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  1. globytheoldpirate

    whistle npc - confused

    As far I as know, it doesn't exist You can still do some group, but not ideal I'd like a button like "Creatures on follow go there" too So you can put one NPC on follow, then "get there" So if you fail to aim the sail, all your animals don't go to the ship x)
  2. globytheoldpirate


    There is trench squid on golden age, but they don't unlock the quest, these are for taming crabs ^^
  3. globytheoldpirate


    If there is a new map layout coming with crossplay. Reducing freeport island by grid would give them more "populated", and used more than just "buy item/store my ship". Instead of having 4 island freeport, by grid, only put one. So once peoples go to the freeport on the region, they will all finish in the same island, which will look more populated, and so more interaction. Which is better than 4 copy/paste island. Having the 4 same island only looks weird, and make them lifeless. Hope you see it, and consider the idea (maybe to find something better, but just not keep the actual system)
  4. globytheoldpirate

    I'm out again.

    In PvP there still a "real tax" But in PvP, the landlord should protect you and such, so you got an advantage on living on someone else island
  5. globytheoldpirate

    Large cannons in a sloop

    I find it really weird to see people saying "if i wanted standarized ships" then defend canons on back. While 95% of the ships were standarized with full large cannons on back when it was possible
  6. globytheoldpirate

    Large cannons in a sloop

    You can, but you have to place them on gunport No more "all large cannons in the back"
  7. Is there a way to allow spawn only on particular island (freeport) with the new "AutoGenerateIslandSpawnRegions" setting ? The old method doesn't seems to work anymore
  8. globytheoldpirate

    Blackwood FoY?

    NE Island is the Hydra/Dragon one. The one with PS is something like Middle West South. Go to it, you will see elementals, sirene and such
  9. globytheoldpirate

    Blackwood FoY?

    Power Stone island
  10. globytheoldpirate

    Are the join server issues ever going to be fixed ?

    Restart Steam then relog works most of the time A bit frustrating, but not the biggest issue
  11. globytheoldpirate

    Blackwood FoY?

    On the PvE island (where ps are) You will need to climb, over a waterfall ^^
  12. globytheoldpirate

    Single Player Mode Grid O7 Holy Crap

    Even in a tribe you don't really attack/defend on theses islands, it's not worth it. You better run naked. Though, if you are looking for ressources, look at exploreatlas site
  13. Hi everyone, After me and friends lost all their progression due to differents bugs, I made a small program that create some backup for your soloplayer/non-dedi. The program will ask if you want to auto-save Ocean or Blackwood map, then will launch the game. Then, every X minutes it will save the files of your solo/non-dedi multi in a folder with the current date. So if you destoyed everything with an inentended command, or a mod that wasn't loaded so everything related to it is destroyed, or any others sad story, you will be able to use theses back-up, so you won't loose your entire game/save I shared it on Github so anyone can use it and see the code behind, I made it easy to use, you just need to set your game path and saves path in the .ini. Read the readme, all informations are there https://github.com/LudovicLemaire/AtlasAutoSaver
  14. globytheoldpirate

    Blackwood: got power stones... now what?

    A kraken will be weird, as it needs an entire node. Though, they were talking about a giant snake boss, but didn't see any video of it from now, maybe not implemented yet?
  15. globytheoldpirate

    Press E to feed bug

    Elephant is kinda broken. Give food from the legs, works all the time