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  1. engraverwilliam

    Sea travels....boring

    everyone should look up Tacking techniques on the google. Tacking small when the wind is directly forward is fast but when the wind is slightly to one side or the other tacking large with the direction of the opposing wind is way faster. Think way wider zigzags. Have fun and get creative with it once you understand how it works you start to feel like the old man and the sea in no time.
  2. engraverwilliam

    Sea travels....boring

    No damn fast travel for ships! OMG Sailing is arduous. It is supposed to be. Get friends to be on board with you. Get a diving platform to dive wrecks, fight sotd. Discover islands, I just cant stand shit-wind when I have to be someplace in a hurry.
  3. engraverwilliam

    Black Map on own 15x15 server

    that sounds awesome. can you pm me the info?
  4. engraverwilliam

    Timeout Disconnect When Loading Paint for Lighthouse

    the thing is, you can see it through the UI that the image upload and is is there on both animals and other things. then you slop, slop , slop...until your "finish painting" this should be instant and remove the paint from inventory upon closing the paint ui Should just have an Import image command, browse computer, apply, done. this role-play of painting the animal or objects is broken. please just simplify it. Load and go. PLEASE
  5. engraverwilliam

    Painting Large Animals Crash Game

    I'm trying to paint my bear ....one color...white... using the upload function. Gets half done then crashes. Lighthouse crashes the game too when attempting pic upload.
  6. engraverwilliam


    This needs to be a thing. Even if they are simply cosmetic. Have them appear once the sails are all the way down. or better yet have them improve backing speed and stopped rotation speeds even if only 10%. EVERY sailing ship you see in history has these jib sails. Our ships looks so naked without them. Please add Jib Sails.
  7. engraverwilliam

    Ships of the damned and wreck diving

    sotd are for ship and crew exp and blueprints. not for gold profiting
  8. engraverwilliam

    I suggest this.

    Nothing op, but something
  9. engraverwilliam

    Population base moving to lawless already happening

    go to the main pve na discord and ask companies if you can set up shop. you will have 3-4 offers. Our company found great spot on a huge resource rich island. and we don't have to pay gold or deal with lawless griefers. Place an ad and vette some island owners. Im sure you can find a place to live.
  10. engraverwilliam

    Ships of the damned and wreck diving

    Iif mapping is boring, you are doing it wrong. Take a full day and get some bears and start your maps...then get the maps from that island and do those. take a spyglass so you can do discoveries while you are at it. throw cliff maps on the ground, they are a waist of time. Do maps in the tundra for the whaling gold bonus. My point is, if you stay moving exploring, gathering rare mats for trade, whaling, ship wreck diving,...after an afternoon of fun you will have enough gold to sustain your island for quite some time. so that you have time to do your building...or going after end game content. we do this with a four man company and two brigs while having a blast in discord voice. the game is what YOU make of it. If you are bored, then you are doing it wrong.
  11. engraverwilliam

    Going for the new shipwrecks tips ?

    schooner and a dive platform is the best way.
  12. engraverwilliam

    Music is too hard!! Even the easy stuff.

    if they did QWERTY row it might be better because then everything is on the same line.
  13. engraverwilliam

    All Lawless PVE needs is...

    I liked the cupboards in RUST make the spot the diameter of the old sea claims. give one per tribe. Increase the size of the claim radius a % for every member over 10. That circle is more than enough to have a base set up. you place that sucker right at the shore and it protects your ships and shipyards and give plenty of land area for barns houses ...or a castle... Let the company owner choose square or round. Have no allys but allow Hunting Parties to form for daily hunting that only last 10 hours and must be renewed and all be online to be in the adventure group. The only real challenge here would be for your company to strategically find that perfect piece of shoreline... (not a whole damn island) PvE of course this would never work for pvp unless you have said claim have the raid window like colonies.
  14. engraverwilliam

    PVE players : Join the official Empire server !

    How do you find out server player numbers?
  15. engraverwilliam

    Aging Rate

    1 minute every five seconds I think is the time conversion