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  1. They go to a freeport or a player market place and presses E. they can then accept a shipment from the market that will take them from point A to point B or to include the checkpoints you can require they pass by the control points. A inventory item is added to the player. they take it to their ship and add it to the crate holder on the ship. this box is not accessible by anyone. if the shipment fails due to a player logging off or gets sunk or whatever results in the box being lost. the transaction is simply cancelled. and goes back to the virtual cue. to be delivered anyway. upon successful delivery, a small amount of exp and a nice sum of gold is rewarded depending on how many grids had to be crossed to do the task. the ship delivering the goods should contain an icon or have a different color name to indicate to others that a shipment is taking place. This way pvp can have fun too! you can get the gold that would have been rewarded if you sink the shipment. Or they can continue the shipment for the full payment....
  2. Just a friendly little push to the top! Our population is growing! PvPers wanted! Come join our balanced server with zero admin abuse. Never pay to win and a great community!
  3. Tired of the ruined official "experience" Come to one of the oldest and stable servers available! The LostTropolis Server (privately hosted) is looking for additional players to join our community! Come set sail on our huge 9X9 Grid. Half PvP half PvE. All content and quests are here! We feature; • NO Admin Abuse! None zilch nada.... • Excellent balance between PvP and PvE! • PvP rules are easy to follow. we have several companies that are having a great time! • Admins reachable on Discord 24/7 via Atlas Adminmail Bot. • Tiered difficulty and Harvest rates based on grid. See discord for info • 99% Server uptime and quick for updates. • 3x Harvest. XP, and Weight per point. • 3x XP • Increased Engram Points. • 5x Taming • Gamma enabled! • PvP Tame Decay/Destroy enabled. • PvP Structure Decay enabled. • Reward voting • Easy to follow, fair and balanced ruleset. • Server events, donor cosmetic tokens, and more! If you are looking for a friendly, non-toxic community to play with, come and check us out! Search LOSTTROP in the unofficial server listing in game to join. The Tropolis Collective Discord: https://discord.gg/s8UXD8v for our community, rules and server information. We are Looking forward to meeting you on the sea matey!
  4. I came from RUST monthly wipes. Im ok with a twice yearly wipe on this game. not ok with the actual changes they made though for sure
  5. they always do it wrong. They should always announce the changes only one or two days before a major wipe. this way folks would be kinda upset but would be eager to get back to it and clamor for the best spots. Announcing a wipe 30 days ahead of time only makes people leave and not come back.
  6. Companies can exist within faction! As an individual, you would have your own faction...once you join a company you are absorbed into said company and are of the overall faction the company is. If you leave you take the Faction standing with you and must through action, work to change the faction standing to the way you wish. If you turncoat to the opposite side you can only do so every 100 days, then you would automatically turn your faction to the other side. factions, if sone right can be HUGE. You can have part of the map that are NPC and player controlled at the same time that can be flipped to another faction through action of combat, defense and questing. Faction standing would be like the old EQ Amiable indifferent, dubiously and Kill on sight. Defeating the opposite factions would gin you favor as an individual or your company favor as a collective. Insiding would be a thing. Spying... selling of information and trading of goods. Trading of goods could have positive effects between factions by instituting a trade system that keeps track of whom traded with whom and the value of the trade.
  7. forget the image upload\dye system! Just let us upload them. make sails 512x512 please.
  8. PLEASE make the Sod's actual ships with a crew and a captain boss that we can board and defeat and get treasure other than just cannon sink, rinse, repeat! Do't allow animals to board. But make the Aod soldiers board your vessel too if you get close enough to board them! They would need to be defeated in order to get underway again...Also make the ships surface out of the water instead of just poofing into existence. Put sails on them and make them follow the same wind rules as we do. Captured SoD's would remain in the world for 2 hours but can only be remanned with actual players and not npc's but would have unlimited ammo or something for that short duration.....maybe only the galleon.... this way you would need a whole large crew of real players to do anything meaning full with a captured SoD. (6 sails and 52 guns to man) With these improvements, the rewards can be made better as well. The players would spend a ton amount on the seas to hunt these SoD down. Add random pirate NPC vessels that are half the difficulty and reward for newer players and just general fun. (this could work into a faction system! Destroy only ships that of opposite faction of your own... Imperial\pirate\privateer) I always thought every time a new ship is launched that it should also spawn a replica ghost version someplace in the world. Or, Spawn a ghost version of ships that sink. So that there is a chance you may have to fight yourself someday! OR have players submit their ship designs and build outs to a data base that the game pulls from to make the ghost pirate ships with....just some ideas
  9. Super awesome community. The grids are set up in a ever increasing difficulties. The server has a vanilla feel with a few mods... the breeding is fast...that's prob the only OP item about the server. it has a pve side and a pvp side and pvp can fight anywhere on the ocean... Me and my company are enjoying the heck out of it. we ended up here two months ago when the server we where on went away. This server has been up for almost a year or more probably... its really good. Search Losttrop in the server search. There is daily voting with rewards too.
  10. Come play on LostTrop server! 9x9 all quests. PVP and PVE it is great!
  11. This is a non-issue. (animal poofing bug no withstanding) Always tame breed backup animals. Never ride your best animals into battle. Keep then at your base safe. Then if you lose an animal..it sucks, but you will be back in action. You may find your lost animal later... But if it is gone, you just move on. Tracking systems should not be in this game. You must always keep track of how many animals you have on board, take inventory every time you grid when traveling with animals. Adapt overcome. It is a game with an ocean. Sometime crap falls overboard never to be seen again....
  12. Make rope ladders and rigging swing a bit with the sway of the ship. Small amount of taking on water during large storms..UNLESS you have cannon ports closed and cabin doors close and no openings on the top deck. Oiled rain coat and slickers to keep players, Captain and Lieutenant dry or at least 10% wet during rain. More splinters and smoke when hit by cannon balls! Have animals on board the ship at least do their nervious or flee animation when the boat is being hit by cannon fire. Elephants stomping, rhinos lashing back and forth, bears growling..no reall changes from what they are doing now but animals wouldnt just be sitting there
  13. A suggestion: Make the Sotd the same types of boats we the players have (Schooner, Brig, Galleons) except be glowy and be crewed by AotD! If you do not want to have them follow the wind rules, this is fine. Keep the same pathing or whatever. However, having the ships be like ours they would be vulnerable to sinking like ours. Also they would be vulnerable to boarding! One tactic for winning against these ships would be boarding. You get on board and have to fight the AotD then fight the captain boss. Once the Captain boss is taken out, the AotD stop fighting and become capture-able for a short period of time. they will follow you to a cage...one timer runs out they become volatile and will try to kill you again. Captured crew are to be kept in a cage for (server's taming rate time) for them to turn back to actual NPCs that you can hire. Successfully captured ships turn into a bare-bones standard version of the ship you where fighting. Severely down on all HPs needing lots of hammering to bring back to good condition...(schooner with sails common cannons and a wheel only for example) maybe with a chest with the blueprints in it. Destroyed SotD would drop Flotsom and crew (would still need to captured and hold them to turn them back) At the very least let us fight our same type of boats! these sci-fi things are dumb. Having the ships pop up from the depths and arrive at the surface instead of just popping into existence would be bad ash too.
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