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  1. No is claiming that megas can't work together even with caps. Stop using that strawman. It's a more likely scenario to have 15-20 man companies than it is 50+ man companies, even without megas being part of the equation. So that lower cap makes more sense. And I have to wonder why you just assume every big fish will inherently eat the smaller fish. It's almost like you're only able to think one way and can't comprehend that others think differently.
  2. Best screenshot ever. You just made my day. Thank you! lol
  3. If you get an elephant or a giraffe on a dinghy, pleeeeeeease screenshot that and post it for us!!!
  4. If you find a bank that does this, let me know? I would love to retire early.
  5. One side is saying it was announced too early, the other side is saying it was announced too late (game splash screen). Can't please both, and forewarned is better than having something like this sprung on you. Dollie said they're less concerned about number of players right now than they are with fixing bugs and implementing the new systems.
  6. I'm Mr Clean on public forums. I make sailors hang their head in shame when I talk normally. I blame the 80s....
  7. CazzT

    Cake or Pie

    Personally, I prefer Cheesecake. It's a pie and a cake all in one.
  8. LMAO It's not a smear campaign,you dolt! It's a direct quote of you attacking other people. The exact thing you told me you don't do while doing that to me and having done it constantly since posting on these very forums. Only if you outright ignore all the constructive helpful posts I've made. Piss off troll.
  9. CazzT

    Cake or Pie

    In honor of @boomervoncannon Let the game begin!
  10. This would be good, too. Something like 6x[material] for each of them.
  11. I don't think anyone is asking for this to be the only option. I've only seen this presented as an extra ruleset/set up for additional servers.
  12. Both of these are in reply to knivet talking about me specifically. You will claim that you weren't talking about me, but that's a cop out. --------------- It is when it's a lie. You are implying that I am with "may or may not be". You're using weasel words and being obtuse with your insults so you can claim that you're not attacking people.
  13. Yes, I have. Some are. Many are not. You're lumping all unofficials together. There's too variety in unofficials to do be able to compare them like that. You have to compare unofficials that are similar to official. Which is what I was doing with [A1], which I played on in addition to NA PVP.
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