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  1. It's really hard to say what's wrong. Is SeamlessIP set to the same public address for all servers? Are you testing on a LAN, and have not done NAT redirection to that public address from that public address to the private server address? If for some reason you were testing changing grids and it didn't work, it is also possible that in Redis your character got corrupted and will appear with different states and positions in both tiles. You may need to wipe once changing grid works. EDIT: Also this thread
  2. Andargor

    How to embark animals

    A couple things: - If your server is based on Linux, crews and tames on follow will disappear when disembarking. It's happening 100% of the time on our server. - If your server is on Windows, it may happen sometimes when disembarking - For both, they may glitch and die when you order to ship using the wheel I will post a link to a thread discussing this below, but here is what works: - For embarking, have the crew/tame stay on shore not following you. From the ship, look at them with your spyglass and order to follow. They will come over to the ship and board. - For disembarking, for tames ride them off. For crew or tames without a saddle, have a platform that extends out from the ship and walk them on it, make sure they are on Low or Lowest follow distance and have them follow you off the platform
  3. Andargor

    Please Release Devkit On Epic Games Launcher!

    And allow access to C++ blueprint libraries please.
  4. My guess is it will be a zone that you can add in the server grid editor, like an island but it will be submerged. So, if you are careful and lock all your existing islands to make sure you don't move them accidentally (that would be bad), and find a spot big enough to hold the new underwater zone, then I expect you will be able to add it to an existing grid.
  5. Andargor


    I use Mnt_L_CL and it's either Tundra or Polar sorry I was thinking of another island! Desert or Tropical.
  6. Has anyone found a map in the dev kit that doesn't crash when the sextant buff is applied? I've tried 4 so far, no luck. It might be because the dev kit predates the sextant crash fix, dunno.
  7. Andargor

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    On Linux dedicated servers, there's a bug where following tames and crew will disappear because their X and Z coordinates get swapped on the Detach event when leaving the ship. They get killed because they go out of bounds, but it doesn't seem to happen on Windows servers. More info here:
  8. Andargor

    NPC Crew and Tames disappear when disembarking

    It seems that when the NPC is detached from the ship, its location goes out of bounds and then gets killed. This is a trace I've been working on. Check the location coordinates, how they change on the END PLAY event.
  9. It seems that when the NPC is detached from the ship, its location goes out of bounds and then gets killed. This is a trace I've been working on. Check the location coordinates, how they change on the END PLAY event. EDIT: OMG, the Z and X coords get swapped and Y goes weird.
  10. There are at least two bugs reports for it.
  11. Well, no, it's not fixed. Using a Windows server instead of a Linux server is not a solution. I just used my desktop to test the theory, I have a Linux server to run Atlas, Ark, Conan, etc. for our gaming group. The problem is that this doesn't seem to have been acknowledged by the devs at all. No acknowledgment, no fix in sight.
  12. It seems this problem only exists with Linux servers. Windows servers do not have this problem.
  13. Confirmed. Loaded an exact copy of the server in Windows, and the problem goes away. The Linux server has this issue. Also logged here:
  14. My players and I have been struggling with a disappearing tame and crew problem for weeks. Basically, as soon as a crew or tame is on follow and the player leaves the ship, they disappear. Like, not killed, just poof. 100% of the time. I've documented the issue with videos in this thread: After investigating in the Dev Kit, and not being able to reproduce the problem, I decided to run an exact copy of my server on my Windows desktop, and the problem goes away. Has anyone experienced this? It is extremely weird.