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  1. pope_kd

    Better Loot.

    The problem on PVE wasn't "animals attack my walls," it was "animals glitch through or spawn directly inside my walls." None can damage stone anyway, so there's still zero need for upgraded recipes.
  2. pope_kd

    Better Loot.

    Agreed, I'm never making Legendary Stone Walls/Staircases/whatever when I'm not worried about anything destroying them.
  3. pope_kd

    Better Loot.

    SotD loot is so trash it's not even worth the cannonball mats to kill them. Floating chests are just as bad. Only shipwrecks and treasure maps are worth a shit.
  4. pope_kd

    SotD Issues.

    Ship of the Damned variety and changes were a good step in making them more interesting as NPC enemies, but they still have two major issues: There is no incentive whatsoever to kill them unless you need crew members. The rewards are awful even for red schooners/brigs -- a red brig I just killed got me 15 gold and 1-3 of various ammo, basically no more than the green schooners -- and the investment of materials/time that goes into making cannonballs + repairing any damage taken doesn't currently make it worthwhile to actively seek out and kill SotD once your crew is full. Since the change that introduced multiple types, there are no instances where they exist solo. They're constantly grouped in clumps of 3-7 of various types and levels, which makes them more difficult to sail around/through than they should be -- it'd be one thing if killing them was worthwhile, but as noted above, it isn't -- you're basically just adding a frustrating QoL issue to the game by not forcing their pathing to keep separate from each other, since the resource investment needed to actually kill the entire pack is never worth the ammo. Everyone just treats them as annoying roadblocks and circles around, making the problem worse as this leads to situations where their spawns start to overrun less populated blocks.
  5. There's a whole talent tree for shields. Look into it.
  6. Just used it yesterday, def still works. You might have a sandbar behind you.
  7. pope_kd

    Give gold to NPC is almost a job

    That's not accurate. Try it on land.
  8. pope_kd

    Give gold to NPC is almost a job

    ?? Use the ship resource box.
  9. Because the original numbers for this system were designed with an "ideal" player base in mind. Those numbers don't match the reality of the actual number of current players.
  10. pope_kd

    Claim vs Lawless

    just find more people, 4Head None of the other people I play games with are dumb enough to spend $30 on this tbh
  11. pope_kd

    Claim vs Lawless

    Because who the fuck plays games to be taxed by some dork in a bigger group than yours or wants to deal with some clowndick moron smashing up things you build right after buying an island because he "doesn't want it there?" It's a moronic system for PVE. We had a basic 2x2 thatch setup with a few ground plots for tannery/smithy/loom while we were building a schooner, got the schooner built and then the people who bought the island maybe 20 minutes prior got mad because we didn't want to talk to them in voice-chat. After spending another 10 minutes trying to get our attention by getting on our boat and dying, saying stupid shit like lines from Deliverance in chat about my "pretty mouth" and joking about rape in global chat, they broke all the structures and took the mats and gold that were there. Now, I didn't really care because it was only thatch shit and a few hours of farming, the only even remotely noticeable "loss" was ~300 gold, but the fact the situation exists as an intentional system at all on a PVE server is fucking braindead design. We had plenty of gold to actually buy the island way before they got there, just not eleven members for a 53 point island, hence just making the temp setup. The current system sucks.
  12. A ton of people will be leaving -- I personally haven't played in over a month, myself and just came back today to read the updates -- plus the Claim Flag system will be gone + there will be new islands, so there will be plenty of land to go around on PVE for those still interested in the game. Personally, I'd rather just play ARK.
  13. pope_kd

    Terminate Jatheish for Unprofessional Behavior!

    So, wait -- You can tell him he has "an ass for a face," but he can't refer to you with a shit emoji? Lmao.
  14. pope_kd

    SODs still need balance

    Don't backpedal now, bud. Your exact quote was: "Not sure where you are at but we have been all over and have not seen didly, exaggerate much?" "Not sure where you are at" -- again, just because you personally haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist and isn't a problem. "but we have been all over" -- clearly not. "and have not seen didly" -- is this picture more than "diddly?" Just wondering. "exaggerate much?" -- there's no exaggeration, it's exactly what OP is saying, particularly in point 2 of his first post. Hope this helps.
  15. That's already an option. Hold E on one of their tribe members and you can declare war on them.