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  1. In order for Atlas to be more advanced than the ark game, there must be a story with the main character, like many other games, and there must be an NPC force, not a war between people. Without thinking about this, developers can only say that simply making it a pirate game is a lack of ability.skull and bones I heard it will be made into a drama, but developers need to work harder.
  2. mishma

    Do the silos not work for single player

    only~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WildPirateCamp on~sp mod
  3. mishma


    Localization.exe is gone!Somebody please explain this to me.
  4. I am playing in single player mode.This change system is not active. I can't see the icon, and if you press the Captain's command key,The game will be forced out. Is it an official error?I want someone to fix it quickly.
  5. mishma

    Bear cargo saddle sound bug...

    I experienced the same error. Finally my bear was slightly airborne during the voyage through this error, and after re-connection my bear evaporated.
  6. PVE's new island point system eventually failed.So there's no more people playing games than ever before. or on an island without a host of more than 50 points.Or there are more people in the lawless world. You guys need to reset it again? If we'd created an island-ownership system, at least we'd have to separate the non-aligned and allied taxes.It has to be distinguished. Non-Aligned 0 to 50Alliance Fixed 5 Store Tax 5Lawless users pay 20% of the store tax.The alliance can apply from the flag of the island's owner, if accepted.Building availabilityAlso, the developers should have made this. Structure where stores can be placed spaced by interval When the owner builds a store through this structure, the islanders use it to build a store. It's a deal. So every store is comfortable near its owner's flag, and it's easy for others to use.It's like the front part of the video you've created.It's a small town, you idiots Do you think there are people who play games far away because they just care about territory?
  7. mishma

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    Then, do you think it's better to delete the game and reinstall it?
  8. It's still a pirate game, but there's nothing about ships, just animals
  9. mishma

    New Ships

    It should have come out in the early days.It's too late. But it's a good idea.More custom items must be provided.The ships in Atlas today are so unglamorous.My dream was to have a cool ship like Black Pearl. Powerstone and Kraken, deep down...Games should always have a purpose. We're sailing for a better ship design.
  10. mishma

    Is there anyone in Atlas? a sneer

    Aren't you the kind of psychotic who puts up hundreds of columns and foundations? How come you have such strong faith in the developer? a sneer atThis game is already wrong. There's something I say a lot in Korea."Escape is the order of intelligence."
  11. Let's just make the current flag radius a little bit smaller and use it as a single person. The best system is to increase the radius and number of flags as the number of employees increases.Who are the developers sponsored by?What kind of moron thought of the owner and slave system of the island?Did the sponsor order you to delete the alliance system?Why do you keep turning this good Atlas game into a psychopathic game? I really don't understand.Really, the developers here are happy to make money easily.. Korean game companies are very crazy about money. I've been trying to figure out how to make a cache item all day. The developers here are not greedy, they're not talented...
  12. Even if it's not Blizzard's Cinematic quality,There should be at least one in-game video from the story... Am I expecting too much from them? Smile
  13. The flag's coming back? So the more people we have, the wider the radius of the flag is?One man's territory and ten company men's territory.Same thing? The developers are so stupid. haha
  14. I'm catching Kraken alone!It's a big hit! I have to collect 9 Power Stone alone!This big game! Atlas! Can I do it all by myself?I do not need an alliance! hahaIs this a sound? Developers are also very ... frustrated