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  1. It's frustrating that most of us really enjoy the game despite the bugs that have plagued us. The claim system is a brilliant idea that gives players a sense of safety and ownership along with a entirely new layer of trade and commerce. Many of those who joined the game later from EA launch felt frustrated that land was difficult to obtain and yes that push us away, but didn't stop us from wanting land of our own. Now that claims are announced as being abolished after the wipe those who never had land will not get it or have the same sense of ownership. I had pride in my land claim and that pride drove me to build beautifully. Land ownership is more than functional. It's a catalyst that will raise the aesthetics of the game. Without that pride people will build functionally. You can bet to see Borg cubes on every beach. Returning to the frustration, we the players know that a reduction in available claims or limitations per server per player are a sure fired way to solve this. I feel like there's a language barrier between the populous and the development team. That's what's making us shout all the louder.
  2. I'm struggling to get a majority of my company to even play after the wipe, which won't happen without those claim flags.
  3. We should stand together with one voice and tell them this isn't good for anyone. Please consider upvoting my suggestion listed below.
  4. I made a suggestion on the forums. Let's show the developers in one voice that this is a bad idea.
  5. It seems like you all put a lot of thought into PVP and then forgot about PVE until the last moment. I urge you (developers) to reconsider your decision to remove claims from PVE. Doing this will destroy your plans for trade and player markets in the future as everyone will have access to everything. Or nothing as most spawns will be blocked by foundation and pillar spamming. Player will log in to find their ships enclosed in walls. Resources will be built over by careless players and trolls. This decision doesn't resolve anything and adds even more issues.
  6. I second that. Grapeshot needs to realize that PVE isn't about killing other players. Land trade and resouce control is a large part of that. By allowing everyone to build everywhere you essentially destroy a market for resources.
  7. Posting this in Bug Reports would be a good way to relay the issue to development.
  8. Post this under my suggestion listing and upvote to bring more attention to the development team.
  9. There's plenty of support and communication. Jon the official discord. Forums are a thing of the past.
  10. I'm confused. How many straws are there now?
  11. The tax rate is so insignificant that you can't really tell you're giving up a part of your resources. It's a nice concept, very noble. However, pirates are greedy and taxes hello is get those varying types of resources into one place from our lands to build masterwork items. We aren't going to drop those rates just to appear the good guys. PS. With dedication anyone can get land. Believe it.
  12. I'll make you a YouTube video on timelapse, but you may want to sit down because it's obviously gonna be difficult for you to grasp reality. I'm not sure your mind can handle the truth.
  13. I certainly can farm 240k wood between 2 elephants in 5 hours. I also never mentioned maps when I said 2500g. You get 1400-1500g for killing 1 monstrous blue whale and it only takes 2 people. 1 driver and a single person in a ballista roughly 30-45 shots to take one down at drive-by speed. As far as people wanting things fixed, well they are being fixed. People can't sink your ships by climbing your ladder, which you can raise by whistling at your rudder Y & U. SotD no longer for upon ships unless they were targeted and fired upon by them. So, get your binky out, man up and leave that tear ridden safe space where your can't grasp that something is possible simply because you can't or don't understand how it's done.
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