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  1. I don't know why you think b11 has no tax. B11 has quite a few tax farms on it. And Dreary was not walled off from randos. there is only a small section of the island that is walled off and there is a reason behind it. even if you don't know what it is. I understand that you have a personal issue with Paragon, and that is fine. But at least be honest and say its a personal issue with Paragon. I don't see you attacking Lotus, or Atlas Shrugged, or Without Divide. Only Paragon. I'm sorry no one has asked you to join if thats it. Here, Would you like to join and become number 1 and enjoy all the benefits that it brings? Did that make you happy?
  2. Even to the top clans, no land is wasted space, even pointless claims have a point. Resources and taxes are valuable assets in the game. And yes, it may sound greedy, but I love not having to farm all the time, just sail around and collect bank resources to build things i want to build.
  3. I feel like people are making alot of assumptions on how we get so many flags. maybe we have 1 guy that sails around and records all the flag timers, maybe leaves a boat on the island. with a bed so he can check it. and then does that cause he finds it fun.
  4. Crete, I feel like you have no idea what the devs are doing in the background. I can assure you that the devs do care that people are leaving, and are trying to figure out why, and how they can prevent it, and increase the playerbase once again. Having a thriving community is important to any game.
  5. @chester2766 please contact me on discord to discuss your unique flag situation. Pending information on the upcoming flag upkeep changes Paragon will be revisiting our flag policy, however at this time we will not be relinquishing flags until further information is released. Yes we are aware that we have alot of flags, however this does not mean that there is no land available for other players. We manage to continue to increase our land claim every day, which means that any other company could as well. I encourage those of you that are complaining about no land being available to sail out and discover available land, because i assure you it is out there. There are company flags dropping everyday that are available for claim as well. Go out and discover new places.
  6. Paragon is not currently relinquishing any flags. We are willing to negotiate rental agreements, as well as mergers but at this time we are not selling flags.
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