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  1. MesCaLiN

    Limit of 30 points

    That´s exactly what happened. I got 1.4k hours in ATLAS but this totally stupid feature made me stop playing for a while. I mean they worked weeks on this new system and it´s crap. Haven´t anyone tested this? It´s PVE which means players shouldn´t be able to destroy active players bases. I´m flubbergasted, so are the ppl i played with. It was a huge island and the new owner demolished several bases and took all the stuff. Foundations and storage lockers everywhere with griefed stuff. Foundation and pillar spamming everywhere, lawless regions jam packed. Just wow!
  2. MesCaLiN

    Limit of 30 points

    It just happened to our company lol A chinese player from the new owners clan came to our base and demolished it. no warning, no talking, no timer, no base, no fun, no players^^
  3. MesCaLiN

    Limit of 30 points

    There is no timer, when the island gets claimed the owner can demolish immediatly. Only things safe are tames and ships. This is the most stupid design i´ve ever seen in decades of gaming. Actually it´s the opposite of the meaning of PVE. I can´t even believe they thought if u give ppl the option to destroy other ppls work they won´t do it coz they are good ppl xD Right now chinese mega-clans are going from sector to sector, claiming unclaimed big isles and farming honest players. I can predict they will lose a huge amount of players again. Spoken for myself i´ll pause playing ATLAS til they figured out a solid concept for PVE.
  4. MesCaLiN

    Limit of 30 points

    And one day the good lord saw what his peasants built. Shining fortresses full of gold and good stuff. So he changed to a greedy lord and demolished and plundered what was on his land. end of story.
  5. MesCaLiN

    Galleon turn radius is HORRIBLE!

    the trick with every ship is to put the steering wheel in the middle/center of the ship. the steering wheel is the axis on which the ship turns. it makes a huge difference if u put it in the center or at the back of a ship. try it out.
  6. MesCaLiN

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    losing my claim. my collected materials, my crafted stuff, my max lvld ships and crews and tames...i have no problem with that. a week of power gaming and i would have all these stuff back. but losing my lvl 85 char and doing all the discoveries again...and maybe again after another wipe (collected not a single powerstone, all max lvl up done by discoveries, i have explored 90% of the map) is. that took weeks and hundreds of hours. completly understandable that they have to perform a wipe , no hard feelings from here, but keeping chars would be great. at least for PvE it wouldn´t make a difference. all in all i had a lot of fun and immersion with atlas, definitely worth the money but i must confess i won´t touch it before it´s final. this game is a raw diamond and i´m sure it will be a great game in 1-2 years but i need solid ground to walk on and not clouds in the air. yes i know it´s early access and now i know i´m not an early access player. thank you for that lesson learned, cu after final release. i´ll be back...bigger and better
  7. MesCaLiN

    Show 'n Tell #5 Deadline Wednesday 6th March.

    Who won the last contest? Any infos?
  8. i lost several good stuff, max upgraded bows and clothing. my crew wears clothes matching ship colours and almost every day something disappears or turns into undroppable grey stuff from my crews gear. i also noticed when i remove crew clothing sometimes new clothes appear in crew slot. these can be removed.
  9. after hundreds of treasures i got a storage locker full of metal and stone picks blueprints but NOT A SINGLE hatchet. bug confirmed
  10. exchanging bamboo fiber costs 108 instead of 18 gold
  11. MesCaLiN

    Several annoying bugs

    - 2 days ago i couldn´t craft fertilizer. I´m 100% sure i got all the stuff needed in my inventory, the icon was highlighted but it didn´t start crafting -yesterday i was able to craft fertilizer BUT crafting stone arrows didn´t work -today i can´t paint my ship planks. it shows that the colours are applied but the planks look like unpainted last but not least i´ve noticed that i don´t get ressources back when i demolish my own placed structures. even from stuff placed some minutes ago. all these issues are not game breaking but annoying. and they occur since a few days. is it a broken patch?
  12. MesCaLiN

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    "I have made fire!" "snatch victory from the jaws of defeat" "Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids" "today´s special: whale goulash"
  13. Still no fix for this big issue? My whole clan is inactive because nobody can join!
  14. MesCaLiN

    Max Level 53

    I got 90+ discovery points right now and can lvl up to 55. Can´t check COZ I CAN´T LOGIN xD But i know that u need more discovery points for higher max lvl.
  15. MesCaLiN


    the problem is that a lot of the hunter ships got destroyed by chinese rope ladder exploiters. now the number of sotd is raising and raising while more and more frustrated ppl are quitting. devils circle!