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  1. MesCaLiN

    Several annoying bugs

    - 2 days ago i couldn´t craft fertilizer. I´m 100% sure i got all the stuff needed in my inventory, the icon was highlighted but it didn´t start crafting -yesterday i was able to craft fertilizer BUT crafting stone arrows didn´t work -today i can´t paint my ship planks. it shows that the colours are applied but the planks look like unpainted last but not least i´ve noticed that i don´t get ressources back when i demolish my own placed structures. even from stuff placed some minutes ago. all these issues are not game breaking but annoying. and they occur since a few days. is it a broken patch?
  2. MesCaLiN

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    "I have made fire!" "snatch victory from the jaws of defeat" "Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids" "today´s special: whale goulash"
  3. Still no fix for this big issue? My whole clan is inactive because nobody can join!
  4. MesCaLiN

    Max Level 53

    I got 90+ discovery points right now and can lvl up to 55. Can´t check COZ I CAN´T LOGIN xD But i know that u need more discovery points for higher max lvl.
  5. MesCaLiN


    the problem is that a lot of the hunter ships got destroyed by chinese rope ladder exploiters. now the number of sotd is raising and raising while more and more frustrated ppl are quitting. devils circle!
  6. MesCaLiN

    Charakter broken?

    Same problem here. I was disconnected, tried to rejoin but no Rejoin option anymore. Can´t access my inventory or any container, can´t close the door of my ships hatch. I can climb ladders but i don´t see the climb ladder text!? No damage counters when i hit animals too. Restarted router, checked game for errors, joined another server...all fine there. So what is going on? I´m standing on a rock in nowhere with high gear, can´t access my ship boxes or sail home.