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  1. Ivadovich

    WPE on ISO Blackwood

    Just as the title says, will we be able to use the wild pirate encampments on the new ISO Blackwood map?
  2. Ivadovich

    Increase sailing speed

    Your poll is missing PVE - No
  3. Ivadovich

    SotD but real pirate ships

    I still think they can and they should. I mean the game has such potential and it still is in early development. I just hope it doesn't die before some of those major changes. Most of the poeple complain a lot about the game not beeing worked on and stupid decisions. I agree that it hasn't been flawless, but look how many hours are sunken in Atlas and Ark by a whole lot of players. So my guess is saying what I think would be a good decision, and hoping it get's picked up by you guys and the developers. And I think this one is the biggest one.
  4. Ivadovich

    Ship flags

    The mechanics of the flag are awesome. So just the same but bigger. The claim flag is a little bigger but still. I'm thinking 'I can see it clearly from a distance' type of flag. Like you know, how it really used to be.
  5. Ivadovich

    Ship flags

    Will there come an option to set a flag on ships? Currently my Company sets the comsetic flag on masts, but it is so small it isn't visible from a distance. Can we get some giant flags?
  6. Ivadovich

    SotD but real pirate ships

    Replace those (let's be honnest) ugly fantasy ships with real pirate ships. Just some ships pre disigned by your artist modellors. Look at the pre disigned structures and stuff. They are al so stunningly beatifull, I bet they could create some unimagible nice ships. You could use historicly known pirates, ships and flags. Just imagine comming across the Queen Anne's Revenge + acurate flag. Same thing for those famous chinese ships and their pirates.