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  1. Puma

    Bug: Beached SotD

  2. Puma

    Rename ship

    ah ok I did not know that.
  3. Puma

    Rename ship

    I can not change the name of my Brigantine
  4. Puma

    Atlas DevKit on Twitch

    Sometime on the channel something happens, or sometimes save the made videos
  5. Puma

    How to tame a SHIELDHORN+INFO

    There are definitely MNT_G_ET_PVE Shieldhorn
  6. Puma

    Cooldown Time Bed

    Hallo, how can I change the Cool Down Time of the Simple Bed in the Dev Kit? Please do not talk about the sense or not.
  7. Puma

    Update Dev Kit?

    Hallo, Wann wird das Dev Kit aktualisiert? Und sollte das Dev Kit nicht beim Epic Games Launcher dabei sein? Hello, When will the Dev Dit be updated? And should not the Dev Kit be part of the Epic Games Launcher?
  8. I would also like to have seen the .ini settings, so you can skillen even higher-level animals on. Please please
  9. Puma


    Hallo, wo ändere ich die Tasten Config? Habe im Dev Kit nichts gefunden.
  10. Puma

    ATLAS Dev Kit Bug

    If you eg. copied the resource "PrimalItemResource_Ingot_BASE" as a child and in the "PrimalGameData_BP_xxxxxxxx" Remapt, then the blueprints from the Forge disappeared. Actually, the function remap is not there for the other resources to be used instead of the original ones. What do I have to do to prevent BP from disappearing from the Forge or Mortar and Pestle when creating a "Stack Mod"? Greeting
  11. Puma


    Have the same problem, come from Germany and with me the console does not synonymous with the button " ' " on
  12. Puma

    Resource Stack-Mod

    Mod will not be developed and will be deleted soon
  13. Puma

    Resource Stack-Mod

    Here is my new resource Stack-Mod, which stacks various resources at 5000 and the weight is only 1/10 It will add other resources in the future. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1629030536 Mod ID: 1629030536 greeting puma
  14. Puma

    ATLAS DevKit Launch!

    Hello, I made and uploaded a first mod test, but the mod is displayed in the ARK workshop and when I click on subscribe, the mod for ARK is downloaded. MOD ID is: 1628649906 The mod is initially set to only friends for testing purposes greeting Puma
  15. Puma

    ATLAS DevKit Launch!

    Hello, please delete this post