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  1. engraverwilliam

    Lost a bear into the sea

    This is a non-issue. (animal poofing bug no withstanding) Always tame breed backup animals. Never ride your best animals into battle. Keep then at your base safe. Then if you lose an animal..it sucks, but you will be back in action. You may find your lost animal later... But if it is gone, you just move on. Tracking systems should not be in this game. You must always keep track of how many animals you have on board, take inventory every time you grid when traveling with animals. Adapt overcome. It is a game with an ocean. Sometime crap falls overboard never to be seen again....
  2. engraverwilliam

    it's the little things!

    Make rope ladders and rigging swing a bit with the sway of the ship. Small amount of taking on water during large storms..UNLESS you have cannon ports closed and cabin doors close and no openings on the top deck. Oiled rain coat and slickers to keep players, Captain and Lieutenant dry or at least 10% wet during rain. More splinters and smoke when hit by cannon balls! Have animals on board the ship at least do their nervious or flee animation when the boat is being hit by cannon fire. Elephants stomping, rhinos lashing back and forth, bears growling..no reall changes from what they are doing now but animals wouldnt just be sitting there
  3. engraverwilliam

    SotD revamp!

    A suggestion: Make the Sotd the same types of boats we the players have (Schooner, Brig, Galleons) except be glowy and be crewed by AotD! If you do not want to have them follow the wind rules, this is fine. Keep the same pathing or whatever. However, having the ships be like ours they would be vulnerable to sinking like ours. Also they would be vulnerable to boarding! One tactic for winning against these ships would be boarding. You get on board and have to fight the AotD then fight the captain boss. Once the Captain boss is taken out, the AotD stop fighting and become capture-able for a short period of time. they will follow you to a cage...one timer runs out they become volatile and will try to kill you again. Captured crew are to be kept in a cage for (server's taming rate time) for them to turn back to actual NPCs that you can hire. Successfully captured ships turn into a bare-bones standard version of the ship you where fighting. Severely down on all HPs needing lots of hammering to bring back to good condition...(schooner with sails common cannons and a wheel only for example) maybe with a chest with the blueprints in it. Destroyed SotD would drop Flotsom and crew (would still need to captured and hold them to turn them back) At the very least let us fight our same type of boats! these sci-fi things are dumb. Having the ships pop up from the depths and arrive at the surface instead of just popping into existence would be bad ash too.
  4. engraverwilliam

    Buff for the pathfinder/character

    this system is broken. we just kill ourselves when the food and vits get out of whack. we have dying boxes on our ships to store your stuff so you can just jump overboard, respawn...good to go! We did the whole food thing for a while but it got tedious. I love the concept what they tried to do, but it was poorly done. I would definitely love to see a revamp of the whole food system...including specialty foods for your animals and NpCs.
  5. engraverwilliam


    make sure yo have food and a larder and a resource box with gold on board our vessel. As mentioned above make sure you level all npcs to level 2 min.
  6. engraverwilliam

    destroying player ship PvE

    get off official people! Find a community to play on with active admins and this problem will never exist. any admin can: cheat givetargettome cheat destroymytarget boat gone. There are several top rated servers out there on atlasserverlist find one configured to your liking and actually have some fun! We like Lost Tropolis. Since Wife and Me and the rest of our little company moved off official, it has been soo liberating!!
  7. engraverwilliam

    NOTHING is fixed

    git gud edit: when you leave the freeport in your little tub, get to the first possible island you can get to. make a bed or have one ready to place. Level up on that island until you can make a medium ship yard and make a schooner, or heck even a better sloop. make a small house to put a smithy and such in. Single player was always an experiment in a beta game meant for online at it's core. My single player game is always breaking. I found it better to just find yourself an established server someplace and play on that. If you want to be alone, there are lots of empty servers out there. you cant say they never fixed anything with the last patch if you only played for such a short time.
  8. engraverwilliam


    Everyone needs to go on the ARk Steampunk mod workshop page and tell the guys to port over his mod to atlas. Atlas is the perfect setting for steampunk
  9. Picture this, You destroy a Sod and gain a Jib sail attachment. This attachment can be placed in a newly added figurehead inventory. The sail Jib attachments would have different abilities and be of the different tiers common-fine etc. Abilitties would include: ----Stabilizer ....Sail straight during a storm without being pulled off course and reduce the damage the pilot takes when traveling through a water spout. ----Pivoting ....fast stationary pivoting when the ship is at zero knots. ---Backing ...faster ship backing speeds ---Slipstream ...adds % to overall speed when tacking into the wind with yellow/orange sails I think that it would be vitally important that a common craftable one only add cosmetic Jib sails. That all attachments would be drop only.
  10. engraverwilliam

    Warrior of the Damned are too strong

    Use lions and wolves to send in first then wade in with your mace if you like doing things the macho way. If not just get a Bear. build a bed nearby as sometime they will knock you right off the bear and kill you. Again you can still use lesser tames to soften up the group. Or billboards and fire grenades. if you use fire arrows shoot the ground in front of them it will do more damage. Good luck
  11. Turn this game into a proper MMO! Add 200-300 Unique artifacts into the game. tie them to quests throughout the world. Have quest givers request these items in return for loot but also the important thing that MMOs do not do anymore FACTION Set up 3 factions surrounding some sort of lore in the Atlas world. The Atlantians, The royals, the Pirates and the Privateers. (or whatever it really doenst matter what you title the factions) Replace Sod with ships belonging to these different factions. Have cities controlled by these factions that can be flipped by doing Propaganda quests en mass. Killing one faction brings favor to another faction and visa versa. Players and companies will naturally align to these factions. Two companies with the same amount of favor to one faction become PvE to each other. And PVP to the other factions. The content would build from there. Right now everyone is just attacking whomever they please. Factions NEED to be added. Quests would provide a PvE way to gain favor with one faction or another. including intermediary quests givers that allow you to switch factions by slowly gaining favor with a new faction and losing favor with your old faction. This would take considerable grinding. have faction be tied to the individual and not the company to keep loyalties in line. Insiding would be a task if epic patience.
  12. SERVER OWNERS running on dedicated hardware>>> We need your help. (empty treasure bottles) SERVER OWNERS running on dedicated hardware>>> We need to pick your brain about empty treasure bottles. We installed our entire server fresh after having broken treasure bottles (no maps above 2.5 bottles just poof on collection). Even after a complete rebuild of everything from the ground up new hardware and fresh install of the DB and and everything else, , we fire it all up and ....treasure bottles still aren't giving anything...Please massage me or reply here if you have any insight on how we can see about diagnosing and fixing this. thank you in advance! our server is a 9x9 everything is working perfectly except the treasure bottles...
  13. engraverwilliam

    get rid of claim flag gold

    treasure maps make more than enough gold for any island. tame a bear or three , and do treasure maps. On each island collect the maps, get the discoveries, tame things you find along the way. Go to the next one and see if you have any maps for that area and do those. Harvest any new resource (5-10k of each) you haven't acquired yet for the blueprints you find. Then after a few days head home and feed your flag. after few outings you will have enough gold in your flag to last months. Then, you can focus on making gold for other purposes or build a better ship to make your island hops even more productive. This game is extremely easy even for someone just starting out, especially for PVE. I am a pve Soloer and I can have my trading business up and running in two weeks with a galleon if I want...I prefer a brig though. You just need to focus and prioritize.