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  1. Nutcutt3r

    PC Black Sky how I hate thee

    I would move my game inin and gameusersettings ini to the desktop and let the game recreate them when it launches and see what that does. There are some cache folders as well you could try. I am guessing you used some sort of launch command with Steam that is the main cause though. The C+ should be in a redistributables folder in the game directory.
  2. Well if a poll were like a vote it may matter, but just because someone and his buddies want to start a "poll" while 90% of the player base is not even aware of or participating in. Then your results are pretty skewed and invalid. Kind of like the topic of the post, most of the "fun stuff" for holidays went away because 10% of the population screamed that it was insensitive, racial or went against their atheist beliefs. Must have missed that poll/vote, though too.
  3. "We" huh, I would like to see more as well. Functional ones anyhoo.
  4. Nutcutt3r

    Can't hire any crew

    I have not found anywhere to place the silo on Blackwood.
  5. Nutcutt3r

    Neighbours and walls

    Well it is lawless, depends on what server too. Derr never mind I see your on PVE. First thing is find out where you want to build and then see who your neighbors will be. Still be better off finding an island owned by someone. Either way live off your boat, build like everything is temporary at first and then see from there. Then build a bigger boat or two and repeat.
  6. Nutcutt3r

    Please fix this nonsense...soon.

    Better read the patch notes then, I thing you missed a few hundred things.
  7. Nutcutt3r

    Cant do non-dedicated server search

    So when I played ARK (when it was new) there was a Steam setting called something like pings per minute that you had to change otherwise it would cause some routers to crash or some ISP's to block it because it was flooding. I cant find it in my settings but that was a fix.
  8. Nutcutt3r

    Stuck Bear any help

    Set him to follow another tame leave and come back. Otherwise tame another he is a 41, you could have a 44 to start with.
  9. Nutcutt3r

    invisible water Graphics Glitch - Invisible Water

    Because people want better not worse. Apparently your laptop is unable to run any sort of physics whatsoever. You cant just buy a game that wont play on your laptop and then expect to get it dumbed down so you can play. Kinda like asking why you cant cook a pan pizza in the toaster oven you just bought.
  10. Nutcutt3r

    No Fuel

    Tame a lotta bears, breed em and kill cyclops with em. Carbine works OK as well.
  11. Nutcutt3r

    No Fuel

    Wife and I were just bored yesterday and used a mod, wanted to check out the mermaid area, and since Blackwood has no json we are starting over with something new anyway. You would think that would be not that hard to find, I looked everywhere. Even the Wiki... Thank You.
  12. Nutcutt3r

    No Fuel

    Anyone know if the sub works on Blackwood? I put fuel in but it still says no fuel?
  13. Nutcutt3r

    How do i make a poop machine?

    Build a 1 x 1 pen and fill it full of chickens. They are so piled together that when you press f you get whats in the whole pen. Eggs too.
  14. Nutcutt3r

    Blackwood Issues - Biomes/Sotd, plz look gs devs

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