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  1. I agree with OP on this. Game should either allow destruction of theses Boulders or make them provide pillars support. The latter option should work cause above water big rocks do provide support if you have pillars on them.
  2. I'm sure you're right a lot will quit but I would not base the numbers on that chart cause people like me that will return, a lot of them don't feel like playing till the wipe occurs. You know, what's the point of doing stuff you already know will get deleted.
  3. Yes there will be some like this. There are also cool people That welcome people in. I saw it in the Old system when we could allow people on our claim and they were not douche about it. Let's just wait and see how it will play out. And Lawless Regions will still be there Both options offered instead of just one.
  4. Lawless region will still be there if you prefer that but you'll have to deal with the pillar/foundation spamers. And the New claim system is meant to encourage you to accept people on your island if you don't want them you'll have to work harder to pay upkeep. That said if you ever played ARK PVE was a nightmare being only lawless Some tribe owned entire server by just putting pillars foundations everywhere. I don't want ATLAS to turn into that. Most PVE players in ARK played on their own private server due to that. With ATLAS is different cause having the full map requires to to be bloody rich IRL to host all the Hardware required or even rent it. Therefore Having both option Lawless regions for player like you who don't want to live under a Settlement and Claim Regions for other like me sound good to me. Edit: I just hope for people that will choose to play in Lawless that they will still include that new Auto-Maintenance structure for you to have away time to enjoy. In the current state Lawless if you go offline more than 3 days anyone can destroy your hard work.
  5. Here's a few Pro for it in PVE. 1: Pillar/Foundations greifing spam prevention. (Belive me I've been victim of it under the Old Claim system other co placing foundation right at the border of you claim where you have good resource to stop them from showing up. They claim next to you just to do that and literraly don't build. Owning a whole island will prevent that. 2: In PVE lots of Company Traded resources/animals. Having a settlement with a Trade outpost will enhance that by enableling you to keep trading while offline. Final note the problem in Land saturation for PVE was always the fact we had unlimited flag to place not that we could own land. Humans have a greedy nature and with no hold barred they will take all they can. That said the captain log 23 mentioned that the LIMIT will be substantially lower in PVE and it should be since those claim can't be taken down in war an only from failing at upkeep.
  6. During the live stream they mentioned that The PTR would be a smaller map that is different than Official live map and become a permanent thing for other future patches. So what you said would save them money but not a good permanent solution. Also the benefit of having a smaller different map is it avoid Content scouting for claim as one other mentioned before in this thread. Yep you can still gather intel like what the new rules will work like example how big of a company you need to claim that huge Island you dream of, but no spoilers on new islands locations.
  7. Look like you can mark this as answered now.
  8. Just want to link the Thread I started related to this that gained support and other suggestions. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/51444-please-keep-claim-in-pve/
  9. I understand what you're trying to say I felt like that when I first looked for land but I eventually got some. The Real problem is not claiming land in the first place. It always was the fact claiming flag was not limited. So the greedy people got all they could to no avail. If it's limited it's a good system to avoid greifing. Imagine if every company is only allowed 1 flag and there's 225 Region with adverage 3 island. That now lets remove the 10 regions with power stones and the kraken 215. Besides that we have to remove Freeports and lawless regions Not sure about these number but let be safe and say they come up 30 total that leaves 175 regions with 3 island adverage. that means with a 1 flag limit per co. 525 Co. could own an island. That's a lot of company and I'm not sure there is currently that much in game.
  10. Yeah basically this, would just need a lower Flag Cap per company since it's PVE and land can't be taken down by fight. 1 might be extreme like I suggested but also not too bad, I think one island for a company is enough bases don't need to be huge but I know some people like to have settlement acorss the world so could be something like 3 too.
  11. Just make it 1 per company in PVE but keep it. It's also a way to control who lives next to you and avoid greifers. Some big company only greif small. I see some already placing tcth foundations everywhere to prevent resources spawn and kill our game and they will have the mean to auto repair them.
  12. And the Claim change is a Huge Loss for PVE. Basically being in Lawless anywhere means we can't have safe resources zones and big greafing company will just pay the auto repair to spam islands with tatch foundations.
  13. One more thought about Upkeep 100 gold per day(per flags) would have to be the minimum to free up some land for new players. and at that rate Solo and Very small crew would only play to keep what they have. anything lower than that would only be just a dent to Big Co. (From a PVE point of view) I agree PVP is different. That's why I insist thoroughly about per member count.
  14. Again you're point stands mate. I'm just putting myself in the pant of solo and small 2-3 crew group. If they don't play like that. and have just one flag, they won't have a lot to sell, right? I happen to be in a company that is mixed with casual and regular player in PVE and I based my suggestion on that. One of our regular is the type that stays at base improves it all the time, yet rarely goes at seas. Imagine a Solo player like that in a pay 100 Gold per day for Upkeep with just 1 flag and a Brig. I'm sure he would just quit. Try to see it overal. There was also a logic to the per member count. It's natuaral you need more land the more people you have in the Co. It's the whole idea. About you edit before my reply. Making Salted meat is the answer to that BTW.
  15. You make a good statement here but keep in mind not everyone play in the same fashion. Some people want to just have a claim to make a beautiful base and not really wander off where they set off. Those are the most penalized. If you do the Treasure / whale yes you're right gold comes in faster. But in involves being away from base often. That's why I think no limitless flag per player is better than upkeep. mate. And keep in mind they will introduce trading through NPC do you want to keep a bit of that gold for trading? Or maybe playing just to pay for upkeep and your Full galeon crew everyday suits you better?
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