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  1. globytheoldpirate

    Atlas Unofficial Links - Fansites, Tools & More

    I'm working on a web-app calculator, I will add it here when the V1 will be up. Here's a small preview :
  2. globytheoldpirate

    Tame point spend calculator

    I'm working on it, I hope to finish the V1 next week You can look at a small preview here :
  3. globytheoldpirate

    Correlation between taming % and level

    I'm working on an app for my crew to tame animals and stats. (a bit like dododex on Ark). I'm trying to find correlation between the level of the animal and the % of taming. For example : A flower to a level 1 sheep will give 7% of taming. While a flower to a level 20 sheep will give 3.7% of taming. I first though it was something like 5% less effective per level, but saddly not. Do anyone know how to calculate it ? Or have some tips ? Thank ya
  4. globytheoldpirate

    server at 0/0 player

    I may find the problem, Actually I'm trying to install the server on the same computer as I play the game. So same public IP (and local). I heard that it is almost impossible actually to do that, except by using special device, which I don't have.
  5. globytheoldpirate

    server at 0/0 player

    The server and my game are on the same device, I heard that it causes a lot of problems, for exemple : We bassically can't join it ^^' I add a loopback, so this problem should not be anymore. It actually changed something, instead of having the Unable to Query error I have an infinite "Attempting to join server..."
  6. globytheoldpirate

    server at 0/0 player

    Doesn't work either Doesn't work either
  7. globytheoldpirate

    server at 0/0 player

    Where/in which file do I change the default ports ? In the LAUNCH_ATLAS_00 ? Or ServerGrid.json and ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json ? (thanks for trying to help )
  8. globytheoldpirate

    server at 0/0 player

    Edit : Found the 0/0 player problem. MaxPlayers & ReservedPlayerSlots was the same numbers, looks like it dosen't like. Change to : MaxPlayers=10 ReservedPlayerSlots=5 I don't have the 0/0 player anymore, but still have the :
  9. I'm trying to create a server 1x1 to do some tests. Actually, the server is up : I can see it on Steam too : But the server is at player 0/0, and I got the message : Found someone who speak about a probleme like that : But as my server is a 1x1, I don't really understand. Can anyone help me to figure it out ? Thanks..
  10. globytheoldpirate

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    PvE taxe rate is a bad idea IMO. It's a PvP feature, people will be taxed because other came first, and can't be take off, seems a bit unfair. Taxe system should be, at least be set max at 10% for PvE if it stays. 30% taxe for PvE is.. meh..
  11. globytheoldpirate

    fr 🇫🇷 Atlas en Français v1.1

    La traduction d'Atlas en français est disponible en version 1.1. https://atlas-france.fr/forums/topic/68-atlas-en-fran%C3%A7ais-vers-11/
  12. globytheoldpirate

    Accordian song macro creation tool!

    It is still the beginning, I'll try to work for the complete version, and then remake the Ark Trailer, but with Atlas content and accordion song. ark_main_theme_short.ahk
  13. globytheoldpirate

    Show 'n Tell #5 Deadline Wednesday 6th March.

  14. globytheoldpirate

    Show 'n Tell #5 Deadline Wednesday 6th March.

    Found an abandonned ship this morning, far from any shore. No one inside, except what I assume was the captain and a note.
  15. globytheoldpirate

    Disable claim and build on a grid

    Ok, thank you a lot for the answer I'll try something with the auto-decay, hope it doesn't affect ships. Sorry for the multipost, though this one wasn't clear, so made a new one.