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  1. I've had a few questions about using Docker and linux to run my servers, so here are my Dockerfile and associated scripts if it can help anyone. I haven't tested these since June. I'm happy to share, but I'm not providing support since I'm not playing Atlas atm It should be a good starting point though. https://www.andargor.com/files/atlas-docker.7z
  2. I've been keeping my eye on this: https://github.com/Michidu/ARK-Server-API I was certain that there was an ATLAS equivalent, but I can't find it again.
  3. Can you try my line in all of your Game.ini files (every tile), and check if any AoD spawn in your powerstone caves after you restart? Try a destroywilddinos before you shutdown and after you restart. Because if they do spawn, then the entry is not working on your server for some unknown reason. If they don't spawn in the cave it means the other entries for the rest of the island don't work.
  4. 10 years ago already, jeez. Getting old(er).
  5. Yes, it's the exact line from Game.ini I was too lazy to look in the Dev Kit when I had posted that, but I looked just now and the three spawn zones seem to be called: AoDSpawnEntries´╗┐_Cave_C AoDSpawnEntries´╗┐_Inland_C AoDSpawnEntries´╗┐_NearBeach_C I believe it is case-sensitive
  6. When I looked in the dev kit, the NPC crews were also supposed to be able to equip "dual pistols", but I guess that was planned to be a special weapon for NPCs since you can't have them use pistols (yet). One can only hope...
  7. I git pulled the latest server grid editor, these are the new ones it seems:
  8. I can't hit anything with the crossbow, unless it's short range. On the plus side, you can have crew equip them, but the durability and ammo go down super fast since they can only hit within short range too.
  9. For Powerstone caves, I tried reducing the spawn with the follow line in my Game.ini, but the result was that they stopped spawning altogether (probably because of MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.1). Our group preferred that so I just left it in: For other zones on Powerstone islands, look in the dev kit, they are named starting with AoDSpawnEntries. I'm certain I saw inland spawn zone there, just replace AoDSpawnEntries_Cave_C in the above line with a different zone.
  10. So, we clear the powerstone cave from all the lions, bats, and AoD that spawned, and... they spawn again. We clear it again, and... they all spawn again. And so on, over and over. The way to get it seems to be to sprint for the altar through a side passage before the spawns fully arrive. We didn't find that very engaging nor rewarding. So, before all the cries of "l2p n00b", is this the intended way of getting the powerstones? If so, as much as the boss fight was neat, this sucks balls. They should just spawn once, clearing the cave is effort enough.
  11. I had placed 4 Puckles on shore, and had to aim them inland otherwise they would shoot the fish. The fire elemental flanked them, so the crew on them were toast (literally).
  12. I haven't been able to use canister shot because swivel guns are so short range. Today lost my crew but learned that medium guns do 177 damage each... So cheese out to sea behind ship seems to be the way to go. Puckles do about 100, but since they are static, the crew manning them gets owned hard.
  13. Perhaps, I haven't tried yet. However, in our current game my extracts were not as useful as we would have liked. I extract everything in the sublevels, but there is no indication with my method on what the probability is of something spawning. So sometimes I placed islands on our map that are supposed to have one type of resource, but when we go in game, we can't find it.
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