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  1. Sulfurblade

    Great game, so little players.

    Very confused?!??!?!?! Am I in the correct forum??? This can't be the Atlas Forum??? They don't have Moderators!!! Those are a myth and they most definitely don't do there job! Is the world ending???
  2. Sulfurblade

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    Extremely unethical business practices mixed with Gullible people, perhaps!
  3. Sulfurblade

    Great game, so little players.

    Have you tried sticking em in a gunny sack and pulling em behind a boat... works wonders!
  4. Sulfurblade

    Great game, so little players.

    lol think you would end up with dirty dishes!
  5. Sulfurblade

    Great game, so little players.

    I was in the Navy before the Creation of the IT rating and as the local onboard geek setup our ship board lan before the navy put in a standardized LAN setup across all ships, So that extra duty I had followed me thru my career and I ended up wearing two hats most of the time. After I got out I became a Navy contractor where I was on of the people responsible for providing IT solutions for ships in dry dock for Pacific fleet. Basically served as Lan Admin for every ship in the Pacific fleet going thru any type of maintenance in the dry docks at San Diego. Also when I got out I used my GI bill to get my Software Engineer degree as I wanted to know the non Hardware side of computing as everything I had done up to that date was Hardware and Networking related, however while I did get my degree I learned that Software was NOT my cup of tea. Not sure where you got the notion I was retired from the Software industry? As it was an industry I never really entered with the exception of getting the degree! I did want to make my own game I have took a few cracks at it but in the end I find code about as interesting as watching paint dry, and in the end while I have all kinds of idea's I can't really overcome the frustration code creates for me. The best I have really done is a few mods in various games.... Which often time really doesn't involve coding per-say as much as just changing already existing code.
  6. Sulfurblade

    Great game, so little players.

    And I am retired Navy what's your point? Bud.... I would think someone in the military would understand a phrase being used as an expression, a fairly common one at that!
  7. Sulfurblade

    Great game, so little players.

    Trying to find that info I happened on this instead... still can't find the "12M" I came across earlier, internets a really tangled web but this guy is making even bolder claims https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-08-16-how-ark-survival-evolved-fell-into-sustainable-revenue-without-skins-or-loot-boxes He puts the figure at 16M His source is an interview with Jesse Rapczak, Studio Wildcard
  8. Sulfurblade

    Great game, so little players.

    The numbers give the correct story but are out of date.... The last time we knew the actual split of sales was in August 2017 at that time they were: 6.5M PC 1.5M Xbox 1M Playstation 4 Since that time depending on the source you find they have either sold an addition 1M copies for a total of 10M total and only one source I could find put them at 12M. Regardless if its 1 or 3 Milllion net chance since we knew the split Unless all of the copies have been on console since then Boomer is very right PC is the Lion's Share!!!
  9. Sulfurblade

    Great game, so little players.

    ROFL please pass the pipe!
  10. Sulfurblade

    Are you old?

    Whats wings? Hmm wasn't he in that boy band with Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith, and Davy Jones! Kidding.... about the boy band part, not kidding about wtf is wings?
  11. Sulfurblade

    Are you old?

    I very much understand what you are saying I am old like you in my 50's and I utterly despise Discord!!! I hate that so many of the younger gaming generation is like discord this and discord that the program really sucks its a resource hog with tons of bells and whistles that for me are just useless.... But then again I think a phone is for Phone calls and grit and growl my teeth at the Zombie generation staring at their Cell "phones" I despise consoles and the need for cross play when all it does is keep the PC version from being great because they have to dumb it down for a console! I don't even use Anti Virus's anymore because you can't find one that's simply an anti virus! I prefer Team Speak because it uses very little resources and its easy to communicate via voice without all the other chat channels, beeps and alerts about some cool edgy meme that people have to thumbs up or down, or the silly discord channel applications that do this and that.... blah blah blah.... Yes I am old "A damned retired Network Engineer" with a degree in Software engineering and I find myself despising technology! What was so bad about swiping the damned debit card it was faster and simpler than this freaking insert the card and wait bs at the grocery store!!! Or the Cell Phone digital coupon trend that just irritates me to no end! But yes I wish the proper tools were used for the proper jobs! A voice app like Teamspeak for Voice! An anti virus for you know protecting your computer from virus! And a Phone for making phone calls etc etc... Just sick of these let's put 8 jobs on one thing that only does one of those jobs well and the other 7 lackluster!
  12. Sulfurblade

    Steam Question

    It's not actually un-installed its more like the current version and the version in your library don't match and you need to download the update. And then all will be good.... I have never actually had this happen to myself but I have some friends with smaller hard drives that have this issue because typically there is no room for the update to happen and requires user intervention.
  13. Sulfurblade

    Atlas and steam charts

    So who takes the rep hit Wildcard? Grapeshot while many know is an arm of Wildcard. Snail games the developers of Dark and Light are another Arm of Wildcard and why? Why does Wildcard not put its own name on the arms of development branching off doing new games??? As for Jeremy caring about his personal rep, I doubt he honestly has much say in the matter, as the guy who created the Mod of course he was hired its the simplest way for a company to claim rights to the Mod. They Hire its creator and then have the sign paperwork transferring ownership of the Mod to the company! We have seen this in DayZ and other Mod inspired game additions. Meneth created a Wiki page for Crusader Kings 2, Paradox wanted control of the page so they hired Meneth and took control of it... Pretty common practice in the industry. The traditional MMORPG is built from the ground up, with Atlas you already had half your development done already thanks to the Ark Mod, this is the point of it being an easy way to make more money for the company! Aka Cash Grab.... DayZ was expected to be a Cash Grab too, had they known they would have to recreate the engine twice, had they known it would end up in perpetual beta, had they known it would end a stain on there reputation they Bohemia may not have done it. So regardless of your reputation factor it's pretty clear the corporate bigwigs behind Wildcard thought Atlas would be easy money, the same way they thought Dark and Light would be easy money! So obviously you can't simply cut and paste the code, I have no doubt they were and maybe still are aiming at a viable game. But what I am sure is the Corporate types considered this easy money, so sure the water animations are brand new but that doesn't change the fact the game is based on an Ark Mod does it? As for the Server set up, this is nothing revolutionary in fact what atlas was attempting to call revolutionary server structure was nothing more then the same thing Ultima Online did in 1997, infact its nearly identical.... However even this is a bit of a tail because Nitrado are the people who have actually put this in place for them hence the, shoulder and arm partnership where Nitrado servers are the first things spammed to you when your looking to create your own server. Penny Pinching on Jeremy's part??? While I think Jeremy's vision is half baked I certainly wouldn't give him this much credit. As I doubt he has any credible control on the finances as again he was simply hired in order to claim ownership of the Mod, and now that they do own the mod his employment is no longer that important. In Fact I would not be even remotely surprised to see him either quit or be fired in the near future as he likely doesn't have the control he wants and the company probably feels he is getting in the way. Exactly they haven't invested much into marketing, They didn't need to create the concept of the game from the ground up, all these things add up to a simple mathematical point. The Powers that be who control the purse strings see this game as guaranteed income and they are not going to splurge on it and cut into that income. The Dev's pitched that Atlas could be an easy was to make money and possibly a good game to there corporate overlords and they heard: No server upkeep Nitrado would fit the bill Small Team with a Scape Goat (Jeremy) Who created the mod the game will be based around. Half the game already developed because its a mod Rebranding of the Development team to keep as much possible blow back at bay. And Limited Development cycle (2 years) Plus Early access - So immediate sales out the door. ^^^^^ All that adds up to an Investors wet dream, or as some gamers call it, (A Money Grab)
  14. Sulfurblade

    Atlas and steam charts

    No it's pretty much the reverse being abusive will only lead to you being removed from this forum! If you think your tirades do anything more then make me laugh at you, well your living in a fantasy world. However once again I have been baited bye you to respond to a post that has nothing to do with this game, its features, or its development so for the love of god get on topic!
  15. Sulfurblade

    Atlas and steam charts

    I expect you to behave like an adult, and have civilized conversation! This is a Forum not the game this is not a place for Role Play unless its specifically marked as such this is a place for feedback about the game POSITIVE or NEGATIVE So Developers can take said feedback back to the development of their game and improve on it.... This is Not a place to defend a Game, defending a game in DEVELOPMENT is not doing it any justice!!! Different Strokes for different folks you need to understand that, some people will like what you don't, in these situations to take a Cue from Bambi's mother. "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" Again your post has nothing to do with game features, game mechanics, how to make said game better or worse, it's just another post where you rail against members of the community!