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  1. znasser

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    Considering the last changes to ships, i guess they want people boarding and stealing ships, and it'll be cool if it's well implemented. But if this thing turns out to be an external brake someone can apply on you to slow you down when you are at full speed so their buddys can easily gank you, it will be a ship fight killer as we know it and probably the end of atlas for many people that's only staying for ship fights like me.
  2. This may work for cobalt, but why would i put in the system a high end bp if i can't retrieve if it doesnt sell? Can i change the pricetag? if i can, what stop me to store it there at an insane price and change it to a lower one when i want to get it back and ask a friend to buy it for me? There's a million ways to exploit that, and would make the market system worse. Imo they have to realize this isnt like any other survival game out there and having safe spots isn't that big of a deal.
  3. Numbers have to work for the seller also, and considering that you have to travel to freeports back and forth, and the way you generate gold is pretty much the same everywhere, even if you centralize everything in a single market, you can only get marginal gains for everybody which i doubt it wil solve much. The screw up of the insane upkeep of player shops, is because they are too worried if people use freeport as a safe spot for their stuff, which is stupid imo.
  4. znasser

    Chines Destroy the Game

    i don't know about the game, but the forum is crappier than ever thanks to some of their bots spamming all the time.
  5. znasser

    Does 2xp effect your ships?

    Experience threshold for every level are the same for every ship no matter what the ship quality is. What i have never measured is if the amount of experience given by any type of sotd is influenced by the ship you are in.
  6. znasser

    Im out

    What kind of bp you need to get 300% cannons even with that much intelligence? If i understand well how it works, you still need a lucky roll and you can't stack high rolls with cannons. I'd worry more about high rolls in average blue, and purple things that are much more common and they probably can produce those things in larger quantities. I don't know man, i think you are freaking out too much with this. Don't get me wrong, i hope the devs learnt the lesson with duped crap and they can remove as much as possible, but i don't think this is such a huge issue as that was.
  7. znasser

    SOTD Fleet

    They are not too powerful, if you lost two ships to them you are doing it wrong.
  8. They can also use a tame or a second account to do the same and is gold free. I don't get that obsession some of you have with being able to steal everything tbh.
  9. znasser

    Give gold to NPC is almost a job

    I hope if you add that, you also add the option to turn it off. Paying the crew is just half the job, you have to feed them and check ammo boxes too. Because mistakes happen, I'd rather lose a few localized crewmembers from time to time, than all of them and the claim of the island at the same time.
  10. znasser

    Foundation Spam Reason for a Ban?

    Nobody said it wasn't a pain to clean them up, but as long as we in pvp have a counter why shouldn't it be a valid tactic? PVE players don't have that luxury so i think they are the ones who have a legitimate complain about this.
  11. znasser

    Foundation Spam Reason for a Ban?

    I think it's a pve issue t, in pvp the solution is already implemented and is called cannons.
  12. znasser

    Transport Galleon

    pvp or pve server? If its pve i would go with just bottom and top decks, a ramp to go from the bottom to the top, another ramp to access the back ladder, and a 3x2x1 room for storage containers, just behind the steering wheel. Its pretty ugly and a pain in the ass to repair some of the planks, but it's functional if u want to have room for cargo.
  13. znasser

    Not too early to tell anymore

    You came to that conclusion based on your vast experience playing the game get out of here.
  14. znasser

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    You can't treat it like its a loss in pvp because it's not, that's the whole point. If i haven't said it already im a pvp guy, i spent most of my post wipe time in golden age servers like M12 and D12, if you play around that area there's a big chance we've exchanged planks. I'm not afraid to lose my ship in pvp, in fact i lost it days before that change, and i would be very pissed if i hadn't and have lost it to this change.
  15. znasser

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    I'd love to see how many people would be willing to sink so many hours in a game like this doing boring and repetitive task knowing that all the goodstuff they get in exchange could be gone or be useless overnight because of a dev decision.