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  1. Really ...then you will pay my taxes because you learned to be a slave and all is fine? I did not buy this game to pay taxes to some a-hole that was faster than me to claim land. Same people have to work for a living and have a family and can not be 18 hours per day in the game like you to claim everything possible.
  2. No Claim on PVE server! I was in the game 50 days and 2 of us couldn't find single spot to claim. Following that experience it is better without claim and if you really play you will log in often and your buildings will not decay.
  3. Beechies

    PLEASE keep Claim in PVE

    Well from my experience EVERYTHING was claimed when i joined game on pve official EU server. I agree with them...NO Claim! On lawless grids all around boxes and shipyards. 2 weeks 2 of us were searching for small shipyard spot. I guess all or most of you that now complain here on forum are guys with minimum a few islands fully claim. Go cry even more!
  4. I agree with Zen. It is too long period to wait.
  5. Beechies

    All grid is crashing all day

    Can you guys help us and fix N7 Siren's Call PVE EU grid. Last 5 or 6 hours game kicking us out and rollback it is not playable. Thank you!