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    Livestream Q&A

    Have you thought of putting a map with pvp and pve areas together like a lot of the private servers have made so that small tribes can enjoy the ship pvp without having their base trashed by the large tribes and have a safe area to relax when they want to just build.
  2. a great addition to a good game well done.
  3. silander

    Captain's Log #33: Quality Of Life

    I would like to see some areas on the pve server made pvp so that if people want to they can venture into a risky area for a sea battle without the risk of their base being trashed
  4. I look forward to the PTR on the 3rd April and find it funny that so many people complain about the release dates being delayed yes it is frustrating but people will complain more if it is lagged and un playable this is why the bad reviews when it was released in December. I have enjoyed the hours that I have played so far and look forward to the many hours that I intend on playing in the future.