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  1. Nitex

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    Well, it was easy. Set your bear to neutral, put it under rock. Than climb and raise guardians. Quickly go to the edge and slightly climb down. Guardians will fall down, where bear deal with them.
  2. Nitex

    So what did you accomplish over 4x?

    I got just 115 lvl
  3. Nitex

    pve WTS Mythos 1:5 EU PVE

    1 mythos = 5g F10 Armored Core
  4. Nitex

    Taming a Crab without submarine

    There was 4 of us, while killing squid and taming crab without submarine. I agree that squid dance is possible, but without divesuit. So if you want to do this project you need 1. Divesuit 2. Speargun 3. bag with preserving salt (better ice now) 4.Tier 3 saddle 5. A lot of time First of all you need to find squid with divesuit. It is hardest part and take a long time. They ussually spawn on the visible border between ocean and underwater city. When you find squid, try to move your ship directly on it, and after that use divesuit and try to kill him. If divesuit don't let you to shoot you may drop it by pressing X and fight without it. When you kill squid take innards to preserving bag and find crab. I reccomend areas near lava, cause there are single ones, not packs. When you tame crab equip saddle on it and don't rush to the top, let him regenerate health, cause whales will hit him and it easy to lost him.
  5. Nitex

    Looking for Kraken Tips

    Before kraken battle reset to hp only, use cloth with hp and torpor boost. It helps even you will hit by lightning. I survive after 3 lighting in a row. Food for fast hp regeneration also helps. I recommend to get high lvl crew and boost hp for them too. 126 lvl crew with 500+ hp survive always.
  6. Nitex

    Breeding Razortooth

    Breed or mate ? Mate them.
  7. Nitex

    Breeding Razortooth

    We did it in D12 with 16 campfires on galleon.
  8. Nitex

    Breeding Razortooth

    Do you need usual desert or powerstone desert? We have tamed yesterday a couple razors in D12, but there was a snow icon, and they didn't mate. We trip them to desert, tropic biomes, female was undesirebale. We took they to F8 desert power stone region. The same. What we do wrong?
  9. Nitex

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    wrong. each gives 40 DP
  10. They usually spawn on visible border, so go deeper and look to the top.
  11. Yesterday we kill C6 hydra with legendary and blue ballistas (2x2). About 100 spears, may be 10-20 missed. Legendary does 600 damage (192%), blue ones about 400 (139%). Cyclops gives 1120 damage to eye now, not one shot that was prewipe.
  12. Nitex

    Tames alternative. How would I rebalance it!

    You need to collect powerstones/kill whales or other quests. It is doable even solo, but need much more time. 40 discovery point for 1 powerstone/quest. 34-35 discovery points/lvl now. So you'll fast lvl up-> can pick more skills.
  13. Nitex

    Tames alternative. How would I rebalance it!

    Well, try to kill hydra or even cyclops with bear... You will fast remember about any type of rifle
  14. Nitex

    1.5 PVE. Feedback. Suggestions and questions.

    22 - they are useless in PVE. In PVP they useless too cause there are no "fair" fights. 23 - already works 24 - blizzard sound that used now is better. Especially when you live in tundra without one live soul near you brrr... And like a rain it's mean disaster, not to admire. Gold with home delivery? Or may be new settler?
  15. Well, it's will be more easy to tame if you block animal with billbords/sings after first knockdown. Just don't forget to destroy them after tame.