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  1. znasser

    Where is 2x?

    In our island when there's x2 on and with 300+ mythical tools you get like 55-60k wood in the 10 minutes the skill lasts. But it's not equally efective in all the islands as you need trees to very close. Without x2 and regular tools i won't get more than 20k, and then you have to wait an hour unless you have killed the hard kraken, have more int or use a dragons tongue delight.
  2. znasser

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    I mean if all you play for is to win the race of having the best tamagotchi i understand you wanting to reroll. But in pvp, wiping means i have to do a lot of crap again before i'm in position to pvp properly. Those Bears on this side of the game are just fancy fiber gatherers, it wont give any advantage to those who have them.
  3. znasser

    Great game, so little players.

    You've position yourself as the voice of xbox players since i remember, and you are lobbying for a wipe, but if saying 'Realist and his buddies' offends you, i'll change it for 'xbox players'. i honestly don't dislike you, but i often disagree with most of the things you say about the game.
  4. znasser

    Great game, so little players.

    There's no real reason to wipe the game, other than to make xbox players happy by screwing over the most loyal players they have. The map changes are so minimal, and in an area that is so abandoned that i doubt there would be a lot of people affected by it. My company happens to own the only claimed island in the whole 8 line that is being replaced in our server, and we have nothing there, just a couple of small buildings. If that is gonna be a reason to wipe 6 months worth of grinding, i will happily unclaim it and demolish all of the structures.
  5. The main reason to spam pillars on an island is to prevent your enemys to place structures, mainly beds but also fobs and other structures. People will also build defensive walls by placing a lot of pillars close to each other in important positions that could be considered spam too. I don't understand how transfering structures when an island is conquered would stop people from doing any of these things. Prevent other players to build in your island unless you allow them to, and pillar spam will be mostly fixed, at least the first kind.
  6. znasser

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    The last wipe, not even 2 hours after launch we received the visit of what become our neighbours with a schooner and a bear to do maps on our island, all of them late level 20's. The first 50-60 levels are easy if you know the game well. The problem comes after those, specially after level 70-80 when you need to grind a lot, not only xp but visiting places too, because you already have done already most of the quest that give dp.
  7. It just hit me! Even though you are wrong about features in the game most of the time, considering you haven't played yet, you are kind of well informed. What is gonna happen with those thousands of xbox players that are going to join us with no knowledge of the game. They are throwing sheep to the wolves here. You are wrong about the galleons btw.
  8. id say it took me more than 4 hours between saturday and sunday to level up to 39 the brig i used in the ship event in o7 yesterday. That's not counting the time to refit the brig to a pvp setup, nor counting the time to farm the almost 2000 cannon balls or the several thousands of mats used. I would also say that i have invested more than 10 hours in our latest mythic gally, it's not finished yet as it is just level 49 , and it wasn't me who did 2-3 mid 40's levels. Again not counting the time to get the thousands of mats and cannon balls used in the process. so yeah, like 1-2hr plus travel time....
  9. znasser

    Legendary quality maps

    i can really live with getting bps for useless crap i will never build like catapults, ballistas, ship hangars etc. What frustrate me the most is the lack of consistency on the % of items. Those moments when after picking up the box you see on the lower left corner of your screen 'mythic ship cannon', and you go excited to check it on your inventory to see that is just 127% dmg are priceless.
  10. znasser

    How to Stop and Ally Claiming my ships

    if the ship is yours you dont need to claim it, it is already yours, you just need to constest their flags.
  11. znasser

    A Happy Time

    I can't care less about people compaining in social media. But in the EU PVP scene several of the biggest companies have just popcorned their stuff, demolished their bases, killed their animals and sunk their ships. If this continues, by the time they release the Xbox client and next update, the old empires server would feel crowded in comparison to how EU colonies is going to feel.
  12. znasser

    New Lead Designer

    Long trips have been a huge issue since the begining, and it could be solved as easily as having the possibility to be able to park your ship in a freeport for as long as u need so you could split your trips in multiple stages if you need it. Maybe by despawning the ship when you log off on top of it, maybe by having and npc that store it for you or whatever system they want, with as many caps and restrictions as needed to avoid larger companies to exploit it to safely park a whole fleet there. I doubt something like this would hurt pvp a lot as imo would, making ships completely invulnerable while anchored, as some people have sugested in other threads. Yet nothing has been done in this area.
  13. Imo, once you have the double harvesting skill, all the handharvesting skills, the 250% encumbered speed skill and high damage legendary or mythic tools, during those ten minutes you'll beat any animal at their thing except bears. Now we rarely use an animal to gather mats if its not fiber.
  14. znasser

    Atlas: the offline griefing simulator

    This is simply not true. There are islands easier to defend than others, but good natural harbours and good bases in top of hills are almost impossible to raid unless there's nobody defending or the ones doing it are completely clueless. All of your proposed 'improvements', like extended range for fixed position cannons or insane resistance for walls maybe will make your base withstand and offline attack, but it will also remove any chance to cause any meaningful damage in an actual fight. They already cost half of a sailing ship npc and tbh they are incredibly cheap now. Only on our main island we have at any given time 1200-1300 between defences and docked ships, and we manage to pay them without problems, but we are about 25-30 active players in our company. I get the impression that most of your complaints come from the fact that you want to play with a very small group of people, probably casuals most of them. IMO the game is not designed to be played that way, don't get fooled by the huge amount of empty islands combined with the low population, you can't .