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  1. so will this be the first mmo to wipe all progress all the time or is this just an EA thing? i have a tiny bit of hope to play this again as up until the first wipe and the bad claim system afterwards it was a blast. still i will just set 1 foot into this when there is no more wipes.
  2. *quartely check back* really loved the first few months of atlas until you made everything easier, removed ressource diversity, and revamped good stuff to be worse like like the claim system instead of changing the few things around it that were broken like to prevent spamming of flags...oh my this first few months despite all the bugs and issues where such a blast....played a long with the new claim system quite a while too but it was just so much worse. well i'll play again and check what it is like when you are done wiping and make a clear statement how this will be handled. as long this "season mindset" with wiping is here, i am out
  3. i was hyped a tiny bit when i read about the new map after the game got abandoned by the devs for months. i thought maybe, just maybe this might turn around and maybe they really worked for a few months to make it all better...i still like the idea of the game and had really great hours in it...but since the decisions made with the first wipe everything after was just poor quality. then the quality of this last patch and the quality of this Q&A is just the same trash as before.... i really wish you luck sailing this into release state harbour ^^ sadly such a gem got so mismanaged that it's just frustrating.
  4. got the same problem on PC but since the relaunch while it is working without any issues for my wife...so if anyone knows how to fix this - plleeaase help this gets really annoying.
  5. these silly company limits on alliances just screw over small companies more than they help them...dunno who thought this would stop big companies to work together (which isn't wrong in the first place) but it just makes it impossible for smaller companies to a) form a big enough alliance with enough small companies or b) god forbid work together with bigger companies as they don't get an alliance slot due to their size. you can't even form grid alliances with the limits even if only 1 company owns 1 island per grid while there should be more companies per island by design *shrug* in the end the result is big companies are annoyed as the alliance system is crap for them too but can and do work around this. so if there has to be limits on alliance members it should be PLAYERS and not companies tho i still think these limits don't help the small ones but in the end make it a pain for all.
  6. hey devs, right now the thing that is way worse than before 1.5 is the alliance system, speaking from the point of a small company -do you see the problems the current alliance system leads too? like it basically it doesn't change that players that want to work together will work together but just makes it a pain, even more so for small companies which you stated the new colony system should help - the settlers if you want. just to point a few out: -right now due to the limits on how many companies can join an alliance i think small companies have never been "forced" to merge with big ones more than now. before 1.5 the limit of 12 per alliance was very limiting too but at least there was a chance that also small companies had a spot in grid alliances and such without the need to merge. now with 5 max this is just no longer possible...understandable from the point of bigger companies that want an alliance that can field enough players too. -the settlement system should promote companies to work together and well form an alliance which even should spread over more islands if the landowner is big enough. -why shouldn't a lot of small 3-10 man companies be able to form an alliance and work together that in total can match the numbers of an alliance with 5 75 ppl companies? ->what are your plans to make this work? maybe you want to... -> do away with limit of companies but make alliances limit on total players in it? -> add a functional standing system (look at EvE pls) that also can be set on cannons and such? my final thought: even if you want to limit alliances players will field big numbers if they like. all you do is make it a pain that is unnecessary because it will not change a lot...at least for the big companies. it will however hurt the small ones that don't want to be part of the big wars, but find a grid to live, defend and be part of in their own way. love the game but the alliance system is a real mess right now. cheers
  7. this new alliance number limitations are just hurting the small companies more than anything else...how it looks now is: big companies form an alliance and due to the sever limits the small companies that settle stay red to most...or there is more small companies that would want to work together to get somewhat reasonable numbers...can't due to limit. all in all this system just makes it a pain for everyone and screws over small companies as a whole. i play in a really small one and before it was way better with friendly grid neighbours forming alliances for trade, treassure hunting or working together for defense...just not possible any longer. i mean if they don't want super big alliances limit on players and not companies the way it is without any standing system is just making it a pain for all, big or small.
  8. works well with normal lions but with alphas it's just instant death and like 90% of the time they sneak on you while hitting a rock/tree ^^ you can't run from them, you can't fight them...lost 2 more bears today *yay* ^^ guess if you are on an island with tons of lions you are just screwed for now...this really needs some changes
  9. well tried everything but if an alpha lion gets you and you are alone, you and your tame are dead next try is to always take more tames with you tho i still think in this case this is just a little too much.
  10. Hey, since release alphas overall got dumbed down quite a lot and i for one liked alphas being quite strong, a danger and somewhat of a challange and was sad when even wolves were no more a thing to fear. yet as of now i really got to say that something needs to change about alpha lions (or i am just missing something). the problem is not them being hard but they just knock you of your tame and stun you till you are dead, tame following soon after while i could kill them if they wouldn't just always stun kill me - there is not just anything to do against it besides having a t3 mount as far as i know (or le tme know if i am wrong :P). the island i am on has tons of them and so retaming bears comes right after farming base mats so can you please either shorten the stun by a lot or make it so you get no dmg while stunned. leave them strong and a challenge but not unbeatable as on islands with them you are not always teamed up while farming or doing stuff.
  11. sorry but this idea is just bad. you get 24h to remove the stuff, the decay if someone goes inactive but being able to remove everything from everyone during peace time will just lead to griefing and frustration.
  12. guess the reason there is no NA PvE yet is to see if it's worth to keep the empire server or just make it PvE
  13. and looking at the little increase in numbers with the test server release it doesn't look like the thousands are eager to come back or just noone wants to test the new stuff
  14. yes i have stated it way too many times ... the old system was just right and only needed some adjustments like a limit of claim flags, the remake just seems worse and the wipe did the rest. why do games i really like always get shafted by the devs ^^
  15. Hey, now that you can port to every grid is very much killing all the exploration somehow. i think that only being able to port to freeports was a good solution and more than enough. so i hope this is only for testing purpose? also please bring back that you need to uncover your map...i think this added a lot so see where you have been traveling.
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