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  1. I can build a brig solo in a day without rate increase's right now! There is no need to have times 2 or any of that other garbage!
  2. Sulfurblade

    Simple suggestion to reduce landlord tyranny

    In actuality... this Tenant system doesn't work, it may currently work on a few islands at the Moment! But our island has already had to.... A) Merge all the small company's into a big company so that our defense's are not killing each other!!! Why Because the Mega's are already threatening our existence on our islands! It would have been great to actually have that land lord tenant relationship but as long as there are Mega company's threatening the owner ship of the islands the Islands must have Active Defenses which means Neutral Tenants wont enjoy living on an island where there over lords cannon's and guns keep shooting at them!!!
  3. We seriously need a Real Colony server with serious limitations put on Mega's I have already had it with the colony server! The Mega's are already making it unplayable just like they did to the Empire server!
  4. Indeed without any rate increase resources are already far too easy to get...
  5. Sulfurblade

    Good changes, but a choice needs to be made

    Certainly not a fan of the food and vitamin system in game never have been! However, I agree and don't with you realist... What I agree with is they need to definately focus on the MMORPG aspects of the game! But I don't see Survival and MMORPG as seperate things..... This game really is not that far off of SWG or Ultima Online from the perspective of being a Sandbox MMORPG! Whats different is we have a generation of gamers who have been trained with (Carebear PVE / Hardcore ask question's Latter PvP) And everything inbetween is gone! Because the MMORPG genre has catered to separating the groups for too long! I think that Atlas has a great backbone to become a great Sandbox MMORPG, but as I have said in other threads they need to work on mechanic's that bring the community together! Law and Order, Factions, Government etc
  6. We need the Maneuvering Sail to be removed from the game! And two different sail types to take its place! Gaff Sail with and or without Gaff Top Sail Depending on points spent and Lanteen Sails The Gaff Sail should exhibit faster speeds then the Lanteen at 90 Degree's or perpendicular to the wind, it should maintain this advantage in speed until the boat is turn into the wind within 45 degrees where they should equal and 30 degree's when the Gaff should drop off alot and Lanteen continue to on fine with lanteen being able to come to 15 degree's into the wind with no performance drop.... Additionally Square Sails need to be adjusted so they out perform Gaff between 180 and 135 at 90 the Gaff and Lanteen should clearly pull away and at 45 into the wind the Square sail should come nearly to a halt... So to summarize driving into the wind... Square Rig (speed sail) Should come to a near halt at 45 off of the wind Gaff should nearly come to a halt at 30 off of the wind Lanteen should see a slow down of 75% at 15 into the wind but still be significantly faster straight into the wind... Square Rig should best Fastest at 145 degree's Gaff should be best at 90 Degree's Lanteen Should be best at 45 Degree's
  7. Sulfurblade

    Galleon stats?

    Basically as Boomer has Pointed out the game has a very sad trend of bigger = better... In this game Bigger always means faster!!! And Faster is usually better.... As for PvE with a Galleon vs a Brig vs a Schooner It's all in how you look at it. The bigger ship has far more cannons and thus will be able to sink more SotD's faster, and with the extra speed you will be able to locate more to again sink faster... However More Cannon's = More Cannonballs = More waisted Cannonballs As you go down in size and number of Cannons you sink SotD's slower but more efficiently... So ultimately do you want to kill efficiently and make less gold per hour or less efficiently and make more gold per hour?
  8. We don't need times Anything... Leave resource collection alone!!!! Nothing wrong with Bunny Ears, in fact we could have gotten jack diddly squat....
  9. Sulfurblade

    Mega's PvE PvP blah blah blah

    Forgive the Title I am a bit frustrated. I am sick of the new generation of gamer that think there either needs to be total death and destruction all the time or complete safety all the time!!!!! The Years of Crap MMORPG's like WoW and others have trained this Garbage mindset into people. We don't need PvE servers they don't freaking make sense! How does Tax on a PvE server make sense it doesn't "So they make it additive" And this confuses people to think its that way on PvP when its not!!! Because lets face it tax on PvE Makes no sense!!! For that matter Claims on PvE makes no sense for that matter this game in a PvP environment makes no sense!!! Now lets flip the page! Death for the Sake of Death makes no sense either, shooting people because they moved or because they were their is about as intelligent and thought provoking as PvE.... What we really need is Colonies done right! Guilds with a small cap limit, like say 10, actual neutral Taging that works!! And a limit on ally's. Islands being broken up into Hex's or Quarters or Eighth's. A Reputation and Law and Order system. A player Vendor system that works. A Safe bank in the Free Port with Limited Slots and unlimited weight, you want to horde Iron in it okay or your Gold, go ahead, but you only have say 5 slots so choose that stack-able resource wisely!!! A Harbor in the free port where you can safely store 1 ship and only 1 ship at a daily gold rate that automatically deducts from your bank, no money in back the ship is repo'ed! Government, Free Ports would also be a place to vote for Mayors of the Free Port Governors of Lawful Zones (Lawless changed to Lawful with actual NPC Guards and NPC Military vessels Enforcing Peace) --- A single Player could purchase a small parcel of Land in any of the Lawful zones this would give him voting rights in THAT location only! Factions, Guilds could bend the knee to factions. And becoming part of said faction, would make anyone else inside of that faction a friendly! And any killing / stealing / destruction would be a severe violation of law (Which would feed back into the Reputation and Law and Order system) Letters of Marque- Grant-able bye Mayors of Free Ports, allowing the guild to sink and kill people who are Part of the Faction it targets! War Declaration's - Costly declaration of war allowing a guild to go to war with another and as such the combat is legal and again not a violation of the Legal System. More interesting crafting, you use Metal, or Copper or Cobalt or Iron or Silver to make that Plank then you get, Metal = Normal no modifier Copper = Better Carrying Capacity Cobalt = More Durability Iron = More Resistance Silver = Better Endurance You can do that same thing with wood! And the same thing with Fiber and Thatch! Put these different resources in realistic different places! No Hap Hazardly scattered across the map.... Metal = FreePorts Copper = Tropics Iron = Temperate Silver = Desert Cobalt = Arctic and of course do this same thing with Wood/Thatch/Berries/Vegtables/etc... The Removal of Ships of the Damned from Most of the zones on the map and put into Zones like the Golden Age Zone's etc to create scary NPC filled water for those who want PvE... You could do all of this and so much more and actually make a game worth playing, instead of Rust on the Water!!!
  10. Sulfurblade

    About Submarine Quest. Vote !

    Thats pretty much every Crap MMORPG that has come since WoW.... Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies were good MMO's and a solo player could do anything a group could!!!
  11. Sulfurblade

    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    I came back to the game because of the statement above!!! But Now I am about to leave again because it was a blatant LIE!!! Give us small scale PvP in the Form of Smaller Guilds Like 10 MAX like you said in this BLATANT LIE ABOVE or enjoy your dead game!
  12. Sulfurblade

    How to fix islands and land claims

    This would work fine if the Server WAS WHAT I WAS SUPPOSE to be: A PvP Server for Small groups!!! Not a PvP server for Megas!!!
  13. Sulfurblade

    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    What happened to the other NA PvE server??? Now we are going to have two PvE servers and 1 PvP designed for small groups that has been over taken bye Mega's?!?
  14. Sulfurblade

    How to fix islands and land claims

    Honestly I don't see why you couldn't just cut into quarters obviously the Left side will get more land and the right side will get less.... But First come First serve and there are plenty of smaller company's who would be plenty happy to get one of the left quarters regardless of how little land is there!
  15. Sulfurblade

    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    I think this is a horrible decision! They should change the rule set on empire so those Hardcore Mega's can go back to where they belong!!!