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    So i woke up made my coffee and got on my computer loaded up steam and saw your update post. I have to say im very proud of all of you. Most of these little shit mongers that had bought your game complain 24/7 most not all i want you to know there are some people who love atlas and are super happy about the singleplayer. Amazing work im getting 90 fps no lag im so happy thank you.Im sure thier will be bugs but im sure youll fix them.
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    As a german player i wanted a real submarine and not a diving bell with scissor hands^^
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    So... if we can get an IWCRS, could we also get a GWCFA (Galleon-Wide Crew Feeding Apparatus)? It's a little.. odd that crew would rather starve to death than get off their hiney and walk 30 feet to a larder.
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    I agree, require a person to own the game before spamming the forum...
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    @Realist Man, your first problem is always, ALWAYS, that you just don't know wtf your talking about. It used to be frustrating watching you make several post a week about Atlas dying due to playerbase. You drone on and on about how it will die without doing X or Y to cater to you or your wierd PvE theme park MMO preference. Now, its just sad to see you troll along about a game that you don't own and haven't played. I mean seriously, you made a lost about needing more land...... No one cares about playerbase. I know this becuase the devs said so. I know this becuase the game has not yet even been released. You fail to mention its june. Summertime, pools, malls, vacations, sports. You fail to mention were in the down sode of a patch, with a new one about to pop. You completely ignore the fact that the game is EA and hasnt released, as such very little if any resources were put into marketing. 90% of current players laerned about this game from that awful Jurrasic park sim. The most ironic part is that as often as you worry about numbers, youve 100% failed to contribute to them, learn to be less hypocritical. On top of that, your ideas often sound like your making them up as you troll along. Factions? Prebuilt towns? Wow style themes? These are all counterintuitive to what a sandbox MMORPG is trying to achieve. Its just glaringly obvious you dont know what the game is like. Not that we dont need changes, we do, and we will get many changes over the next 18 months. But likey very little to none of what you think a game needs based off of nothing tangible.
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    AHOY Captain's,Builders and architects. We've happy to announce that our Mega City: Sturmberg City have been finished. Check us out in E10 EU PVE and let us inspire you doin it big! But Project Mega City is still goin to grow the next times! Our Discord https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/585043750678429696/595830162130731021/7.jpg
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    Bola'd does not mean "can magically rotationally teleport in order to be able to face an assailant from any direction". It means tangled up in a mess of leather thonging. What's the very next thing the hunter does? Bind the quarry tighter than Scotsman's wallet so it never gets up again until they bloody well say so. There is not a hunter in the world that's going to make some kind of slipshod set of bindings in order to give animals "a sporting chance". Grapeshot, you cooked this foul witches brew of animal abuse and stockholm syndrome, you fucking drink it. When you discover the bloody great holes that YOU put there by not doing proper planning, don't punish us with bullshit band-aids. Twisting once or twice to ensure their head is not inside a rock, that's fine. But not constant twisting. If the player can find a spot to feed it, BAM. It should stop this magical rotation bullshit. --- I semi-apologise for my tone. As Dollie said, we get upset because we care. Yes, I'm frustrated. I want to love the game but you're not making it easy. Sadly, all I see is shitty broken fundamental game mechanic after shitty broken fundamental game mechanic affecting me on a daily if not hourly basis, while you spent your time working on stupid fluff that no one asked for. We've been asking politely for these things to be fixed since they first showed their god-awful faces at launch. Do we have to become famous streamers in orders to get you guys to listen? All the evidence points that way so far.
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    SHOW 'N TELL Avast, Pathfinders it be time for a new Show 'n Tell Showcase! Hear ye, hear ye! We be treasure huntin' fer the finest of ATLAS community creations! Show us yer mighty fleets, paint pieces, flags & sails, impenetrable forts, hellish tats, scenic screenshots, 'n entertainin' videos! Each fortnight, we'll be runnin' a contest where we'll select th' best o' th' bunch 'n award tha winners wit' a cash prize! Submit your entries in this 'ere thread for us to be viewin'. We’ve created this dedicated thread for submissions. Don’t hesitate to show us what you’ve got. The last two week's entries were amazing and we look forward to what you have for us this fortnight! Princess Sugar This is a friendly contest and not intended as something highly competitive. We'd like to showcase your creations in their many varied shapes and forms.  Submit your entries by Wednesday 3rd of July for a chance to fill your chests with some cash booty!
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    Does anyone have the problem that the treasure mobs gets no damage?
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    Hey, I'm making this post to suggest some additions and changes to improve game play for most players. - Hitching Post (I know this was an Ark mod, but it is very helpful for breeders and is historical accurate since throughout the ages, man was always able to tie down their animals ) - Bird Stands (For crows, seagulls, parrots, etc, to be able to stand on, instead of being walking around on the floor) - Grappling Hook on the Crossbow (Its a welcome addiction to increase range and speed of launching a grappling hook, also useful for catching crates while in a moving ship) - Draw Bridge (Would be an interesting feature to add, so we can build castle like buildings) - NPC Patrols Routes (Being able to set a patrol route for our NPC Guards, would be an interesting feature) - Glass Windows/Walls (Should be able to craft with the use of crystal) - Tranquilizer arrows/bolts with the use of poisons - Weapon rack (Mostly for show or storage in ships or bases, also useful for show for customers) - Armour Stand (Same reason as before) - Dung Beetle (Remake a of an Ark creature that "everyone" wants) Not sure if any of these were said or commented about before... I saw a few posts but havent searched all of them. Anyways these are some of my ideas and ideas of people i play with. If possible, would like to hear the point of view of the devs about these ideas.. Anyways, keep up the good work, i thing the game is going in the right direction and is improving constantly.
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    You're welcome,I love your vids,keep em coming eh
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    Still under construction but close.
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    This is true to an extent.. but not all of the tools are provided.. otherwise I'd not be suggesting something. Your suggestion.. doesn't fix the problem, it just ignores the problem.
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    Yeah it's friday the 5th. Yeah the time seems right.
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    I would like to see some areas on the pve server made pvp so that if people want to they can venture into a risky area for a sea battle without the risk of their base being trashed
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    And/or let us put ice/preserving salt into the larder/trough to increase the decay timer. Even if it's half the affect of the preserving bags it'd still help.
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    People can turn off the ability to have gold/food taken from claim flags altogether, if they prefer. The reason we opted for it as 2nd priority over Resource Boxes and Larders on anchored boats is so that people didn't feel like they would have to continuously replenish their stockpile on anchored boats (loading them up is quite a process compared to claimflags/silos).
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    HAHAHA Well played SIR!!!! Lol, Realist is nothing but a troll. Dude never even played the game yet is more active in the forums than 95% of players! Both need to get out of their moms basement more lol
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    Show 'N Tell #7 Winner and EU RP Private Server Genesis opens a new season on July 12 where everyone is invited!
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    It's huge, gives you a lot to do and just get bigger with new islands and lot of stuff to craft or build up. of course there are several bugs and wrong working processes and balancing. But listen: now it's just a half year gone since the alpha release. Look at how often they listen to the community (who payed, plays and know the game) and changed lot of things. For one it's OK, another thinks it's worster now. I know a lot of games who stuck 4 years or more in the alpha phase and they're all not as that big as atlas is after 6 months. Please stop opening a whine thread each second day. We don't want it, it doesn't help (at least because it's the wrong forum) and really no one wants a dude who get absolutely no idea about the game to tell what's wrong.
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    Is there a point in buying anything from someone, when you can farm it or craft it yourself? For high rolls of good items is there a point in selling them instead of using them yourself? No matter what trading systems they implement if they don't solve that first.
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    So, what is the defining act of piracy? Attacking merchant shipping. What's weird about Atlas as a pirate themed game? The act of piracy itself is largely absent from the game because there is little to no merchant shipping. As someone who loves the economy aspect of MMORPG gameplay and thinks it's vastly underdeveloped in Atlas, I don't think any sort of central auction house is the way to go for this game. The need to actually physically transport goods AND develop the personal interactions of trade networks rather than anonymous bidding systems is something Atlas should encourage more of through design, not truncate by plopping in the same systems other games use.
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    Can we get a bit longer spoil time on these things please. Or just remove the spoil timer/make them go in a preserving bag/fridge. Something. We made them 6 hours prior. They said they had 12 hours on them. Lost 40 med kits when we logged off to deal with real life stuff.
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    Thanks for the We've still got a long way to go, but we're committed to the cause.
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    Grenades had some changes to them applied recently. We reduced their damage specifically against players, NPC Crew, and creatures. We also increased their weight. We're open to doing more changes, but we're waiting to see how these current ones play out. Definitely not going to be introducing a 5 minute equip timer on anything, though!