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  1. Most people dont charge for renting. As you'll farm on their land and pay with taxes. I am against renting though, as it is not 100% secure. At any time they could pull up and replace the flag, effectively claiming everything you have there. Or just simply revoke your building permissions at any time. There are good landlords out there, but you never know.. maybe you get the "Hey, what'd you expect, it's a pirate game" landlord
  2. It is about 100 large gates laid across the whole chunk of island. that is NOT a "small section". Maybe if you own the whole island, and 400 other claims it may seem small... but that is a large section cut off from farming... I don't have anything personally against Paragon, you are just the big company in my area, along with East India Trading. I simply report what I see. I do keep asking myself these questions though when i see more big company claims pop up: "Don't you have enough claims? Do you really need more?" "Why would you say 'we are not relinquishing any flags'." The finality of that statement angers me slightly. Like there is NOTHING you could give to make us give up even ONE flag. The words may as well say: "We are comfortable keeping others from being able to enjoy this game. We are ok with that. They may join us, but otherwise fk them. If they can't find land it is their fault. Even though we claim 10 more flags a day, that could be 10 ppls only permanent claim, its their fault for not finding them first. They must be lazy af." Edit: Edited "Paragon" claims into "large company claims", because they are not the only ones i see getting more claims than they need
  3. I'm sorry, but in B11 no one is collecting taxes anymore. East India owns 2 whole islands, and no one is stopping by to farm a Temperate with 30% tax. And the third Island is Paragon, with maybe 5 carve outs for randos. And on the Paragon Island, the randos are walled off of Paragons land BY Paragon... so no taxes there.... The only reason you would have so much land that is not collecting taxes, and not being built on, and not being farmed.... is for the leaderboard. I hope the upkeep is an aggressive steep increase: 1 claim = 1gold a day 2 claims = 2 gold a day on each 3 claims = 4 gold a day on each . . . . 8 claims = 128 gold a day on each 10 claims = 512 gold a day on each and just keep doubling it until infinity. No max claims... i mean, 1 gold you can dig up in sand with a shovel. or grab some floatsam and be good for a week... 10 claims.. big companies should be able to do 5k gold a day. of course that means 20 claims, at 524k each... there might be a line there. But it needs to be aggressive. That way if they want to keep the "Most claims" metric, then its actually hard to do
  4. A paid expansion would end it for me. As I have no intention of giving anymore money, and no one would play vanilla Edit: Us 5 and maybe a couple more are the only ones posting in PvE. Except for the occasional exploit complaint.
  5. I don't think anyone has a problem with how it is done. It is the fact that it CAN be done with so many claims already. Again no one blames you for it, you are just playing the game as designed. However, the design is flawed. Every flag you plant, is a flag that someone who has no claims would make use of and appreciate. But to the top land owners, it is just wasted space.
  6. Aye, the zones like A12, the ones with one REALLY big island are my favorite. And just ONE zone with a very big landmass that you cannot build on would be nice. We have the powerstone isles, but sometimes those are hard to navigate
  7. Without Divide is one of the more reasonable top companies. They do a lot of merges to gain land, and are generally good folks. I don't really blame them, Paragon, Atlas Shrugged... they are all just trying to work a broken system and climb the only scoreboard there is. Hopefully with the claim system revamp, things will change... The overlapping is an issue. I was going to give away 3 claims to a new company, and when we showed up, someone had claimed a sea claim on the very edge to overlap all 3.. so now i cannot pull up the flags to give away
  8. That post is incorrect. I have heard that reddit post being used to justify 30% tax... pretty easy to debunk. go farm a few nodes in 30%, record the amount, and then go 5%, rinse repeat. you will get on average 25% less
  9. Structures placed on unclaimed areas should be able to be demolished by anyone. Then we could get rid of the sea claim abuse. Land claims only. If you have a sea claim, it should be pulled up and replaced by an underwater land claim flag, that way your docks/water builds are safe. If its too deep for a land claim flag, it is too deep to build on. They cause more problems than they solve. Good riddance
  10. I am sorry, but you are wrong. In a game with a single up-front purchase, a thriving community and large amounts of players is not a priority. When they feel more players are needed, they will drop a content patch. Players will return, and then dwindle again. The devs themselves may care very much that their game is popular, and that people like playing it. But the decision makers, and financial backers could care less. In fact, when they see the cumulative negative Steam reviews, all of the videos telling you not to play, and bad reviews... they start asking questions like "Does this game need a team of 20 devs on it? Couldnt 10 do this?"" "Could we lessen the cost of maintaining this game?" "How fast can we get micro-transactions live?" "Could we switch to lower bitrate servers?" "Lets talk paid expansions" This is not me just spit-balling, or guessing. This is very much how the game industry works. Question not asked by the decision makers: "Will a wipe upset our community?"
  11. A new Alliance is forming on NA PvE. -What is it? : The 5.5% Alliance is focused on giving players without land claims places to settle and farm at low Tax rates. -How can you join? : Easy! Just set your tax rates to 5.5%, and consider giving a claim flag to a random player or company that is currently settled in Lawless regions. -What are the benefits? : Any players given claims will be instructed that the claim is free, with the agreement that they farm on 5.5% land only when possible. So you will start racking up the tax while the new claim is built up from scratch! -How can I help? : Even if you don't want to join, consider donating land that is not in use (or you wont be able to upkeep when the patch hits) to the 5.5%. We will happily still give out land claims to needy players, even if you do not want to drop taxes to 5.5%. Please try to keep taxes as low as possible however, as most players will be told to not farm on 30% land at all. -Expiring 5.5% claims : Any claims found with 5.5% tax will be claimed, and the main base saved for future returning players. As a thanks for joining and participating, your main will not be ransacked. and will be preserved as much as possible. -Renting : The 5.5% is not interested in renting out claims, only releasing claim flags for others to claim. The alliance will not be an actual in-game Alliance, to allow the claiming of expiring 5.5% land. To join, simply set your tax rate to 5.5%! Its that easy. If you would like to donate any current land that is not being used by you atm, and you have no interest in paying upkeep on, please contact me by forum message. Do not post locations here. Thanks for your time, and I hope to see some 5.5% out there! =D
  12. indeed. But they will couple the cash shop with what they will call a "large content update", to lure players back. Then those players will find out the content was not so large as promised and leave again... just as planned. Its a formula that works. As long as the big companies whales stay and spend $1k on cash shop items, the small fish can leave after their initial $20 currency purchase with no hard feelings from the devs. I was just pointing out that ppl who think they wont wipe cause players will leave are wrong. It is not something that matters at the moment
  13. I'm tired of hearing "stop complaining, go look". No one is sitting in lawless "complaining", they are out looking. It's possible that a company with 50 members spread over ALL the grids is able to pinpoint the claims coming up for expiration. But solo/small company players are searching as best they can. I have my eye on 4 claims on 4 different islands that have a 4-day or less timer. If i get them, i will give away to Lawless hobo players.. But most of the time, i see another company ship parked within the claim, prolly with NPC's to contest until they can claim it. And most of the time, they have other land on the island, and are also watching the timer. A claim up for grabs right now has 2 different companies NPC's parked on it.... there is no way to get it claimed until they both move. But neither will move, cause then the other could claim... lol. The fact is, the "Most owned land claims" metric for "Top company" is flawed. I have seen entire Grids, ghost grids, claimed by a company... no one is there... no one farming... just a wasted grid
  14. You guys are acting like they care if players leave. It is not a subscription service, they already bought the game the money is in the bank. If players leave, that is less server load. There are no micro-transactions. players staying only costs them more money...
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