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  1. Okay, I decided to open the dev kit and dive in.. I loaded "SeamlessTest\Ocean" Level, and then Opened the Levels menu and Loaded "Cay_A" and 1 set of matching SubLevels. "Cay_A" "Cay_A_Far_01" "Cay_A_Fartherest_01" "Cay_A_Near_01" Once loaded I ran around the Island in the editor and Held H observing which Resources Nodes had incorrect name... To my shock, None of them did... I found the resource Override Actor. As shown in the Picture below and Clicked the Edit option on the Right side. I then proceeded changing a few of the overrides for the trees from softwood to Cedar and changed a few bushes aswell. I then saved the file and then loaded the island in the editor again.. Sure enough Now I was seeing Palm trees which gave me Light wood and Reeds instead of Fronds and strong wood And I also saw the bushes I had changed. So with this, If you wanted to change the Islands resources, then you could edit this actor, and export it as a map extension, and then apply it within the server grid editor using your mod id and new islands _Fartherest sub level. If you wanted to do as you say @N0ma13 then you can simply delete the Overrides by clicking the trash can in the edit screen (Delete all elements). this will revert all the settings back to defaults and empty the list of overrides. (For islands which have a rare Override, there may be both overrides listed, but i am unsure as I did not check this, but besure all overrides are cleared.) I assume you could then save and Rename the Island sublevels and re package them as a new map extension and follow the process to add it to your own maps/servers... https://devkit.playatlas.com/en/latest/Guides/GettingStarted.html#creating-map-extensions With all this said, Don't forget that any changes you make here will change the original files so, create a back up of the "SeamlessTest" folder OR any island files inside that you intend to change in case you screw something up and need to revert. Someone smart could probably program a simple mod to remove/ignore these override actors, but I'm not that guy sadly.
  2. That is exactly what the resource overrides do. Think of it as, having 10 nodes total but 50 resources you need to be harvested in the game. Each node now needs to have a way of giving 5 different Resources. The only way to change these resource nodes that I am aware of is to create an "Island Extension" mod using the Devkit for each and every island you want to change, and make a copy of those islands and change the overrides. To do this to the extend of what your saying means you will never have all 6 types of all resources available on your map meaning mythical blueprints will not be craft-able. The easier safer method would be to find islands which use each type of override and use them on your map as my original spread sheet shows. (Please keep in mind, I have not downloaded the Mega Update Devkit yet, (Australian Internet sucks and I still have a download Limit from my ISP....) Yep... Straya! (Need to ask my brother to use his NBN to help me download the devkit update again)) basically the information may be incorrect as of the latest large update, but could still be correct. Also remember, Each Biome has select resources different to others. so Pure Tin and cobalt ores are usually found only on Tundra/Polar Islands, Pure Copper/Iron are Tropical? I believe.. and Silver is Temperate (This is off the top of my head) Basically what I'm trying to say is, A Map needs thinking and planning to build and Can only be perfect with Testing, If you place 10 different tropical Islands these 10 islands all will have the same types of resources. same berries, same veggies, same rocks, same pure metal, same types of fiber and sap , wood, thatch etc. Not every Island Has a crystal Node. Not every island Has An Oil Node. Crystal Nodes are also used for Some metals, Stone ect. Bamboo is used for straw, bamboo is also used to give wood and thatch on some islands and then Some times bamboo is Actually Bamboo and also gives Dark wood. Nodes are Placed by each map designer and just because The island uses the "Temperate Rare Override" for example and A certain "Oil" is in the override does not mean that the Island 100% has that "Oil" because it may have been designed with 0(ZERO) oil Nodes. (this is where the testing your maps comes into play). I hope this makes alot more sense now. If I sound abrupt or rude in my explanation I do not intend it to be that way, just trying to dumb it down as much as possible so more people might understand better It actually hurts my head trying to explain this... Maybe I need to learn animation and make a short animated cartoon explanation instead of Words Pixar seems good at using animation to get points across..
  3. Okay, I'm new to the whole Unreal Engine 4 thing, but I am unable to work out how to create a new sublevel In the dev kit. Instructions in the documentation states "To Create a Map Extension for use in seamless grid layouts, Simply Open "SeamlessTest\Ocean.umap" in the editor, and add a set of new uniquely named worldcomposition sublevels to the "SeamlessTest\" folder". I found the UE4 documentation that says Click on the Levels drop Down Menu, then Select Add Existing... to add a new sublevel, but this button does not exist once you have opened the Ocean.umap file. So am I missing something simple here? I can edit the already created sublevels but I can't add my own to even start creating an island. I have found the documentation for the Dev Kit is very lacking in details.
  4. The code below works on my map. It includes the GentleWhale_SeaMonster and the normal GentleWhale code. The easiest way to make things like this work is to open the ServerGrid.Json which comes with the Map editor and copy and paste the code from official map over to any new map you create. (This helps a lot to understand how new content is being added on the map side also and can make things like the achievements/Quests easier to add) Good luck, let me now if the below works for you. "OceanEpicSpawnEntriesOverrideValues": "(NPCSpawnEntries=((NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/GentleWhale/GentleWhale_SeaMonster_Character_BP.GentleWhale_SeaMonster_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-700.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000)),(NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/GentleWhale/GentleWhale_Character_BP.GentleWhale_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-700.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000))),NPCSpawnLimits=,MaxDesiredNumEnemiesMultiplier=4.000000)",
  5. Just clarifying, you set the other islands overrides to say 10+ and the spawns still did not work? I had to use this "cheat" way to get around it and is still working fine today, Only issue we have is that the discoveries in that zone can't be discovered. From what I have read so far, it seems that only some of us have an issue with the spawns and others it works as intended.
  6. We didn't have it wrong, we were just doing it the only way we knew how.. haha Thanks mate, this is exactly the answer we all wanted. I will change my settings over later. Again, Thank you. *Edit* I just realised, this is what The OP was saying doesn't work.... I will try it out my self any ways.
  7. Running my test server kills my cpu, my ram is usually fine. I always seem to have around 5Gb used for a grid, sometimes with 4 islands, sometimes with 10. I don't know if islands really change it much or if its only when they are "active"(Players loading them). My old AMD 8350 black edition seems to max out when running 2 grids, but my poor 16Gb RAM seems to hold out just running both grids and running the game its self (as long as I shut down chrome):P I do run large paging files though also for Virtual RAM, which the server eats like crazy. Okay, I stand corrected. Just looked at my logs for my last server boot up and its high for just my freeport. 6 islands 2 trenches... [2019.04.12-08.58.57:109][872]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 1102.03 MB used, 1306.55 MB peak [2019.04.12-08.58.57:117][872]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 1161.02 MB used, 4143.63 MB peak [2019.04.12-08.58.57:117][872]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 7786.69 MB used, 16347.54 MB total [2019.04.12-08.58.57:119][872]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 5649.59 MB used, 134217728.00 MB total 134217728MB of virtual Memory.. Never realised I had so much
  8. First thing is Ensure your RedisDB is running. I have had a strange issue where the RedisDB will not open with my server.bat file every time. I have to go and manually run the .bat inside the Redisdb folder. Second thing would be checking your ServerGrid.ServerOnly.Json is not missing the redis settings. Third Check those settings match your RedisDB. if all the above is correct and it still doesn't work, Check that a Firewall/Anti virus isn't blocking redis or the server from talking... If that fails, I guess someone else might be able to give you more helpful advise.
  9. I answered this on another thread, have alook and if it works for you please show some love It took me an hour or so of trial and error to get working. If you want multiple spawn Islands then set spawns up as usual but mark the islands you want spawns on as 0,1,2,3,4 and the Islands you don't want players to spawn on, make those a higher number than the spawns. This should work, though I did not test with multiple Spawns just a single spawn.
  10. Okay the above edit Worked.. So edit island and set the Free port island "spawnPointRegionOverride = 0". Then for the other Islands, I set "spawnPointRegionOverride" as higher numbers.. starting at 6. (I made them unique just in case) Example of my json. "islandInstances": [ { "name": "Trench_B", "id": 49, "spawnerOverrides": {}, "minTreasureQuality": -1.0, "maxTreasureQuality": -1000.0, "useNpcVolumesForTreasures": false, "useLevelBoundsForTreasures": true, "prioritizeVolumesForTreasures": false, "islandPoints": -1, "islandTreasureBottleSupplyCrateOverrides": "", "spawnPointRegionOverride": 5, "islandWidth": 406500.0, "islandHeight": 406500.0, "worldX": 257694.313, "worldY": 1715214.5, "rotation": -360.9748 }, { "name": "Cay_J_EE_E", "id": 1, "spawnerOverrides": {}, "minTreasureQuality": -1.0, "maxTreasureQuality": -1.0, "useNpcVolumesForTreasures": false, "useLevelBoundsForTreasures": true, "prioritizeVolumesForTreasures": false, "islandPoints": -1, "islandTreasureBottleSupplyCrateOverrides": "", "spawnPointRegionOverride": 0, "islandWidth": 306000.0, "islandHeight": 306000.0, "worldX": 723351.1, "worldY": 2151563.25, "rotation": -315.1886 }, { "name": "Cay_F_EE_B", "id": 2, "spawnerOverrides": {}, "minTreasureQuality": -1.0, "maxTreasureQuality": -1.0, "useNpcVolumesForTreasures": false, "useLevelBoundsForTreasures": true, "prioritizeVolumesForTreasures": false, "islandPoints": 1, "islandTreasureBottleSupplyCrateOverrides": "", "spawnPointRegionOverride": 6, "islandWidth": 204000.0, "islandHeight": 204000.0, "worldX": 727434.6, "worldY": 1714147.0, "rotation": 0.0 }, { "name": "Cay_G_EE", "id": 3, "spawnerOverrides": {}, "minTreasureQuality": -1.0, "maxTreasureQuality": -1.0, "useNpcVolumesForTreasures": false, "useLevelBoundsForTreasures": true, "prioritizeVolumesForTreasures": false, "islandPoints": 1, "islandTreasureBottleSupplyCrateOverrides": "", "spawnPointRegionOverride": 7, "islandWidth": 204000.0, "islandHeight": 204000.0, "worldX": 203322.969, "worldY": 2509069.75, "rotation": 65.35402 }, Etc... If this works, just send me some grog or something In the mail somehow, I like RUM HAHA! Hope this actually works for every one else
  11. Well bud, I thought about how the spawns work, 0 = first spawn and so on.. so I decided to set 4 spawn codes 0-3 on random islands and the freeport island. Relaunched server and.. what do you know, I spawned on a totally different Island (which was set to -1) but the same island Every time I chose a spawn(north,south,east,west all spawned me on the same island). So right now, I have changed all my islands to 0 and have set the freeport island as -1.. If this works, I will scream in glory. *EDIT* Upon doing this reverse strategy I still spawned on the wrong island. I am starting to think maybe I need to set the other Islands to something higher than the amount of spawns available. At this point, I am just chasing something I have no idea about, but Only time and effort will tell.
  12. I just launched my server this and I have the same issues. Mine is setup as I mentioned above and I keep spawning on the same island not the freeport. I will continue to tweak the settings and see if I can find a solution.
  13. From my experience previous, In the server grid editor, Load your map, then unlock Islands and hold Ctrl, and click on the islands in the freeport zone. You should see a window "Edit Island Instance". in this window the Top option, "spawnPointRegionOverride:" should be set to -1 if you don't want people to spawn on the island. and for Islands that are spawn points, they should be set 0,1,2 etc. Is this how yours is set up currently?
  14. Damn, Nice work there mate. I just had a quick look and I'm impressed. As i mentioned above, i'm not that great at programming but I have tried looking into changing up the Server Grid Editor. I know I can/'t be the only person who sits there pulling their hair out scrolling through that list of islands to find the one I want. haha. The visual studio project seems straight forward, but I think I am approaching it all wrong. I will look back into it again. I was wanting to first just add a search bar to be able to search through the island list, and then I was going to look into being able to sort the islands by sub levels. Thanks for sharing
  15. Its been a while, but I was playing with the Redis database for my local test server and it appeared to only keep id's in it. In order to wipe my test server I have to deleted the contents of the "Saved" folder and run the clearall.bat. This might just be something weird about my setup but, if i delete the save folder, my map is wiped. Inside "Saved/B2/"(B2 is just how i name mine, A1-C3) there is an ocean.atlas file, this file is a sqlite3 database which is encrypted. I believe this to be all player information and actual building information for each server. The Redis DB only appears to hold Player ID's and information for Claim flags & Beds when I opened it. (took me about 5 days playing with some online redis db viewer to get it opened). Hope this helps you, just remember This is only what I believe to be the case. It may not actually be 100% correct.
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