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  1. znasser

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    I could understand this in the case of hardcore PVE players, because in PVE you just acumulate more and more stuff. On the other hand on PVP you are not only consuming things all the time, but also, you usually can't take full advantage of x2 events because you are bussy attacking or defending. On top of that the major timesink is usually transporting things, or crafting and building, so i don't see the problem.
  2. znasser

    The Danger Zone

    High latency, rollbacks, microfreezes when you load structures, extremely low fps and continuous game crashes. Even though the game has improved a lot since release, in most pvp situations the game is barely playable. So as a pvp player my main issue with the game is performance. The game is starting to get positive feedback on steam, so let's hope we'll finally see a bottom in playerbase during the summer to go up from there.
  3. I understand the PVE complaints about raze, but, on the other hand, something like this is completely necesary in pvp. My company conquered our main from another company long before i joined them, and they couldnt clean up all of the enemy structures untill recently because one or many of the old owners came to visit every few days to reset the timers. Even with the fast decay thing, meaning you don't have to worry about single pillars now, it's a huge grind to eliminate all of the bigger structures. In long pvp defenses the island get so spammed that becomes hardly usable even for the original owner. So 12k Gold to get the job done with a single click it's a huge QOL improvement.
  4. znasser

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    First of all, sry for necroposting in a thread that's been dead for a month and half This is the dumbest thing they could have introduced to the game. It's not used to board ships like they probably intended, but to chase and halt ships and ganking them after that. It encourages blob and gank tactics. Fortunately not everybody has figured out the meta yet, but they have basically reduced ship pvp to galleon pvp.
  5. i don't think he's saying that. The problem is always the same, a mechanic like that could be useful for solos in lawless or small companies that only cover a fraction of the wartime period and can't build/maintain a safe harbour. But in the case of bigger company or alliance warfare that could be highly exploitable and very disruptive, it is as simple as that.
  6. Im not saying i like the idea because i don't, but, they can now dock in a well defended harbour and the consequence in most situations would be pretty much the same.
  7. znasser

    About losing your ship

    I think i kind of know what mmo you are talking about. Because otherwise it could be highly exploitable, when i used to play, Insurance was only worth using in t1 ships. It was worthless in t2, t3 or faction ships because you recieved peanuts compared with what you paid for them in any trading hub. And even in t1, if you include the fitting you never recovered more than 40-50% of the isk. It also expired, so in the case you didn't lose the ship during the period of insurance you wasted money. When you were a newbie it was nice to get back some isk when you lose a ship but when you had like 20,30 or 40 fitted ships in your garage, most of them t2 and faction you didn't even bothered to insure. That is in a game where the main thing you farm is a currency, and you can go to any trading hub and use that currency to buy the exactly same stuff you lost. What is the point to recieve any amount of gold for the loss of a ship, with items that have very different bonuses and you can't buy back? Imo, Insurance was mainly introduced as an imaginative way to act as floor for the price of minerals, so miners would get protected from market manipulators. If i had to implement similar mechanics to that that game, it would be reinforced timers and how starbases work, how alliances work, but i don't see the point of adding insurance.
  8. znasser

    Seriously Devs!!!

    For 1k or less you can build a very capable gaming pc here in Europe, and that's with our ridiculous 20+ VAT.
  9. znasser

    Get rid of explosive barrels. A rework idea.

    Bigger ships are already much stronger than smaller ships. What you propose is to divide a tedious task like refiling ammo boxes in two, to be forced to play hide and seek with the gunpowder barrell and give the ships the random chance to be blown up by a lucky shot. What's the improvement?
  10. znasser

    bug use for french and ships EU PVP

    What's hilarious about these guys is they all before wipe, changed the name of their clans to 'Chem-b duping and cheating' complaining about other company and now there they are, exploiting and abusing every bug and glitch they find as many times as they can, while they remain unpunished.
  11. znasser

    In game auction house

    Is there a point in buying anything from someone, when you can farm it or craft it yourself? For high rolls of good items is there a point in selling them instead of using them yourself? No matter what trading systems they implement if they don't solve that first.
  12. znasser

    Get rid of explosive barrels. A rework idea.

    i like your idea for explosive barrels, but for cannon balls if feels like overcomplicating something that works pretty well. It also adds the possibility of getting blown up with a lucky shot which it doesnt feel like the right move for pvp. World of Tanks has a similar mechanic, and it's one of the main sources of frustration and cheating acusations.
  13. znasser

    What is/should Atlas hang it's hat on?

    Why so many people was interested in the game and why it had such a sucessful EA launch? What was being said about the game both in social media and articles, and what people expected the game was going to be? i'd go with that.
  14. znasser

    Increase sailing speed

    At least in PVP, but probably in PVE too, the problem with fast travel, increased speed and those kind of things is that it increases power projection. As annoying as long trips are, I'd be careful with that because the cure could be worse than the disease. I don't know if it would be possible but id love if they add a system to calculate the best route for trips forecasting wind and weather, maybe combining it with the sextant compass, and giving you an aproximate arrival time.
  15. because i know the game well, at least how it was during the period i played, i can say there's no eve in atlas. I mean for example, if you want to believe the freeport/lawless/conquerable grids are based on highsec/lowsec/nullsec, like a buddy of mine says ok, i get why you see it, but it could be based on anything else because they are very very different.