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  1. If fallout 76 can do it, so can Atlas. I'm having much more fun with this than I had with Anthem demo. Wipe is a bit disappointing, but I'll start again. Bigger. Stronger.
  2. That is just not true. Some of the greatest games out there were made by developers with their vision. And to get a taste of what "all about the money" brings you can play Fallout 76. Even now there are many great games that are successful and make people want to play them that are made by enthusiasts. Remember Telltale? They started by making their vision come to life and were successful with their first games. And then it became about the money and where did they end up at? But certainly some money have been had. Like ith that guy that was fired from Microsoft and proceeeded to bancrupt Nokia. The company may have suffered, but upper management including himself earned enough in the process. It is NOT always about the money. Sometimes the vision is what makes great games.
  3. And that is coming from a guy going about insulting people for playing PVE. Yeah, no. I'd rather have Twitter mods here than him.
  4. Translation: "I stopped debating in forums except I didn't really I just dont have any arguments so I go straight into personal insults and ruin it for everyone involved, because that is a mature thing to do. Because I am mature. See? I even claimed seniority over all of you by saying I had internet in 1993. Ofc you have to believe me, because no one lies on the internet. Anyway I don't even play the game, I just visit this forum from time to time to give some work to moderators, because that is the best way to spend my time I could think of."
  5. They are changing maps, reshuffling islands, adding biomes, adding more islands. Would you prefer to have your house intact but hanging in the air over the sea? Or maybe being stuck inside a mountain? This is an early development stage where people playing the game are pretty much volunteer game testers. Seeing how they already wipe the entire map, wiping characters isn't that much of a big deal. It also helps them get more statistics on progression by making everyone go through it again. It's all around better for the future of the game.
  6. I am not a PVP player, I'll put my fe cents as a PVE one: Company limits are... okay I quess? 250 is still a lot of people. Alliance number limit is actually alright as the alliance chat implementation is garbage. Alliance member limit is just awful. I live on an island with a lot of small 1-4 member companies and we're all very friendly, but pretty incividualistic, so while we do like to group up and help each other sometimes, we prefer to have our own stuff and just have one big alliance. We've already agreed to find each other after the wipe, but might have to make one bigger company rather than an alliance, hich makes me personally feel less secure. As it is no if I lose a ship I lose my ship and no one cares. With a company I'll feel bad about losing one. Now I ould like to adress these 2 points: I'd say 9hr window is more unfair for amall companies because 9hrs is still a lot of time. Chances are a small company can't maintain a sufficient level of presence during those 9 hrs to defend itself. Big companies on the other hand will likely have all of the 9 hours covered, but they're also protected of the retaliatory offline attacks of smaller companies that they pissed off enough that they ould want to offline raid them as only form of retaliation they can do. So there you have it, big companies got their one vulnerable point covered. As for alliances: here's a system we had in some browser games with limited groups and alliances: Main Branch 1st alliance: [Main Branch, West Branch, East Branch, Other Branch] and [Main Branch, Ally Main Branch, Other Ally Main Branch, ...] West Branch: [Main Branch, ...] AND [West Branch, South-West Branch, North-West Branch, West Academy Branch] You get the idea, pretty much a tree structure. Just gotta manage Branch names carefully and make sure you let everyone know the name of your allies. That also solves problem of permission management, as fresh joins will likely get assigned to "Academy" and will not take your full Mythical galleon and sink it on a sandbar.
  7. Beware, everyone, we got a (very honest) badass here! I bet he even played on an ARK "hardcore" server for a couple days so he can tell others how badass he is. Compared to him everyone's a whimp here. Or anywhere else really, as long as it's on the internet.
  8. Others may disagree, but I don't. All of the things he mentioned are the things that make game interesting and which make people keep playing. If people have access to all materials tames and content right off the bat, then they'll try it all, get bored after a couple eeks and drop the game. That is not the case for PVP I guess, but for PVE there is not much else to keep people playing but grindwall, especially if that 'grindwall' is interesting and makes you explore rather than repeat same actions over and over like some other games do. And while it is important to not crowd freeports, it does NOT mean you should be able to spawn wherever you want. I think the way with freeport and lawless was good enough. For me this is a game about sailing and exploration. Wheres that exploration if you can just spawn anywhere in 1 click and don't even have to explore as you have all materials available to you off the bat? And I'll say it again: a lot of these points aren't as important for PVP as struggling with other players can keep peopel interested even if they don't have anything else to be interested in/ But on PVE it IS important to keep people engaged by having them put in effort to reach some content.
  9. Because it is not a singleplayer game. If you are allowed to play the game however you like, then everyone else should be too. That includes those who want to destroy everything you have and laugh at you. You like that idea? Also a few critical mistakes in your question: "Why should I not allowed to build a base" You can still build a base, just not one spanning the entire island making others unable to build there. " because I choose not to grind gold all the time " Not 'all the time'. Just sometimes is enough. I've spent 2 days farming gold a month ago. I still have 15k.
  10. Everyone worked their ass off to build what they have. And some still work their ass off testing things and making plans to do better after the wipe. And the game isn't going anywhere, it still is a good game and will be an even better game. Next time don't invest into Early Access games if you're not prepared for wipes I guess?
  11. "I don't agree with it, therefore it gotta be trolling." With that kind of attitude I'm not sure it's even worth arguing with you, but however disgusted with you I am, I'll say a few things: Anthem, SWTOR and ESO have their on launcher and their own distribution. Atlas released on Steam. Steam doesn't have game status "Beta", however it has game status "Early Access", which can span anyhere from Alpha to pre-release stress test. And I don't think Atlas is even in Beta or if Alpha/Beta/Release gradation is very descriptive at all. Alpha test "usually" means a barely playable framework meant to iron out the base code and test the concept of the game. Beta test "usually" means almost finished product, that needs bugfixes. Atlas is neither, having some game mechanics changing significantly or having placeholders or not being implemented at all, which is a sign of a game in Alpha stage, yet in general it almost looks like a finished product, which gives an impression of a complete but buggy game or if you remember about Early Access, a game in Beta stage. Yet it is not. You gave the examples of Anthem, SWTOR and ESO, but you skipped over DayZ, Astroneer and Star Citizen, which never left Early Access, but at least the second one is being actively developed, changes very often, but still has bugs that make people frustrated. "Early Access" in this case is the Steam variety of "Early Access", which is literally ability to play the game before it is complete, not the AAA publishers' "VIP Premium Paid Headstart" variety. So yeah, when you buy the game you get a huge Steam warning, that describes what *this* Early Access means, but you skipped over it and used your own definition instead. Try checking Early Access tag in Steam: Factorio, Raft, They Are Billions, Subnautica Expansion (how long did Subnautica spend in EA? A couple years I believe?). Did you know, that Factorio is in EA? I sure didn't. Is it releasing in 7 days? I doubt it. I'll finish with quoting the Steam warning it gives above the "BUY" button that everyone usually skips:
  12. My chinese neighbors tried it today on EU PVE, I never asked how it went though. They invited me to join, but I had to decline. :<
  13. While I agree, that "pirating" on a PVE server is dumb, 3 weeks of protection is an overkill. No one ill play this game. Active player will have to wait months for inactive players to get bored enough to not even login to refresh claim protection. Less active players will get even more inactive as they have no incentive to play now.
  14. Sea claims are especially bad. They check collisions same as land claims, but have more than double range. Fortunately they are behaving a bit weird currently and sometimes instead of transfering building ownership it makes them behave like lawless with timer ticking down until demolish is allowed. Not sure if it's intended. Also I recently placed a new claim and it somehow stole a shipyard from my neighbor that was and still is in his claim and nowhere close to mine. This was a completely fresh claim with no overlaps.
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