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  1. Okay, you guys really need to get a professional writer to do this stuff. Next time give us some good news about the patch, then the bad news and close out with good news. Extended 2x harvesting and xp isn't really good news when it's already a common thing to get. I know you have to be smart about revealing upcoming patch info since it's not set in stone what's actually going to make it into the patch until its practically time to release. Gotta manage expectations and all. But please try to give us more good news than bad.
  2. For some people, the only part of gaming they are good at is complaining and talking trash.
  3. My thought was that you had a small cost to "repair" the claim flag at some point during the timer to reset it. No fancy resources or anything just simple wood, fiber, thatch and hide. The more claims you have, the more work you're going to have to keep the claims up because you have to go visit each one to reset it. As far as maps goes, if you're having a problem with the maps, that's a personal problem. I'm solo and do fine and journeyman maps all the time.
  4. I'm sure it's going to be some form of greifing or harassment. Personally I like the discovery point ranking for pve. That seems to be a better metric for pve companies.
  5. You should have a material cost for claim upkeep. Just a simple wood, fiber, hide and metal cost. The stuff you would probably need to make the claim flag. None of that would really be difficult to get and stock in flags but it would add some kind of gameplay to the claim system. It's rather bland and boring for pve.
  6. yeah, you'd totally get all the gear stolen within an hour on a double weekend. Better off sticking a couple tannery stations and a few mortar and pestals outside and leaving them unlocked for people to use. You could leave resin in a box too since you can't do anything in the tundra without drowning in that stuff. It's as common as the berries when using a bear.
  7. I like the idea of using discovery points, but that won't solve the land claim problem. The larger companies will still claim everything they can in order to tax it. The only way to fix the land claim problem for PVE is to limit the claims per company. Problem with a change like this is that its probably going to require a wipe of the servers.
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