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  1. znasser

    Christmas’s Event

    They just changed a few parameters, no critical bug fixes, no performance increases. Tbh i was kind of expecting this kind of crap patch because it has been pretty much the same for the last six months. it seems to me they have almost nobody working on the game atm, and as expected, just another boosted rates event.
  2. znasser

    Christmas’s Event

    Instead of something like the easter eggs event, id rather they start implementing the promised patches of phase one, so we can hope to have good fights with more than 20 people in a server without being a lagfest. We are almost three months into season 3, no performance improvement whatsoever during that time. On sunday we reach the 1 year milestone, but the game hasn't changed much for the last half of that time and i was hopeful they were going to release something. At this point, i think all we are going to get is just an special rates event.
  3. First it was the launch of SP and blackwood, then it was Xbox release and now who knows, but we have gotten very little improvements since June/July, and i don't know what to think any more, but after way too many hours spent on this game i think this season is going be my last one because this thing is going nowhere.
  4. znasser


    ilustrate me, how can you defend an isolated place, with just 1-2 beds, with very limited gear, with limited crew, against a swarm of attackers if it's not with swivels? Because if you dont have other ships to help you, once you lost your main deck is game over, the chances of saving your ship are very slim.
  5. znasser


    i dont know what was funnier, if the armored and armed npc thing, or the i'm so fucking good with the sword that the only thing stopping me from taking over your unskilled pricks boats is your op swivels
  6. znasser


    Let's make taking over a ship supereasy, what could go wrong?
  7. znasser

    Advice on claim flags.

    People can see what's inside your flag, but they can't take anything. It may make sense to have safe places to hide and contest enemy flags within your flag radius, so i guess that's why people try to fortify their flags. Peacetime protects everyone and everything in the island. The owner of the island is the only one who can damage and kill during peacetime. Spend gold on puckles, learn how to set them up and make them effective, and don't be cheap with their quality.
  8. znasser

    Patch Notes - Thank you

    If it was only in freeports it would be fine, even good for the game. But safe anchor anywhere? hell no.
  9. znasser

    Patch Notes - Thank you

    (this means they take longer to spoil)
  10. znasser

    Suggestion: Connect all servers.

    If some of the PVE crowd want ocasional riskless PVP they can just make a few of the lawless grids PVP enabled so they can blow steam off there and stop messing around with the people who wants full PVP and full PVE.
  11. There's unclaimed islands even in the most popular biomes, and even if there wasn't, probably like half of the claimed islands are owned by EU companies that are just playing in NA PVP until october 8th. On the other hand, can't xbox players just join stablished pc player companies if they are unable to find a spot?
  12. znasser

    Meta PVP Solution

    Then you just have to make a good barrier of puckles covering all angles in a more or less open area. After that you just have to spam a few structures so nobody can plant a cannon on the ground close to your puckles and you can go afk until they run out of ammo, food or gold, whatever comes first... Did you actually do any ground pvp at all?
  13. znasser

    Xbox crossplay

    id say console players will outnumber pc players in the begining, if the price is close to what it is on steam, i would definetily give it a try.
  14. znasser

    Structure Limit

    i'm not a builder so i don't really know this technicalities and i'm just guessing here, but i think it is the distance that equals 10k floors/ceilings conected in a straight line. If it's that, only in the biggest islands you are going to be able to go above that limit.
  15. People should expect wipes for fundamental changes in core gameplay, or issues that can only be solved with a wipe. There's no real change coming to the game, other than swaping a bunch of abandoned copy pasted islands for other copy pasted islands so they can justify a wipe. The bigger picture is 8th october the game will have the same issues it has had for a very long time, and the cause for pc player exodus. While those same issues remain unsolved the xbox player exodus is guaranteed. So, why would i want to repeat all the grindy things i don't particularly enjoy, so they can give the new players an artificial perception that the playfield is leveled? What's in it for us?