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  1. The seahorse ate the hat we were promised after 1st wipe...and died.
  2. It´s a matter of minutes to change the server data for a boosted weekend. So telling us there is so much to do is nothing but a lame excuse. Sitting on a pile of gold and ressources at pretty high lvl, double xp/gold/ressources means nothing to me but a double triple quadruple breeding event would be nice. Right now breeding is what keeps long time players in the game. The totally random boosts, some weekends we got em, sometimes they last a whole week, now we didn´t get anything 2 weekends in a row, are the perfect example that the devs have no shedule or plan what they are actually doing.
  3. It can even be worse: If you directly spawn into a SOTD after changing grid your game will crash. And you won´t be able to relog for a few minutes... Happens twice to me and there is absolutly nothing u can do. It could be easily fixed if SOTDs and whales couldn´t get so close to grid borders. But we are talking about devs who needed 2 months to create the worst possible fix for the overweight exploit xD
  4. I would like to see a x2-4 breeding event. Breeding is my current business and faster rates would help a lot. A lot of active players i know are into breeding now coz they already did all the other stuff. Thanks in advance Grapeshot^^
  5. After checking hundreds of ship wrecks we finally encountered one above qual 16: I like the 0.000001 addition^^ Three of us went down to the ocean bottom but only one got the archievment. The crab wheel skin will appear EVERY time when u die in your inventory, similiar to the kraken head skin.
  6. Demolish the front sail, replace and it should work.
  7. The new claiming system after the wipe was a fail from the beginning. A revised claim flag system would have been way better. Limited flags, non overlapping sea claims, period. Now we got pillar spam, 24h of fear and on top the whole island can be wiped. What if 2 befriended companys take turns in owning an island to farm settlers? Oh we didn´t see that coming, we will work on that issue for weeks to present another half baked fix...
  8. Wish we would have full covering colours and triangle ramps or even metal structures. This would open doors to a new design universe.
  9. As a german player i wanted a real submarine and not a diving bell with scissor hands^^
  10. You can build several ships, man em with crew and park em at the kraken. Then u sail in on another ship and trigger the kraken. If u park the npc ships tactically close to the tentacles they wil help a lot. It´s some work but it can be done.
  11. Checked game files for errors...7! files to be replaced...works now
  12. I totally agree. I tried many things like facing hostile animals with my back and attached cart but it doesn´t get any damage.
  13. Raised Xp from sotds is a good thing BUT we need higher max ship lvls. U can easily max out a ship in one day. And raise the lvls of sotds in golden age grids. It not motivating to cruise there for hours and hours, sinking low lvl sotds, useless loot and no xp coz u ve already reached max lvl...
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