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  1. Chester2766

    What Do We Do With Gold In Singleplayer?

    That can eat up a bunch of gold, especially legendary gear.
  2. Chester2766

    What Do We Do With Gold In Singleplayer?

    Blueprint upgrades too
  3. Chester2766

    Single player issues..

    Try Control shift, In game.
  4. Chester2766

    New tame owl

    I think having an owl as a shoulder tame would be sweet. Could give you night vision buff or hunt for ya.
  5. Chester2766

    pve Eu PvE - Razortooths & blueprint to sell

    How much for the 26?
  6. Chester2766

    pve WTB - Tigers - EU PVE

    Looking to buy 2 tigers male female combo for breeding purposes. High lvls and good stats.
  7. Chester2766

    Claim system 🙄

    One main building, your capital. Place this and you own some land. Spend skill points to unlock more flags to place. Upkeep goes into the capital building.
  8. Chester2766

    Thank you for the bookshelf

    Thank you very much for releaseing this
  9. Chester2766

    Attention Paragon company

    I play with my wife a she likes the island and asked me to find out if we could trade something for one flag, just one so we could have a summer home away from the tundra lol. Is their any way we can work something out?
  10. Chester2766

    Crafted Building blueprints

    So I crafted some journeyman and masterwork walls, ramps and ceiling tiles when I would pick one up after placeing it would destroy not all but like 15 ceiling tiles in my inventory a weird number to say the least. Didn’t turn it into a common or return to my inventory just destroyed a said number of pieces I had. anyone else have this happen or is this a recent thing.
  11. Chester2766

    Attention Paragon company

    I’m in G10 on Salitroy Peninsula and would like to negotiate with ya for a flag.
  12. Chester2766

    Attention Paragon company

    I’m trying to reach out to the company Paragon. Would like to talk to you about a land claim.
  13. Chester2766

    anyone had this bug happen or knows how to fix

    I’ve heard changing zones fixes this problem.