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  1. Xenom

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    oh playing the tough guy so his arguments seem totally right, i still see this totally different and now what? if you think atlas is not time consuming in comparison to most other mmo's i wish i could care that little about my time playing games like you do EA or not the arguement with having a 2 year headstart is just BS...if you'd start BDO or EvE right now you'd be years behind me...unfair i was just stating that EA does not automaticall means wipes as EA can be a lot of different things and that surely a lot of ppl had the perception there might not be a wipe - see i think this should be stated for the devs to consider how to proceed as i like atlas and it would be sad to have no ppl to play with after the wipe - sorry if it makes you rage like a little child.
  2. Xenom

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    sure that is what i am guessing is the reason still it'd be nice to have some sort of dev info on all this as all the threads showed that a lot were bothered by the char wipe - right now it just seems like they don't want to talk about it at all like if we don't talk about it they (we) will forget about it ^^ i think that most ppl won't forget and will not really care to play and i don't want to play atlas with just a few hundred...i mean there is a game i really like and i just fear it got sunk with the full wipe before it could really take off. or i am just wrong...guess we will see soon enough
  3. yeah not wiping now would be way worse...most grids are a wasteland and the few playing destroy whatever there is now that you can build whatever you need for it in a few at most they could reconsider the char wipe tho i highly doubt this too.
  4. Xenom

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    don't be so dramatic what i mean is that just looking at the current wipe...i think most can understand that they need to wipe assets/claims etc...you might like the planned rework or not but such reworks are part of EA. so even if you didn't expect a wipe, wiping assets and claims seems quite reasonable, sucks but well. could have been more clear from the start but it is what it is. still wiping characters on top seems unnecessary for most and by clarification i mean they could state if they feel safe enough to for an example not wipe characters from now on (i mean they really should be able to decide this by now) + they could tell us why they have to wipe them in the first place this time around. sure they say they do not take the decision lightly yet a full wipe for what is coming makes one think otherwise. just think of it...how many will bother to develop their character, will you? how many will be sailing the seas without this? progression in games like this is quite crucial for a lot of players. will they bother to come back and stay? i personally really like the game and i also like to play EA games but the time spend in such games when there is wipes coming is quite low for most players, is atlas fun with no players? guess not. so if they at least would not wipe characters going forward (best would still to start with this wipe also) i am quite sure more would not mind that much - just seems like overkill to wipe everything from the devs. i mean i get it that those still lurking these forums right now do not mind that much...well most have gone missing for now, most of them that stopped playing didn't even write on those forums but the numbers show quite clear how much ppl bother to play with wipes. so i still think the devs should think of how they want their EA...super low population than go ahead without or change course very likely have more players to test stuff but you will need to let them some sort of progression - besides a hat
  5. Xenom

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    you write it by yourself: EA basically means the game isn't finished and there might be changes. EA doesn't automatically mean wipes - just so we get it right what EA really means. but that is not really the point of what i want to say as we can argue about that for the years to come so i won't really bother to change your opinion - you are ok with it fine, a lot are not which also shows by the numbers currently playing and if there is future full wipes coming this won't really change. so sure they said they might wipe again, i still hope they will reconsider and clarify on this - why? i really like atlas and want to keep playing but games like atlas need a critical mass of players to really be fun and i doubt we will keep that critical mass with future wipes coming - just like darkfall which was just no fun with a few hundred ppl left and was one of the best with thousands, same for atlas. i personally support and play quite a lot of EA games when i like the idea and most of the time it is crystal clear from the beginning if there will be wipes or not or what parts might get wiped. and here lies the problem with atlas - most where taking ark as a reference which didn't do any full wipes and most where thinking this will be the case with atlas and therefor spent quite a lot of time with the game which they would not have if they knew there would be wipes. it's just a sad state right now...the same few ppl on the forums, empty servers and no fun to be had. i guess if the course on wipes (at least after this one - tho i still think wiping chars too is lazy) will not change this will stay this way which would be sad.
  6. Xenom

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    maybe for you, still EA doesn't mean wipes automatically no matter how often you try to tell that - it's worse with a time consuming game like atlas. if they won't clarify their future wipe plans after this one this is so going to hurt the population even more that you can discuss this matter with the other few wipe loving folks around here and play with a few hundred peak - not what i would like atlas to be for the next 2 years.
  7. Xenom

    My take on the claim rework

    yeah let's see what kind of feedback makes it into to final version of the remake...let's hope they will see what issues will come if they push it thru like they described it. i think there is quite a few good suggestions around while most agree that the rework as described as of now will create some serious problems.
  8. Xenom

    My take on the claim rework

    i personally found the old claim system to be a quite good solution. it was even less of a problem on PvP but sure the no limit on how many claims you can place and/or no upkeep was the reason it was flawed to some extend. i do not really see the reason for the island wide claims besides to make sure you do not have 100 different offline raid protection times per island for every claim there is which makes sense. so i guess that's a big reason why they go for it which is ok as long you do not remove the current claim system completly. besides there is a need for this on PvP these are all things that do not play any role on PvE - so a limit of claims would have been all that is needed there and then maybe the island claim for offline protection time on PvP. so all in all this rework seems a lot too complicated for the solutions that were needed.
  9. Xenom

    My take on the claim rework

    that might the pirate lord then he could distrubute the rum according to the amount of bounty brought home ^^ in the long run i aso think that more buildings like the lighthouse...maybe townslots so you could build a little pirate town where you can set up shops, get missions or whatnot and that needs someone to decide what to do would be a nice addition...still way way off i guess for the current problems i think that having no option to "mark" your land with a claim or something of that sort and relying on some island owner to destruct stuff in a timely manner is not a good solution. no more offline raiding but offline building nonsense directly in front of someones base or ship is as bad and to be expected moreover i will miss all the nicely done flags and the welcoming territory messages
  10. valid suggestion as this will happen without some sort of mechanism for sure.
  11. Xenom

    My take on the claim rework

    one more thing...i really tried to think about PvE servers after wwriting this as my experience/take on the claims is froma PvP standpoint only....but just can't think of any benefit for settlements on PvE. maybe it would be best to remove them there all together. just my 2 cents
  12. hey all, as i guess the new settlement claims are not subject to change i want to at least write how i think the rework could work - doubt it will how it is currently laid out. playing on PvP i do not really see a need for them on PvE but maybe there is future plans for them like mob raids or something so let's just asume they will matter sooner or later. 1) Purpose of settlement claims and their owner should be for sorting out the overall island stuff like... -set tax on pvp (no tax on pve) -set raid window for offline protection on pvp (pve raids later on?) -accept/deny company claims (see below) -war declaration stuff -future island stuff you might come up to that doesn't work on the old claim level 2) Keep current claims - how? why? -current claims should only work on settlement islands and the settlement owner has to accept/deny claim requests - seriously this 12h or whatever timer on building is just an explosive barrel of griefing. company claims would be a "sub claim" below the settlement claim so the island owner can distribute the land - no 12h of destruction, accept or deny, accept = you can build and it's yours until destroyed! -limit claims to 2 or 3 per player -limit max claims per company to like 50-100 max or whatever number fits the world remake -claims that have no npc's/player's of owner company in it for a set time will start to decay (keep in mind small companies go on holidays!) make it so if nothing is build this goes faster, when buildings are in it make it like 3 weeks, npc's/players in it will prevent decay, the more claims you have the faster it decays - basically what you did with claiming timer right now (was a good idea btw). -why keep them? without any claims the griefing will just get out of hand, claims were perfectly fine for marking your spot where you can build whatever you want and you know the borders where you can build and no other one could...without someone will ruin your base with pillars or other stupid stuff, stuck you boat, tames or whatever in pillars just because he can - really devs just don't remove the old claims. the only problem with the old claims was: no limit and no decay/despawning when inactive. a lot of ppl are just kind persons will help each other, work together, attack and defend and play the game like it's meant to be played but there is enough that will just grief the hell out of everybody they can if they can. don't open pillar spam online, just pls don't ^^ 3) tax situation - a lot do not really like the idea to only pay taxes to the island owner - maybe this can be changed a bit tho i personally do not mind to pay tax if the owner is actively defending and helping the smaller companies on his island (on pvp that is:P) - really depends how the island community is but i doubt most are as pleasent as the one i am in. -whatever tax is set 1/3 of it goes to the company claim owner if someone is harvesting in your claims - just so it doesn't feel too one sided as living on an island will also decease the upkeep for the island owner anyways all in all this would be how i would do it and thought i leave this here for discussion - maybe i am just totally wrong but i just can't see the rework work as proposed. tho my hope for a non NGE remake is kinda dwindling right now - whatever it will be like, thanks devs for the super fun hours that melted away from christmas until the announcement - wasn't having such a blast in quite a long time for me you had it perfectly right besides some tweaks ^^ P.S. Don't wipe chars!
  13. Xenom

    Please stop demotivating the devs

    true...was playing daily and having a blast. now it's all kinda meh. sure the old system had it's flaws but this all can build everywhere is worse and no more claim flags, no more territory msges, no more nice flags...meh too. would have been better to fix the old system as it was quite solid just had some flaws....maybe just an upkeep and/or decay for unused claims and a remove of the tax system on PvE...i mean i gladly play tax on PvP to someone who uses it for defense like whe had it on PvP but if i played on PvE i would be salty about itcuz it doesn't make sense there at all. everything wiped on top...meh again i will try to get into it again after the wipe but somehow i do not think we will have a super high population a few weeks after the patch and very likely a lot will not play again that played until now.
  14. Xenom

    The Day after...

    we had a same experience landing on islands a few weeks after release still as of now for me the fun is going to zero since announced, guess seeing the actual population i am not alone. wonder what the population will be like a few weeks after the wipe if they do not state how they will handle it from there and just let the statement stay to wipe whenever necessary uncovered ^^
  15. Xenom

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    the changes to the proposed claim rework sound good tho being able to claim your piece of land within a settlement would have been good just to prevent griefing, not sure why you do not just add a cost/limit on it but i guess we will have to wait and see how it really plays out and what needs to be changed. at least we will be able to defend our base without owning it, which was the biggest let down of the first rework announced. still after all the numerous threads about the wipe and discovery points/FOY etc...and also the future wipes announced one would think you would post something about this as well as it is quite important to a lot of your community. if you at least would explain why you also have to wipe chars or that you are still looking into it and might reconsider what you announced...just something and what your future plans are would go a long way. no matter how many will continue to tell you that wiping is super cool just look at the drop in numbers - if you don't adress the wipe thematic there is just no point in playing such a time consuming game. with future wipes do you really think ppl will put that much time into it? the acutal numbers might stay the future numbers. sure the numbers droped after release but those that stayed were playing quite a lot if you look at steam charts and it would be sad if atlas will be one of those hardly played EA games where we have so many of. mind you i really love the game but all this wiping is a real downer, might stick thru 1 full wipe but well...i think it has been said over and over in quite a lot of threads, hope you don't ignore it.