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  1. Since a few days ago I have a status symbol, that I have never seen before and I play since release. Can anybody tell me, what it means? Looks like pants.
  2. Hey guys, I found a lot of treasures (up to Journeyman) and have several blueprints for all kind of armor (hide, fur, cloth, plate) for all body parts but "Fur Pants" blueprints have never been in treasures (floats and sunken ships neither). Does anybody have them? Where did you find them? Thanky for yyour help in advance. K.S.
  3. Well - it is a game and not real life. I would love to have no animal is breadable on islands they spawn on. Make it even more special to have breads. 1) Find and sail to an island where you find the right fruit/veggy seed 2) Take that seed to a different island, where it can be cultivated 3) Take the fruit/veggy to 3rd island, where the animal is to be tamed 4) take the animal to a 4th island, where it can be tamed This way the sea will be played, you need to explore and travel the world. Maybe need help from other players, that have bases on different island (foster trade). Have the danger to be fought at sea ... This whole taming and farming can be a good part of the game if it cannot be done on a single island.
  4. Hello I have the problem since roughly late January, when I play Atlas there is no sound, neither in the game nor anywhere else on the PC. But not constantly. Sometimes it is on for a couple of minutes, then it is silent again. I had normal sound in the beginning of ATLAS but now I cannot even watch some youtube while playing. Anybody an idea what might be wrong?
  5. I would like to have wide gates that match the railing: see-through, just high enough to keep even giraffes inside; just to design nice paddocks to keep your tames inside (but without destroying the beautiful environment, to keep the mood of surrounding nature)
  6. with 6x taming I tame Giraffes in 10 min. I have a Outpost in B10 "Ogegami Island" (with beet in stock) Tell me a time and I get you one - no charge! You can even coose which one you like
  7. A kind of debuff for ~10 min would be ok. (e.g. 1/2 gathering & stats). Just so that constant diing is not an advantage.
  8. I really like your PvE suggestions. The challenge of player attacks is not there in PvE (and not wanted by the PvE players) therefore other aspects of the game need to be more challenging to ensure long-term motivation.
  9. Some of you guys just confirmed again, why I normally do not participate in forum discussion. Would be nice to have a thread without trolls and polemic. Of course people have different incentives to play the game and different playstyles. Atlas provides content for a lot of different players. When I play MMORPGs I prefer playing on the PvP servers and love to fight. But here it is different. I know my wife doesn't like to fight and we play this game in our own way and I think we are not alone. This game is rich in exploring and building. And i feel like a pirate on my own ship and fighting or avaiding SotD. My wishes are of course aligned with my playstyle. And I understand, that other people want it differently. That is why I suggested to have 2 different kind of maps with diffferent settings. Technically it is not that hard to provide 2 different game versions, since it is only a parameter thingy. My apologies to call my suggestion "hardcore". You are right - it is not hardcore but more challenging than the settings, which are in place now. Having 2 worlds would ease up on the "all land is taken", too. And will ease on the freeport lag issue (which only occurs for 2 days. That should not be the reason to change the game (spawn everywhere). Anyhow. I did not want to offend anybody or whine. I just wanted to articulate my thoughts about the upcoming and done changes to the game. Because in general this is the moost fun game I played in years!
  10. Maybe the DEVs could create "hardcore" (as it was supposed to be) server besides the "normal" one. - no alternative taming fruits - not all materials everywhere - no nerved animals - just a few freeports with distant islands - no ramshackles for (almost) free - debuff at death ==> fighting for life and a home - survival!
  11. I know the feeling. Was the same for us. Took quite while before we found syrup a few islands north to finally get the fur armor. In the beginning there was no saps in the Tundra. We loved the challenge. It really felt like a survival game. Before that we had to so spts of 3 campfires everywhere to actually gather during the night. While writing that I have another wish for a change: Dying should be more punished or survival incenteviced. Really trying to stay alive is (at least was) a challenge. But you can (and most people do) just run around naked and die all the time to avoid the survival part. Just come out frech from a bed
  12. The lagging was just the first 2 days. They are taking away the whole exploring. There is enough room, if everybody has just one shore claim. You do not even need that. it is enough if one of your company has one.
  13. Hello everybody! My wife and I play ATLAS since its release in December. It was the first game in years, which we both enjoyed equally. We both like different aspects of the game. I love the exploring with the ship. I really like the mechanic how to steer the ships. Discovering a new island with different flora and fauna is awesome. I remeber the first time I saw Yeties and I just reasently discovered a desert with cactus and stuff. She enjoys a lot the taming and breeding and running around with the animals. I loved creating a home for us (the building part) and providing stables and ressources for her animals. We have a small prt of a small Island, we call our home, which we improve weekly and increase our "zoo". We play on PvE because we are not interested in fighting. We enjoyy the Robinson Crusoe part :-) Normally I am not so much of someone that writes in forums, especially because I am a product manager in a computer gaming company and I know, it mostly doeesn't reach the decision makers. But I would like to mention the 2-3 things I wish they will not happen and one thing I actually would like reversed. It feels like the game is getting easier and easier and you take away so many challenges. It shouldn't be so fast to achieve everything. That takes away the feeling of accomplishment. Please do NOT let everybody spawn on any server or even island. Rather make it more difficult to reach certain region of the world. Don't let everybody get a Ramshakle Sloop from freeports (in 5-10 min). It was sooo much fun sailing of with the raft into the polar reagion and finding an excluded island. The wolves were crazy hard but after 100 attempts haveing a little cottage, that was safe from the wolves felt so great. We had bears on the island but no way of taming them because we had no honey. So we build a ship and I sailed out to find an island with honey to get it back to my wife for taming. I went from island to island. I was searching and asked people if they have seen bees and honey. After days I finally found honey. After some struggle with lions and crocodiles I managed to harvest some and sailed back to the arctic, where my wive tamed our first bear. Now you can tame with anyberry and makes it easy with the 2x taming weekends. Everybody has a bear by now. Where is the challenge? Same thing was for Giraffes: Finding wild beet, getting seeds, growing beet and taming a giraffe felt sooo rewarding. Using any vegetable feels like cheating and not special. By now you can find almost all ressources you need on every island. To encourage trading and exploring the islands should only provide the basic ressources and 1-2 special one. This would get people to interact and wander the whole world. The change, that is supposed to happen, that makes me the most sad is the removal of the clam flags. It felt great to have a place, that is yours. Our little paradise. Having a small piece of land, that you can call "home" is needed in this kind of game. Building a base is a big part of the game. We would like to have a garden and nature surrounding it, too. We want to create something inviting for other players as well. With the new system it will never be home and surrounding nature is impossible. Either people could build right next to you or it is spammed with pillars and/or foundations. Please give every player just 1 area (claim), where they can build their little paradise - their home. The wipe hurts but please let us keep the game, we enjoyed so many hours. Let us have a little home; reinstate challenges! My apologies, if it sounds like whining but I needed to say, what we feel about the upcoming changes. Maybe some who can do something about it (the product manager) hears about it. Kind regards Klaus Störtebeker EU PvE
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