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  1. Sulfurblade

    Seriously Devs!!!

    CPU hasn't been the bottleneck for a computer in several years now! Please keep your un educated thoughts to yourself.... The Hard Drive is the current bottleneck in my Computer and most everyone's computer! And after that Software tends to be the next bottleneck... As for 32 GB of ram being a waist thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard... If I had more then 32 gig then perhaps as a 64 bit OS can't handle any more, but RAM doesn't speed up or slow down your Computer, well it could if your using a slower clock speed then your Bus Speed supports but my RAM is matched to my boards bus speed so that's not an issue... More RAM simply allows for you system to swap and handle more simultaneous functions and having 32 gig of RAM is not a waist. As for the video card being more elaborate then the rest of the system well your right. But at the same time the Video Card is one of the only parts of your system that often times is truelly utilized bye most game's, and what I mean bye that are some games are CPU heavy like Arma3 for instance in arma3 you run into whats called a Software bottleneck which forces the CPU to handle most process's and only 1 Core at that.... However my build even when playing Arma3 peform's quite well!!! Why??? Because the Pentium g4620 being only a dual core has a healthy 3.7GhZ processor and its Bus Speed is 2400 Just like The Ram Just like the Board... The fact of the matter is all of this hardware is Same Generation and your "Bottleneck" Theory your attempting to point out could work if something in this build was from another generation! For instance a MOBO with an 1800 Mhz bus... Or 2133 MhZ Ram In these situations you can get a Bottleneck thats based on Hardware from different generations! But again that's not the case with my build... In the Generation of my build the limitations of Sata 2 ability to read right from my Mechanical drive is my machine's limitation! The stronger Video Card is not a waist of money its a benifit and can often times pull much of the load off of the weaker CPU which is one of the best Value per dollar cpu's you can find on the market today, mind you! No the age of the CPU bottleneck Was 2 Mother board Generations ago! Maybe you need to adapt with the time.... Have you bothered to wonder why Solid State Hard Drives are the new rage??? News Flash its because the HD has become the new bottleneck. DDR4 Was the rage with the last generation of boards??? Why because the the Ram's Clock speed wasn't keeping up with the Mother boards... And before that Generation of tech the CPU was the bottleneck, that's like over 10 years ago now!!!
  2. Sulfurblade

    Seriously Devs!!!

    Paying a 1000 dollars for a console to me screams more money then sense! Sorry man PC's are far superior in every way! For the life of me I don't understand console gamer's...
  3. Sulfurblade

    Seriously Devs!!!

    Why because the reason most gamers are PC gamers is because of the ability to upgrade... Granted there are still some limitations like the CPU form factor only being maintained for so long on generations of mother boards! But as a person who built PC's for a living 5K - 10K is just crazy talk... With 5K I could Triple SLI some of the most expensive video cards, have mineral water cooling the best board on the market maxed out RAM and still have change left over! The reason people pay 5K or 10K for Computers is because they are computer DUMB and can't build there own computer! They buy things like (ALIENWARE) < $1000+ for the name and a couple of .25 cent sticker on the case! Heck computer Dumb people can go to a nearby Fry's electronics and they will put it together for you at a reasonable price and help you pick out every piece to put in it... No you can easily build a capable mid range gaming computer for less then 1000 dollars and for less then 2000 a high end gaming computer! My rig for example: MSI B250M Gaming Pro $60 Pentium G4620 $110 32 gig ram $160 4 Terabyte HD $80 1070TI $250 Windows 7 ($100) - already had this but windows will range typically from 100-150 depending on Home or Prof 688 Dollar build granted I live near a Fry's Electronics so I have easy access to parts but anyone can use Newegg or Fry's Online and get similiar deals! I am constantly recording videos with OBS while I am Playing, plus running TeamSpeak and chatting and typically uploading to Youtube all at the same time with no issues, while typically running a high graphics. Ack Left out the Case and Power supply!!!! Antec 900 $80 (Granted I have had this case for several different builds) Antec Earthwatt 550 Gold $80 So tack on another 160 dollars for a new total of $848 So your thought process that a gaming PC is 5000 dollars is a bit on the extreme end...
  4. Sulfurblade

    Can I get a bacon double cheeseburger?

    Don't go messing with my 3 Nacho Bell Grande's with No Re fried Beans! *Waves Boomer away* shooo you off to Wendy's with you!!!
  5. Sulfurblade

    Seriously Devs!!!

    Thanks I must be tired.... Its typically far more fun to fan the flames then toss water on em?!?
  6. Sulfurblade

    Can I get a bacon double cheeseburger?

    How about two all beef patty's, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles onions on a sesame seed bun?
  7. Sulfurblade

    Seriously Devs!!!

    You have very solid points here and they make sense but your also coloring things with frustration and hostility. The fact is you can win a debate with the facts and you have the facts layed out and you are right, but you colored them over with needless hostility These comments clearly put Martyn on defensive, (To an extent its a bed of his own making) but at the same time you can clearly see bye his follow on comments that he is on the defensive and feeling cornered.... What a strange day that I find myself mediating on a forum....
  8. Sulfurblade

    Seriously Devs!!!

    And now Martyn you can't have your cake and eat it too... You can't in one post defend Realists ability to have a right to comment and then in this post subvert your earlier comment for your own gain!
  9. Sulfurblade

    Seriously Devs!!!

    Seriously???? Guybrush, its not hard to read what Martyn wrote here and it certainly wasn't a personal attack on Realist!!!! Now I don't want to defend Martyn to be honest, because I rarely agree with his points of view, but if anyone in this thread has recieved a personal attack its Martyn! He simply used Realist as an example, what he posted is what most people say to discredit Realist, he never said he agree's with this point of thought, and he confirms this bye saying "Now Realist has every right to comment like every single other person on this forum." This is a game in Early Access Alpha stage!!! Alpha and Beta testers USE TO BE PAYED, to give "quality" feedback! Now in the bizarre world we live in we have early access where, Everyone gets to pay the developer to Alpha Beta Test: Have no idea what being a Tester involves and act as if they purchased the finished product. There should not be people DEFENDING the game there is nothing to defend its in ALPHA and everything can and SHOULD be changed. Now its fine to point counter point based on preferences, but at the end of the day NO single persons Game Play preference should be more important then anothers! And if you don't like what someone posts then remember that Disney Movie your Parents made you watch called Bambi...
  10. Sulfurblade

    Name changing

    In Most MMORPG's there is an option to contact support for a name change if this is indeed the case, your right some things that are offensive to one are not always offensive to another. But putting in an in-game name change feature anyone can use at any time for any reason is horrible in a Sandbox where your name is your reputation! If you act like a jerk and ruin your reputation then that's something you should have to live with.
  11. Sulfurblade

    Heatwave killing my guy even in water ??

    So I agree to a point.... They certainly could stand to tone down some of the extreme temp's across the board... However at the same time I disagree with your notion about not jumping on the raft and GTFO, single player has the whole map so if you choose to live in a hot (Or Cold) environment and NOT invest Points into Fortitude, you have no one to blame but YOURSELF....
  12. Sulfurblade

    Fastest schooner?

    Real question is how many large speed sails could you attach to the plane
  13. So is mine! News flash even carebears would prefer to play on a pvp enabled server! Again PvP server doesn't mean thats the only thing you do! An in game business selling weapons etc works better when there are people to sell too, online business's are terrible in PvE, as most people in PvE are CRAFTERS Not consumers!!! So again the best MMORPG is Not one that caters to PvP only its one that balances all aspects of the game and puts PvE and PvP together!!!
  14. Sulfurblade

    about the new update

    Congrates Dr. Mcoy
  15. Sulfurblade

    about the new update

    Your being like a Spelling trying to correct my punctuation at its very irritating! The OP was going on like the sky was falling and everyone was going to have there flag's bankrupted bye bad people will Galleons sailing around stealing there gold....