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    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

    Generally, no defense should be inpenetrable. Its good that you need real players to defend against raids, and that puckles etc. are more in a support role. How effective they are is ofc always dependend on how you setup your defense, how you place them etc. What really needs to be adressed imo is the pitiful damage of ranged weapons against players and animals. A horse or bear with a cannon cart is a freaking tank in this game. Everyone is healing themselves faster than you can damage them even with mythical carbines.
  2. oni

    Increase sailing speed

    If the wind is weak only half of the time, then thats already too much. Its an arbitrary gamemechanic that doesnt contribute anything but wasting the time of the player for the sake of "realism". Imagine travelling in Ark or Rust, and at random times the game reduces or halves your movementspeed. There is nothing "smart" about sailing in its current form (actual pvp ship fights excluded). And there is nothing I can do about it as player if the wind is weak. I dont just equate my preferences to everyone without reason. I've seen the number of players this game has left, and hear people complain daily, how fucking bad the wind is again and again and again. And its a point I agree with. One big issue imho is how this game in its current form wastes too much of its players time. And I simply assume that most people value their time I basically had zero expectations going into this game, since the trailer didnt show much actual gameplay and so I lagged through the first day of the launch and shrugged it off, I'm not easy to enrage But If I see glaring issues where change could maybe improve the game, and save it I'll voice my opinion.
  3. oni

    Increase sailing speed

    I didnt buy a sailing or pirate simulator. I bought a game I knew relativly little about, besides the pirate theme, which I hoped to be good and fun to play. From playing said game for hundreds of hours, I can say that the damn traveltime is too long for most players. Nobody but the jobless have time to waste sailing around for hours, just for the slight chance to find some fun and action, (or god forbid raid for hours) and then have to sail the same way back. Your one hour for 3-4 grids in decend wind becomes easily 2 hours if your ship isnt pretty much empty. 3-4 hours if the wind isnt decent (which is the case most of the time). And now double that if you actually want to get back home. And you didnt even do any raiding - this is pure traveltime. No wonder the players ran away, this game simply wastes too much of their time before you come to the enjoyable parts. It isnt worth the effort. There are too many better alternatives like Ark (yes even ark) or Rust.
  4. oni

    Increase sailing speed

    Traveltime is one giant reason this game is dead. 1-2 hours traveltime each time you want to have some some pvp is not feasible.
  5. Old Icons have not disappeared yet
  6. Nothing new, just fix the fucking bugs you already have, balance your stupid game or nobody cba to play it
  7. Its silly how you can use them underwater, or use them while receiving damage. Hell you can outheal carbine damage easily, complete joke xD
  8. With the structure limit being around 16k in area, it would be useful for a builder to be able to see the number of already placed structures, for better planning.
  9. to fix the forge canceling its queue on all ingot recipes that use thatch. Nobody uses it to fuel anything anyway, and this bug is so goddam annoying, unfixed for months already.
  10. oni

    Foundation & Pillar spamming

    I have a crazy idea - patch in some structure that prevents enemies from building in a certain area. Lets call it .... a claim flag. BOOM - spam gone, marvelous. Snark aside, bring back reworked claim flags from pre wipe. While the new island claim system is fine overall, the island owners need additional ways to prevent attackers from FOBing up easily etc. , and really nobody wants this annoying pillar spam.
  11. Hey, as it is now, there are already too many feats for the few F1-F10 keys Either Increase the number of shortcuts, or make them dependent on the equiped weapon/ if the player is on a wheel/or if he sits on a tame
  12. ^ as the title says, the white shipwreck markers that show you where you lost a ship dont get deleted EVER. By now we have plenty of them in the company, that are months old. Its getting hard to see other things on the map.
  13. oni

    Whale Hunting nerfed?

    That bug has been around for a while. Shoot the whale with a carbine first. Then all your bolts will register.
  14. oni


    This game has no playerbase, the big unofficials all shut down by now afaik. Even the smaller ones that are still around are empty.
  15. I've the feeling this is their exit plan - patch in single player, release for console and call it quits. Player numbers are down so hard it isnt funny anymore