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  1. Yeah~ They don't have a single player system first. Because it's a very small company with few employees. The employees who managed the game in the early days are now in Ark 2.
  2. You have to complete the ship at the shipyard before you re-connect. If you re-connect, the shipyard disappears, but the ship remains. Not only the shipyard but also the mod building disappears. I hope it will be revised as soon as possible.
  3. I played the game as you explained. It works for now. But there seems to be a problem with mod (Some structures also disappear after re-connection) I hope the normal patch will be made as soon as possible.
  4. The single player's data doesn't save! I have to create a new character every time log on. Is this also a game? Incompetent developers...
  5. So, are you saying that single players have to convert their images and play games?
  6. Laughing~ hahahaha Blackwood map failed. You're going to make another little map? The dog on the street must be laughing.
  7. 1. Character Stets Initialization Inoperative 2. Animal disappearance when moving the grid 3. All blue print items disappear after reconnecting <RemoveItemsOverCraftingSkillBonus> Doesn't matter
  8. Everything's good~ When are you going to update the localization file?
  9. Before I write, I want to tell the developer that Atlas is not an ark. Trade? Well...Will the trade work well after some time when there are no people? The first thing that should be the concept of Atlas is, I think it's a territory and a community that belongs to it. Right now, alliance with the company. Or you can do many things with a single company. Atlas also thinks that games related to piracy should be a key point, not a company or a company, but a territory and a person belonging to that territory. I think a person who settles on an island based on an occupied island should automatically ally with the island's owner and form a community on that island and become a friction with other islands to be the basic framework of a real pirate game. The islanders are dealing with each other, helping each other in PVP situations. However, if you play pvp, you should not simply play a ground war like now, but you should have other acquisitions. If someone kills someone with a common token-like concept, they get tokens. You can return the schedule from the island owner with that token, or you can exchange it for drawings or ship accessories at a free port. --------------- There are three to ten people on an occupationable grid. 20 to 30 lawlessness? You know you're not good enough, right? I want to change the game with some really brilliant ideas.The company that made Atlas is incompetent. ------ps When does the localized file work again? The localized files that were converted before the market update do not work after the update.What the hell~ I'm really disappointed that there's not a single developer who can answer this localization.
  10. Are you a fool? The first person to play the game on the official server is making a collection of gold coins from Brigantine's belly? Yes? You're a fool. Why do we have to limit what we can do in the game? Keep in mind that the trade content and the gold coins on the ship were designed by someone as incompetent and lousy as begging for money on the street.
  11. But before the market update, warehouses and farms were generally seen. After the market update, they are all invisible. Dev is really incompetent... Also, language files are always months slow to update. Maybe the market will be localized next year? I am Korean
  12. So... is the localized file updated on this patch? 412.5 The localization program does not work after the patch.
  13. In order for Atlas to be more advanced than the ark game, there must be a story with the main character, like many other games, and there must be an NPC force, not a war between people. Without thinking about this, developers can only say that simply making it a pirate game is a lack of ability.skull and bones I heard it will be made into a drama, but developers need to work harder.
  14. only~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WildPirateCamp on~sp mod
  15. Localization.exe is gone!Somebody please explain this to me.
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