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  1. I don't know sylvester stallone made it look pretty good in rocky....
  2. Good Luck Meeko, Be sure to ask weekly and keep asking and asking and asking for all the things you think make sense to be in this game. And next year let me know how fruitful your efforts have been!
  3. Welcome to the forum, the only thing I find funny here is you! What made you buy this dumpster fire??? Did you do any research??? Are you aware your part of a last ditch grasp for funds, as next to no content has been put into the game, the only effort for the last several months has been figuring out how to get your money! Now that you have donated, feel free to enjoy the salt if you can't enjoy the salt then I suggest, "If you don't have anything salty to say don't say nothing at all" Now run along little scallywag let the pathfinders talk....
  4. What,,,, Hey us PC folks had to deal with the slide show for a good week it's your turn lol.... Granted our slide show was caused bye some 50,000 people trying to play don't know what your all excuse is other than the Xbox is not a pc!
  5. Of course you're enjoying this crap you have only had to regurgitate it for 1 day.... Talk to us when you have played a year of this broken game and you will still be behind
  6. Welp I have never played that game nor will I ever.... Sadly I did play Dark n Light regret that even more than atlas!
  7. This is about setting a precedent early and sticking to it... My kids never would have attempted this behaviour! Begging at the grocery store would have equaled leaving straight away and then having a dinner made of of nothing they liked. Next time at the grocery store if I hear silence then, I get em a treat. If they ever raided the desert before dinner then the closest they would get to fortnite would be tales from there friends as the Fuse box providing electricity to there room would be off... But then I might be old fashioned...
  8. How couldn't it have been on time?!? Seriously they have been looking forward to sucking the wallets of console players for the last year and even with no one wanting to play nobody spamming the login server they can't even manage to suck up the money from the few misguided console players correctly?!? So maybe its not a cash grab maybe its always been PURE incompetence!
  9. Wait I assumed NA pvp would be wiped day of launch..... And was online purely so there would be somewhere for everyone to play till the day of release?!? Am I wrong about that assumption... Seems silly there not going to wipe NA PvP if they wiped the rest?!?
  10. Now that's funny the most silent Developers in history come out of left field to nail realist with a perfect jab.... Oh the Irony!
  11. Well since there is not going to be 10 billion people flooding the servers and trying to play at launch because we all are very aware of Atlas and its reputation bye now.... Then I see no reason why the Xbox release won't go smoothly, in fact I agree with Realist it will go right on time because the only thing that matters here is they get a few more dollars from the Console players before they cut and run.....
  12. #NoRealistLeftBehind How did I miss out on such a great hashtag! Feeling the need to do an Atlas video about the Atlas Forum just so I can use this hashtag where I talk about Realist and Boomer... Hmmm would this be quality content???
  13. Okay Realist I will chime in with my two cents.... Your Discovery point focus is misguided. If this is indeed your goal then you will be a nomad and as a nomad Taming will be completely useless to you! Taming is a very OP skill that's almost a must for anyone who is going to build a base, but with discovery being your primary focus then you won't be building a base. Since you simply going to be sailing in between every island in the game and jumping off the ship to make landfall and then get right back on said ship then you are going to be passing thru hot and cold zones constantly. So I recommend that you invest heavily into fortitude as it will make dealing with the various temperatures easier plus it will help with your constant food issues! Before you start this epic exploration journey your first goal is to build yourself a Schooner not a sloop. The extra Speed the Schooner has will make your goal more viable even if it means you will have to work a bit harder in the beginning to build it and to get the skills to build it.... Otherwise not much else to tell you, just keep your eyes peeled as running aground or colliding with a whale will be your worst enemies (Running aground is far more common in cold areas where the Ice is not marked well if at all on the map! ) Also you may also want to invest in getting yourself some good fur armor in the beginning to help you navigate the arctic. This isn't that hard to do once you figure out the best way to get sap's (Honey, Tree Bark, Sugarcane plants) Sugarcane plants being the easiest depending on the starting zone you pick....
  14. We don't know that for sure as only less than 1% of the player base is left playing. SotD break immersion, they have no place in a low fantasy setting. And this game scream low fantasy most everything you do is low fantasy and then all of a sudden we toss strange high fantasy crap at the player like Magic Storms, and Ghost ships, Giant Krakens and SotD... They just don't fit the setting never have!
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