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  1. Dauthiatull

    Rethink the Road Map

    "the areas we think should be the most fun" and thats the issue. you (grapeshot) are not playing the game we are. no matter what you do the land game will not go away or diminish. no matter what you add ships will be limited and insecure. also farming taiming, mass cooking/crafting, resource storage will be on land. big bases will be needed forever and as long as they do land battles will be more profitable. unless we get aircraft carriers that we can build huge bases on the land game will always take priority. the more you nerf the land game the closer you get to the end of life for this game
  2. Dauthiatull

    patch note for 404.6?

    what did 404.6 fix?
  3. Dauthiatull

    Maps difficulty been increased

    do you have a link to said statement?
  4. Dauthiatull

    Do the silos not work for single player

    um what?
  5. Do the silos not work for single player ?