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  1. Giftzwerg

    Treasure Map Bug

    After some more testing we see that only ranged weapons makes no damage.
  2. Giftzwerg

    Map Cellsize Einstellung

    Hey, we play on 1.6 since 5 weeks without problems. Dont go higher then 1.6 we have tried 2.0 and 1.8 but this caused some Bugs.
  3. Giftzwerg

    Treasure Map Bug

    Network: Private Server Grid: All Grids Treasure Map Mobs gets no damage. Reinstalling the server has brought nothing, we have tried it with different weapons and treasure maps on different Grids.
  4. Does anyone have the problem that the treasure mobs gets no damage?
  5. Wir haben noch genügend Land auf verschiedenen Inseln frei.Also Claimt euch eurer neues Heim bevor es jemand anderes tut. We still have enough land available on different islands.So claim your new home before anyone else does.
  6. [English] We invite you to our new Atlas server. It will give as usual a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable server settings. Suggestions for mods, server settings and rules are always listened to and checked. The rules can be found in our Discord: www.discord.gg/UD4Kspe or at: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/brobacer/discussions/0/1743357605581548282/ We are happy to set up channels in our discord, with all the rights and obligations you need for you and your people. The most important data: Server Location: Frankfurt (Germany) Hoster: GPortal Server Name: [EU] Bro Bacer IP: (Steam Serverbrowser) Max player: 200 * Grids: 3x3 = 9, all biomes. Player by Grid: 22 * EXP: x 2 Weight: x 3 Harvest: x 3 Resource Respawn Time: -60% Taming: x 4 Treasure Gold: x 2 Loot and Fish Quality: x 2 Max Tribes Per Alliance: = 2 Max Alliance Per Tribe: = 1 Max Member Per Tribe: = 7 * PvP 18:00 to 0:00 otherwise PvE. Freeport Claming is allowed. Annoying Obstructed Placment is disabled. * Will be increased if necessary. [German] Wir laden dich auf unseren neuen Atlas Server ein. Es wird wie gewohnt eine entspannte Atmosphäre und angenehme Servereinstellungen geben. Vorschläge zu Mods, Servereinstellungen und Regeln werden wie immer gerne angehört und geprüft. Die Regeln findest Du in unserem Discord: www.discord.gg/UD4Kspe oder unter: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/brobacer/discussions/0/1743357605581548282/ Gerne richten wir dir auch Kanäle in unseren Discord ein, mit allen Rechten und Pflichten die Du für dich und deine Leute benötigst. Die wichtigsten Daten: Serverstandort: Frankfurt (Germany) Hoster: GPortal Servername: [EU] Bro Bacer | Piraten mit Schnuffeltuch IP: (Steam Serverbrowser) Max Spieler: 200* Grids: 3x3 = 9, alle Biome. Spieler per Grid: 22* EXP: x 2 Gewicht: x 3 Harvest: x 3 Resource Respawn Time: -60% Taming: x 4 Treasure Gold: x 2 Loot und Fish Quality: x 2 Max Tribes Per Allianz: = 2 Max Allianz Per Tribe: = 1 Max Member Per Tribe: = 7* PvP 18:00 bis 0:00 Uhr ansonsten PvE. Freeport Claming ist erlaubt. Nerviges Obstructed Placment ist Deaktiviert. *Wird bei Bedarf erhöht.