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  1. Hi everyone. So here's my problem : I went on an adventure with 2 friends. From N7 we travelled to M8 expecting to find a Tortugar overthere. Anyway, when we arrived to M8 I realised my bear wasn't on my boat anymore since few minutes and fell off into the sea. We immediatly made a u turn but couldn't find it. We spent litteraly 2 days trying to get the bear back without any succes. So I have few questions : 1- Does someone has advices to help us find my bear back ? 2- Why did it fell off ? 3- I already seen a lot of animals lost into the sea so why the devs do nothing about it ? I know the game is not finished yet but instead of buffing the damned aggro and stuff like that who ruins the game, why not making a message on your screen when someone/something fall of your boat, why not display the animal location on your map etc etc ? I wish everyone (except the damned) a nice day.
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