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  1. engraverwilliam

    Breeding system needs some rethinking.

    Build a Galleon. You can take your breeding pairs to any region and breed them up.
  2. These need to be added. have them be found on ship wrecks and SoD loot Backing enhancement 5% 20% 60% faster Stationary Turning Enhancement 5% 20% 60% faster Storm stabilizers (no turning in spouts)
  3. engraverwilliam

    Unofficial Maps not working...

    Sorry for the bug thing here but the bug reporting forum seems to be for xbox only for some reason Does this mean that private server owners have not received this patch yet? Because our maps are still broken and not giving maps from other grids when you pick up the bottle... - Current ATLAS Official Server Network Server Version: v401.13 - v401.14 - Fixed maps not loaded on non-home grids for Unofficial Servers.
  4. This just is not true. Maps from different grids still are not grabbable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there something server owners need to do besides making sure the server is up to date and verified? Is there a refresh maps sort of command the server owner can run?
  5. engraverwilliam

    Refund if possible

    you have to spec in weapons or your weapons wont do beans. You have to tame animals to fight other animals and treasure map AoD or you will die horribly every time. This is someone who didn't PLAY the game but tried to rush through, spent his points wrong, got frustrated and rage quit. Spec all the way down in Bow and you will devastating damage to stuff. Tame a top level bear and you will be just fine against most everything in the game except powerstone ...that is a meta in itself... Try playing on a private server with boosted stats. You may have a better time of it.
  6. engraverwilliam

    Jib sails really need to be added

    right, they should at least have the generic one as a craftable in the smithy.
  7. Please ad Jib sails to the game! My suggestion on how to introduce Jib sails beyond the cosmetics. Once a Jib sail is crafted or looted, (maybe have the blueprint found only in sunken ships) ....the player adds it to a box on the ship like a saddle on an animal. You can have different abilities for different Jibs. - Stationary pivoting Jib - Backing Jib - Storm stabilization Jib (keep your ship going in a straight line in a typhoon) different tiers of these give better performance. And complete the look and feel of our ships.
  8. engraverwilliam

    Sea travels....boring

    everyone should look up Tacking techniques on the google. Tacking small when the wind is directly forward is fast but when the wind is slightly to one side or the other tacking large with the direction of the opposing wind is way faster. Think way wider zigzags. Have fun and get creative with it once you understand how it works you start to feel like the old man and the sea in no time.
  9. engraverwilliam

    Sea travels....boring

    No damn fast travel for ships! OMG Sailing is arduous. It is supposed to be. Get friends to be on board with you. Get a diving platform to dive wrecks, fight sotd. Discover islands, I just cant stand shit-wind when I have to be someplace in a hurry.
  10. engraverwilliam

    Black Map on own 15x15 server

    that sounds awesome. can you pm me the info?
  11. engraverwilliam

    Timeout Disconnect When Loading Paint for Lighthouse

    the thing is, you can see it through the UI that the image upload and is is there on both animals and other things. then you slop, slop , slop...until your "finish painting" this should be instant and remove the paint from inventory upon closing the paint ui Should just have an Import image command, browse computer, apply, done. this role-play of painting the animal or objects is broken. please just simplify it. Load and go. PLEASE
  12. engraverwilliam

    Painting Large Animals Crash Game

    I'm trying to paint my bear ....one color...white... using the upload function. Gets half done then crashes. Lighthouse crashes the game too when attempting pic upload.
  13. engraverwilliam


    This needs to be a thing. Even if they are simply cosmetic. Have them appear once the sails are all the way down. or better yet have them improve backing speed and stopped rotation speeds even if only 10%. EVERY sailing ship you see in history has these jib sails. Our ships looks so naked without them. Please add Jib Sails.