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  1. Hi Team, this is a suggestion, I would like if Atlas could be added to the Xbox play anywhere. When I am at work, it would be great to jump on the game on my lunch break and sail around. Thanks
  2. Hi Team, is there any updates coming to free-paint? this is my issues. 1. with the big sail i can't pan down far enough to the big sail to free paint on it. 2. the dot dose not line up with paint when free painting on sails. can the sails be flat in free paint? 3. can you make it to where a player can flip the courser to the right thumb stick of the controller in free-paint. 4.when zoom in i should be able to pan anywhere. as of right now when zooming in on a sail or object i can not pan down. only up and to the right or left. 5. can we get a courser speed adjustment. it would be nice to slow down the courser when in the free-paint 6. erase painting dose not erase the region, when wanting to start over.
  3. how do I set tribe flag painting in cosmetic flag? when i highlight it it dose nothing
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