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  1. Nutcutt3r

    ressource respawn

    Just keep building.
  2. Well I did not listen to it all but I think when he goes on about a "testing team", while I realize his point, hes a bit off on the creativity smaller companies (people) provide to the game. Its their ideas that make games work not some stuffed shirt telling peeps what they want. Perfect example is the modding that people do has always made the Unreal Engine shine. I have seen what this game can do since UTGOTY 99 and modded things before that. One of the first editions way back then even had dinos, go figure...
  3. Nutcutt3r

    Can't launch the game due to Battle Eye?

    https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2669244/windows-cannot-access-the-specified-device-path-or-file-error-when-you https://www.easeus.com/data-recovery/windows-cannot-access-the-specified-device-path-or-file.html
  4. Nutcutt3r

    Can't launch the game due to Battle Eye?

    Looks like that is not a battleye error.
  5. Nutcutt3r

    Launch it live or PTR?

    Agreed, not even playing anymore...its pointless.
  6. As far as sandbox games go everything can change at any time, people and NPC's are one thing but when you are creating your own custom buildings, ships, even the waves have to be replicated so everyone knows exactly where everything is. You cant be shooting at me on the top of a wave when I am actually at the bottom, and if you blow up a wall and I am lagging out, does that mean you can shoot me through it or is the wall still there? Other games have this information static and prebuilt and actually part of the map, so it does not have to be replicated to everyone multiple times a second.
  7. Well what I read was 50g as in 50,000 gold for a trade, and perhaps you meant 50 gold, and I misread it. I was just commenting on the large gold price for the trade that was all.
  8. I did not say it was stupid, I said that's not what the majority of people want, its a sandbox game for a reason. I really don't think you do, you are so set in what you want that you are unwilling to take anyone else's view into consideration. There are lots of servers out there that most likely cater to exactly what you want, that's why they are there. That does not mean a small number of people can impose their views on others just because they are not here to speak for themselves.
  9. Jeez you need help. "A simple fix would be" just get over it. People are going to do creative things that you may not like but that is what people have fun doing.
  10. LMFAO whatever.
  11. Nutcutt3r

    what Graphics card

    Yep but the hybrid is pretty sweet and that is whats kept my 980 going all this time. If it had just a fan it would have been gone a long time ago.
  12. Its not really a discussion when its all one sided now is it? My point was your discussion is pretty one sided for a sandbox game when 99% of the people are not playing or posting because of the wipe that is not going to happen for a month or so. The ghost ships are not very realistic at all are they? Careful with that "we" word your throwing around, although 4 people technically equals a we, it has nothing at all to do with we the majority. I respect the fact that you have an opinion, but it represents a very small number of players. Kind of like in ARK when "everyone" wanted realism so they came out with primitive plus. So few people ever played it that they never even bothered updating it. Is that what you are after?
  13. Nutcutt3r

    Atlas needs a story...

    Once upon a time there was a game named Atlas. They had more people play than they ever could have imagined. Then they left the servers dead a whole month while they figured out the best way to wipe peoples progress. Then everyone played a different game instead.. Did I miss anything?