimited, non-challenge, unchanging wind meta. Overall, wind adds a level of complexity to ship pvp and such . . and i absolutely do not want to see that go away. Now . . . . . WTF is the point in having such slow wind, that a large speed sail underweight brig or gally doesn't go more than 6-8 knots *****FOR HOURS AT A TIME*****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? I can understand not having top tier wind that makes sailing so easy that you can get from tile to tile in no time flat. But how in the world do you expect players to stay engaged in a sailing game, when there are such long periods of time that sailing is (at times) the most boring aspect of the game???? Didn't I see a prior post where Grapeshot listed a pie chart showing where they wanted people to actually be spending most of their time? DIDN'T I SEE THAT SAILING WAS ONE OF THOSE KEY METRICS?!?!!? Is this GS' way of accomplishing that goal? Current Case Study: I have been logged into NA PVP server for the last 2 hours. Logged in with the worst wind roll you can get. So I thought . . . . well, I'll re-outfit my brig and wait for the wind to change. IT WAS 2 AND A HALF HOURS AGO!!! The wind is JUST NOW starting to change strength. I completely understand the slow wind metric. I do not agree with or understand why Grapeshot would allow the wind to stay consistently bad for over 2 hours. Maybe have the wind re-roll every 20 mins? This needs addressed among the 100's of other aspects of the game that are 'ALMOST THERE' but you stopped working on because . . . Ark.
  13. BurgsideTiger

    Combat phase too long

    There are a variety of ways to play this game, and have fun doing it. Building on lawless . . . . on the beach . . . . may not be for you. if you've truly moved on to other games, why drag this thread on for so many days, claiming that the community is begging for these changes, when really, you are the primary one here defending that point? stop naming your boat "here for salt", stop solo farming, work at figuring out a way to play that you actually enjoy. just because people raid you, doesn't make it the equivalent of molesting, as you stated before. maybe just go back to stardew valley . . . peaceful farming
  14. BurgsideTiger

    How about removing boats that are abusing bugs?

    Team Casualty is using this bugged out schooner. Not sure why we would avoid speaking the company name. Also true that they posted the vid on reddit . . . . no need to hide from it when it's clearly being allowed. I've lost a boat to it . . . . sux, but I'm a shitty cap, otherwise i should have taken it out, lol.
  15. BurgsideTiger

    Combat phase too long

    are you really so short sighted to think that those changes would stop anything? this is why you should load up a different game. In a game like Atlas, when the rules change, it only changes the way that large companies get around the rules. Dynamic peace timer . . . really? check out pvp NA/ A8 island. hasn't been claimed since the wipe, you know why? because the island is too big, costs too much, and provides no benefit. therefore it is agreed that larger companies simply use it for maps. you tell me how that fits in your "i'd make the game better by making it easier for solo players" dynamic.