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    Hello everybody! My wife and I play ATLAS since its release in December. It was the first game in years, which we both enjoyed equally. We both like different aspects of the game. I love the exploring with the ship. I really like the mechanic how to steer the ships. Discovering a new island with different flora and fauna is awesome. I remeber the first time I saw Yeties and I just reasently discovered a desert with cactus and stuff. She enjoys a lot the taming and breeding and running around with the animals. I loved creating a home for us (the building part) and providing stables and ressources for her animals. We have a small prt of a small Island, we call our home, which we improve weekly and increase our "zoo". We play on PvE because we are not interested in fighting. We enjoyy the Robinson Crusoe part :-) Normally I am not so much of someone that writes in forums, especially because I am a product manager in a computer gaming company and I know, it mostly doeesn't reach the decision makers. But I would like to mention the 2-3 things I wish they will not happen and one thing I actually would like reversed. It feels like the game is getting easier and easier and you take away so many challenges. It shouldn't be so fast to achieve everything. That takes away the feeling of accomplishment. Please do NOT let everybody spawn on any server or even island. Rather make it more difficult to reach certain region of the world. Don't let everybody get a Ramshakle Sloop from freeports (in 5-10 min). It was sooo much fun sailing of with the raft into the polar reagion and finding an excluded island. The wolves were crazy hard but after 100 attempts haveing a little cottage, that was safe from the wolves felt so great. We had bears on the island but no way of taming them because we had no honey. So we build a ship and I sailed out to find an island with honey to get it back to my wife for taming. I went from island to island. I was searching and asked people if they have seen bees and honey. After days I finally found honey. After some struggle with lions and crocodiles I managed to harvest some and sailed back to the arctic, where my wive tamed our first bear. Now you can tame with anyberry and makes it easy with the 2x taming weekends. Everybody has a bear by now. Where is the challenge? Same thing was for Giraffes: Finding wild beet, getting seeds, growing beet and taming a giraffe felt sooo rewarding. Using any vegetable feels like cheating and not special. By now you can find almost all ressources you need on every island. To encourage trading and exploring the islands should only provide the basic ressources and 1-2 special one. This would get people to interact and wander the whole world. The change, that is supposed to happen, that makes me the most sad is the removal of the clam flags. It felt great to have a place, that is yours. Our little paradise. Having a small piece of land, that you can call "home" is needed in this kind of game. Building a base is a big part of the game. We would like to have a garden and nature surrounding it, too. We want to create something inviting for other players as well. With the new system it will never be home and surrounding nature is impossible. Either people could build right next to you or it is spammed with pillars and/or foundations. Please give every player just 1 area (claim), where they can build their little paradise - their home. The wipe hurts but please let us keep the game, we enjoyed so many hours. Let us have a little home; reinstate challenges! My apologies, if it sounds like whining but I needed to say, what we feel about the upcoming changes. Maybe some who can do something about it (the product manager) hears about it. Kind regards Klaus Störtebeker EU PvE
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    Just wanted to chime in here to let you guys know we are actively reading the threads, our discord servers, tweets, reddit posts, etc. We consume feedback from every where and not one place takes a priority over another. Typically we tend to do our big announcement/changes over our Captain's Log, as we're able to funnel people into one location where they can see what we're planning. As for the PvE specific feedback, we are discussing as a team, based on the feedback and suggestions you've provided about our initial proposal and we're open to making changes. So certainly keep it coming as we do appreciate it Edit: Dollie beat me to the punch . I am hoping that we'll be able to share more info with you guys soon, based on what we decide to do but you have all certainly raised some valid concerns over the past few days.
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    We're certainly reading the threads here and taking notes. I've been predominantly communicating through our Official Discord as we gather feedback from players as it's more of a "live" environment where there's a natural flow of conversation. That's not to imply that feedback via Discord is taking priority over feedback posted here, just that I'm less likely to post conversationally here as I read. Thank you for all of your input, guys.
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    Rule #1 - Respect the other members of the community. There are a lot of issues in the game and with the proposed changes to discuss. If your post is more about making fun of, yelling at, bossing around the other members of the community than it is about discussing the game, your post isn't adding any value to any discussion, and is probably in violation of the Articles of Agreement. It gets old seeing people coming in here just to call others whiners, drag in US political stances, assume a lot of crap about people's ages and backgrounds, and make generalizations about generations. It's one thing to disagree with someone's game ideas and post your reasons why, but what's the point in posting just to personally bash some other player? In the entire history of the world, has it ever done any good telling an upset person to chill or calling them names? Some of these exchanges have been really good, and you can tell people are hot tempered on the subjects, but they keep talking about the game and not each other, and a lot of good info comes out of that. When it's purely personal attacks, nobody gets anything from it. It's just a useless waste of everybody's time. If Dollie ends up shutting them down, we'll lose all the good parts of the threads too just because someone felt like acting up.
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    I'm wondering how many of you that are whining about the wipe have even watched the live stream, read the patch notes, or will even partake in the public testing on the designated servers when they go live? Yeah I guess by todays standards on video games-im considered old. I've gamed for the last 20+ years. I can just imagine how you guys woulda handled the earlier MMO's when it took you 8-10 hours of camping a solitary mob to get one update. You died repeatedly. Had to run back to areas that took some time to get to. I'm honestly looking forward to the changes. Yeah no claim flags on PVE. But before I start bitching about that i'm gonna give it a chance to see how it plays out. You guys are assuming the worst without even seeing it in the game context. For all you know the repair structure might be the size of a claim flag that will give a no build radius without the ugly red circles that cover the map. Sorry but there was a shit ton of problems that needed to be fixed- Grandfathered in flags that weren't claimable at all. Abandoned Ships that probably wouldn't be able to take any new decay settings since the flags didn't go through with all the changes. Claim timers to long or to short. People losing bases due to claim flag screw ups/overlapping. Ocean flags taxing sotd kills. Balancing Multivitamins-easier to die then eat food. Fountain of Youth issues Treasure maps going to tax banks Not enough sea area to build a shipyard. Not enough land due to people needing to have 100's of flags. No one wanted to pay rent to live on other peoples land-they chose to live on lawless instead. People hated the tax rates. Lag from 100's of abandoned ships/shipyards Crewmembers contesting claims so they were essentially uncontestable since things go into stasis if you don't log in. You can't tell me that after 4 days of trying to take a flag that the crewmembers on a ship still have food-when no one has logged into that area for over 24 days. That's just a few of the things I can think of offhand at the moment. Wah fucking Wah that your big base will get wiped. {Hey I farmed 30k organic paste, the stone and the metal to make my base) Cry me another fucking river. Or the wall of behemoth gates will be gone. I honestly hope they up the cost on the behemoth gates. Yeah i'm sure some Asians will foundation bomb areas. But hey they wanna take the time to upkeep each and every foundation they drop. More power to them. Eventually they'll get bored or the new latest and greatest game will come out. I have better things to do with my time and other grids to sail to. The majority of you people whining that you'll quit with a wipe. Please do just that. But I'm guessing you'll be back as soon as the patch goes live. The attention seeking behavior is getting kinda old. If you don't like official changes. Go to a private server. Hell they are bringing out a small map for you to play on. You can run your own personal Atlas map on your own comp and set it so its so freaking easy you'll burn the game out in a few days. Honestly i'm looking forward to the population increase. Most grids I sail to only have 1-2 active people on them anymore with the exception of lawless servers. I've had land, lost land, had ships, lost ships, had tames, watched tames die. Put over 900 hours in this game to date. I've been through the good, the bad and the ugly. Welcome to the real world. Shit Happens. I don't like my real life neighbors. I have a choice. Move or suck it up and deal with it. Sometimes my bank account gets overdrawn, my car breaks down, the weather is bad and I can't drive. You don't see me slashing my wrists every time shit goes sour. Aww you paid $30 for a game that wipes the map. Grow up and put your big girl panties on or move along. Plenty of other games you can play. So you spent a whole 300-400 hours building your base with the real world crap going on. If your microwave breaks after the warranty expires-you go buy a new one. Same shit applies here. No matter what changes they make. A portion of the population will never be happy with them. /end rant
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    We too remember how our journey began with a smile. First - we headed to some desert regions. We didn't find any free land to settle. Once we found an island where there were NO structures at all. We thought we lucky... but then, when we went ashore there were like 50 wild animals at once attacked us, and crocks even followed and attacked us on a raft! Bad luck... we were running from there full sails : ) And then landed at peaceful tundra's shore. There were tough days... we HAD TO spend all nights inside of our temporary building (because we were dying of cold), and during daytime we were building our firs ship. Then far south travel for saps... and because there was so difficult to gather it (due to crazy wild animals), we gathered just enough to build a fur armor for ourselves (then we made two storage fulfilled with saps). After a while through trial and error we made it to nice and safe existence. It was our great adventure. It start with two trembling guys and ended with a bright and peaceful village shining through the night (we even built guest piers with unlocked houses, tannery and unlocked trap for a bears here : ) And we provide a ppl a honey if they don't have one and trying to tame high lvl bear). We always called the place "for those strong in spirit" but... well... DEVs did huge job to turn this place for wimps. It's like betray hard rock and turn yourself to pop : ) We love our Tundra so much so we will settle there again after a wipe : ) But I guess there wont be that adventure between life and death anymore. We only hope after a wipe all players will head to southern regions so we could look for a good place in renewed eastern Tundra : )
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    Please refrain from taking part in early access games. It is only for adults.
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    Renamed the thread in the interest of fairness due to the fact that both Jat and Dollie have popped into the thread. 3/4 -The vast majority of the people DESPISE the land claim changes on PvE. Being unable to protect the resources from griefers, being unable to protect yourself from griefers deciding that they don't want anyone building within a half islands worth of distance, ugly pillars and foundations everywhere, people griefing the hell out of ships and blocking harbors, plus blocking you from ever expanding your base by builkding as close as possible on either side of you - hell, they already did that with the claim overlaps as it was, and now EVERYWHERE is going to be like that? - A portion of the people hate the idea of the wipe, yeah, I know it's necessary due to land changes and because of the rampant dupeing going on, as well as to re-test the new settings. However, right now, a large portion of the apprehensions isn't just losing what they've worked for, its also fear that this means wipes on a semi-regular basis, so why bother doing everything, again - especially with the land system being so completely against what 95% of the players want, they are going to expect another wipe in a couple months to try again. -Playershops in settlements on PVP, but PVE just gets freeport vendors. Seriously? WTF? This idea has been floated multiple times on both here and reddit, and the general consensus was that PvE players liked it, but PvP players responses were 'Cool, but pointless, we don't trade and would just blow each others shops up anyway." -Abandoned ships still not getting mentioned as any solution found for them. Again, seriously? Yay! The wipe will take care of them, but what about all the ships from the people week 1 after the wipe, who decide to try it again, and realize that the new system is just Ark griefing all over again and quit after a week? (Yeah, the last two are somewhat minor compared to the first one, but, it is something that has time to be changed) I know that the devs enjoy the PvP side of things, and are in contact with a few of the megas over there, but there is another 50% (give or take) of people playing your game on PvE. Let me introduce you to them. (Say Hi, guys). We are the PvErs, we're generally the ones who prefer a low-key playstyle, without being griefed, and without being forced to worry about play schedules. That doesn't mean that we don't play the hell out of games that hold our interest, for 300, 500, 700, 1000 hours+ in 2 months...and recruit our friends/significant others to play those games with us. We build - you guys must love seeing our buildings, you post them on the community spotlight, but these changes, and the upkeep decay, are going to prevent that, because some douchecanoe can just block us from building that last wing of our 12th century japanese fishing port recreation, or our dock and pirate village, complete with shops that have signs, counters, everything but actual traders. We trade - Some of us joined the game to be pirates, and fight SotD all day (Thanks for the new types, btw). Some of us joined the game to be traders, wanting to travel the world for rare and exotic resources and tames, and bringing them back to our base that was designed and built to be a trading port, land to sell at a profit to our neighbors, or to be the one stop shop that sells high end goods to people from the surrounding areas...but we don't even get player shops on our lands, and with no claims, anyone can build a base anywhere, to get any resource, or just go to the closest freeport. We explore - Unfortunately, if you choose to be a builder, the upkeep costs are going to make you a farmer instead of an explorer. We socialize - We're on official because yes, we want the full map, but also because thats where the population is, or at least should be. But, if no one is coming by to trade, and if the overall population drops even lower due to the claim changes and people who get fed up with griefing, then there will be no one to socialize with. Grapeshot, the uproar on these boards isn't because we hate the game, we love it. We're also the ones who spend 300, 500, 1000+ hours playing on PvE. You guys have a dedicated, passionate playerbase that a lot of other devs would kill for. A player base that has been telling their friends about the game, but telling them to wait to get it, because it is so close to being so badass. A player base who wants you to listen to them, and what they've seen and wished for over their literally millions of hours of playtime over the last 2 months. You said a month or so ago, that you guys heard us. With all due respect, you may have heard, but you didn't listen. You HEARD the complaints over land claim, and decided to exercise the nuclear option and got rid of claims entirely, instead of actually LISTENING to people and finding a reasonable way to limit those claims. (even 10 per company with <25 members, 25 for companies of 25-100 members and 50 for companies with 100+ people would have more than enough land for people, and left a huge amount of open areas for new players - especially with the extra 200+ islands coming)
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    So why can't pve have the settlement system and player shops like the pvp server just remove the raid vulnerabilitie time.
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    I am missing one key aspect of the pirate fantasy and that is stealing ships. Of course it would suck to come online and your ships are not only destroyed but even worse, they are stolen. So here is my idea: Every ship is claimable like it is now but with one change. If the ship is not anchored, the further away it is from any coastline the less time is required to claim a ship. So from the current default time of several hours down to 1 hour minimum if in open waters. If a claim occurs in open water the default of 1 hour is increased/decreased by +-10% for every crew member the defending group differs from the attacker. The moment a claim flag is placed on a ship it can't be scuttled and parts cannot be demolished. For example: If the defending ship has 5 crew member (npc, tame or player) and the attackers get on board with 5 members aswell it is evened out and the claim time will be 1 hour. If the attackers have 6 members on board. The claim time is reduced by 10%. (Of course the numbers are just an example more or less might be better/worse) So what does that mean? Finally we can board enemy ships and steal them. It would require a lot of skill and strategy. This would open up new strategies and possibilities for PvP and Roleplay. Your ships would still be safe in your harbor because of the insane amount of claim time. I have never seen a ship without crew in open waters. So it would bring a new aspect to PvP. Not only stealing a ship. But what about stealing it back? I would love to board enemy ships, fight on the deck, kill the crew to get an advantage over the other crew. If this is a viable strategy, it could change PvP fights. Would love to see rope shots for ballistas to actually attach your ship to the opponents (but that might be too much) So what do you guys think?
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    tou cant wipe characters people has already spend 1000+hours ingame even tho you server wipe thats fine! but characters! thats too much what was the point of playing till now then! you need to let people keep their lvl/discorvery points if you want them to keep playing otherwise you will lose over half your numbers playing your game!
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    Probably one of the weirdest things I've seen is a community that thought a game system was less broken then the devs did. Players were hoping for another iteration of tweaks and modest changes like either flag limits or upkeep on flags Devs scrapped the whole shebang to start over
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    If I understand this wipe correctly, this is like when God cast out the flood upon the face of Earth. What good will come from it? I agree that there are things that require a fix but fixing them by chaotically destroying everything from the server is just taking the "lazy" route. (I helped by translating this post and I was very bored since I cannot play Atlas right now until the update...)
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    No Claim on PVE server! I was in the game 50 days and 2 of us couldn't find single spot to claim. Following that experience it is better without claim and if you really play you will log in often and your buildings will not decay.
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    Your title is click baity as fuck considering the main complaint is that people don't want to lose progress they earned themselves. No one is asking for free shit here. There will always be problems in the game and many of those will be questionably worth a wipe to some people but that doesn't mean a wipe should occur every time something is messed up. This is a product of laziness on the developments part. Not wanting address the problems with precision and choosing nuke everything for the sake of making their jobs easier. What happens when islands are changed again or new biomes are added again. Should this dictate more wipes and cause players to lose hours and hours of discoveries, tames, buildings, ships, etc...? The developers could reassign existing discoveries to new islands and recycle things in a way where at the very least "pathfinders" do not have to be wiped.
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    I am starting to think people should have to answer a questionnaire before participating in EA. There will probably be multiple wipes before full release and once the game is "released" it will be wiped again. Did you guys think they would release the game and force all the new players to compete against companies that have 2 years of infrastructure in place?
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    Guess Im done with this game then, oh well. I sailed for weeks to find a claimed piece of land, worked my ass off to build what I had. It was a great game while it lasted. Thank god I only paid 20 bucks for it.
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    All on PvE Official. Here's a few i found in my box of too many for this week! Another sleepless night in the cabin, i wonder how the seas will fare tonight? Thanks!
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    Lawless servers were stabilizing. Every day I saw fewer with hostile spam and more where people were working together. The fixes needed are modest, not massive
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    For Sooth! Pray thee this generation dost not hardship know. Why, whenst their age were I, struggles were true. This, Electricity generation, having conveniences of Ether Lamps and Horseless conveyance has rendered unto a firmness of feebility!
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    So the fix for the PvE claim system is to remove it completely and have a lawless system all over the map. Which leads to pillar and foundation spamming. And base griefing. How to fix the Problem Right 1. Sea Claims Removed 2. 2 Claims per ACTIVE player in Company. 3. Extra Islands 4. Bans for players spamming pillars, foundations, and blocking resources. 5. Lawless Zones COMPLETELY unbuildable except for dry docks.
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    So, wait -- You can tell him he has "an ass for a face," but he can't refer to you with a shit emoji? Lmao.
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    When running around doing discoveries and corpse runs, this would add a new layer of usefulness to the map. Please upvote!
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    Not interested in a server wipe, i've played EU PvE solo since day one, if it got wiped i'll be ending my experience at that point. It's difficult to tell for a company how much a wipe or no wipe would impact the overall playerbase tbh.