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  1. globytheoldpirate

    building Building System is Terrible

    I trully agree, it's soooo much better than the old one of Ark. I actually enjoy build in Atlas ^^ While Ark was a real pain sometimes x)
  2. globytheoldpirate

    Non-dedicated server admin access

    enablecheats "password you set as admin password"
  3. globytheoldpirate


    It differ from point of view From mine, as a dev, Sony is bad because they don't allow Early Access game/process. Their review are yeah longer than Microsoft one, and not very better imo I see microsoft as Android. Kinda fast process, developper friendly, cheap, cool And Sony as Aple Store. Very low process, cost a fucking lot and each year for nothing, dumb rules, push code for certification : answer no, repush the same code : answer ok everything is fine
  4. globytheoldpirate

    Xbox release soon?

    They said this year Didn't see any more precise ETA
  5. globytheoldpirate

    WPE on ISO Blackwood

    March isn't next week... We all know here that when they give a large ETA you will wait more (even if it's better theses days) Thhhhough, when it's "next week", that's different x) But, that's not the debate here
  6. globytheoldpirate

    WPE on ISO Blackwood

    Wut ? They always said "We are workling on it" They never gave any ETA except yesturday
  7. globytheoldpirate

    Island clear

    You won't be able to raze anyway, so deal with it ? Wait some patch for the fast decay maybe ? (I'm able to destroy fondation with bed on top though, so weird)
  8. globytheoldpirate

    Island clear

    If they are OK, why don't they just delete all their fondation and such themself ? Though, Taxes are only additive, it doesn't affect the settlers
  9. globytheoldpirate

    Island clear

    You misunderstand the message I think I'm saying that it is normal and great that in PvE, we can't destroy others work, even with gold or else
  10. globytheoldpirate

    Multiple Suggestions

    I like the idea of fruit seeds Berry seeds will be cool aswell Some island have neither fruit/veggie/berrie It's a pain in the ass to eat, we have to go in another island just to eat.. Having some plantation of berry/fruit would be a great QOL Theses could be use for special recipe aswell, as there already is with veggie
  11. globytheoldpirate

    Island clear

    Dude, I own an island since the wipe Yeah it's frustrating to see player placing a foundation with a bed, and then leave the island forever Though you can destroy it the first 24h, if your tribe missed the opportinity, well that's your fault. 1 fondation will be affected by fast decay though It still just some random fondation, if you have your islands since some time, you won't have that much And this prevent abuse owner to delete others peoples work Some random fondation doesn't need a raze. Make the people that where before you on the island, your settler. I myself have 5 tribe settlers on my island and everything is on top. They are happy to have me as owner, we do quests together, we do some trade. And while they like me because I'm not some greedy/cancer owner, I like them because of taxes. So instead of destroying others work, make their work better
  12. globytheoldpirate

    WPE on ISO Blackwood

    Blackwood is next week
  13. globytheoldpirate

    WPE on ISO Blackwood

    No info for the moment But I hope too
  14. I hope they despawn after a set time, or small value sunken ships will never be removed ^^'
  15. globytheoldpirate

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    I have to put a lot of time in my school for the moment, I don't have enough time to work on side project for a moment BUT ! It could be something very interesting to do, it has some math, some logic. It could be pretty fun I'll look at this when I'll have time !