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  1. MesCaLiN

    Tames falling off ships

    Cargo saddle sync is horrible. I ve seen bears with attachments warped away, leaving track style trails far far away. This often happens when these tames are involved in fights. I also noticed carts burried in foundations or sometimes a cargo cart is flying past me or a lonely cargo cart is floating on the sea without anything attached to it xD
  2. Fished a bear with a cargo cart out of the sea. As i tried to access the cart i noticed that the cart still belongs to the previous bear owner... Ofc i can´t use nor unattach the cart because i can´t destroy the storage locker on the carriage xD Any hints? I tried to get the cart damaged so it would fall off but it doesn´t get any damage...
  3. MesCaLiN

    Help me !

    Which grid?
  4. I noticed that even when im the only player in golden age grids for hours i find fresh loot crates from sotds. What is killing em? Are they exploding after a certain amount of time? Yes it´s frustrating when ur taking your cannon balls out for a walk, cruising for hours and all what u get is crap loot and some schoners. I´m doing this on a daily routine, sometimes u just have no luck but sometimes u blast so many sotds that u run out of 1.2k cannonballs in 1h. But i totally agree that we need more high lvl sotds espec galleons in golden age grids.
  5. Tried to upgrade it in smithy but no option. Any info about this?
  6. MesCaLiN

    How to get Legendary or Mytical Shipyard?

    The shipyard quality and the corresponding ship quality is a perfect example that grapeshot makes things unnecesssarily complicated. As some1 mentioned before ship related blueprints can be found in sotd drops, shipyard blueprints comes from treasure maps. It´s not the quality but the duration of a shipyard that matters. A mythical shipyard can have lower duration than a legendary one. The higher the duration the better the resulting ship quality. And every +10% ship quality means +1 max lvl. (Higher duration shipyards have way more carafting costs than lower ones!) For example: 200% shipyard will produce 180% quality ships which can lvl up to lvl 50 instead of 42. Why a 200% shipyard doesn´t drop a 200% ship....no one knows. Why doesn´t a shipyard work similiar to a blueprint, higher int will give higher chance to produce a better ship, no one knows. Why was the ship max lvl 51 before the wipe, now 42 with common ship yard, no one knows. Now u need a 210%+ shipyard to hit the old standard of lvl 51. Mythical ship parts like planks, cannons and sails are incredibly rare because the high lvl ships espec lvl 50+ galleons are very rare. I´ve sunk hundreds of sotds and only found small planks and decks of mythical quality, which are pretty useless. I never found a mythical cannon or sail, 2k hours on my clock. Last but not least: I´m looking for a 220%+ shipyard blueprint or just 1 crafting from it. Contact me, thank you
  7. thanks for the info. whats the reward for a ghostship kill now? grapeshot must work on their community communication and announce these important changes!
  8. i´m going for the 9th powerstone and i noticed that the old known ghostship route collides with several islands because grid layout changed. so my question is if anyone knows the new ghostship route or if the ghostship is bugged right now?
  9. MesCaLiN

    Ship quality

    Every 10% ship quality means +1 max ship lvl. A 180% quality ship will gain 8 max ship lvls so it will level up to 50.
  10. MesCaLiN

    Looking for a specific player, EU PvE

    https://atlas.hgn.hu/grid/eu/pve Atlas Player Tracker You have to check every grid, maybe u can find his home grid and get in contact. Good luck.
  11. MesCaLiN


  12. Well i live in my lawless home grid since the beginning and i´ve changed home server several times. My home server was a freeport but after u mentioned it i changed it. Some minutes ago i anchored at my base and as my mighty foot touched land i got a discovery xD Maybe the shown home server wasn´t the actual home server but my home grid. Whatever it was....i´m so merry now And yes i don´t get discovery points in ANY freeport or lawless grid. Haven´t tried since this marvellous discovery happened, maybe it´s fixed now. Thanks.
  13. i´m getting no discovery points in any lawless region or freeport regions? has that changed with a patch or is this a bug? it shows possible discoveries in these areas in the discoveries menu but im not getting them. i can see the blue bubbles but nothing happens.
  14. MesCaLiN

    Discovery Points

    Make a fast travel and back, this will fix it.
  15. MesCaLiN

    Unable to name Ship!!

    Renaming ship never worked for me despite the option is in the wheel menu for ages.